BEYOND BUTTS: Spanx Does Leggings


“It all started with a pair of pantihose, some scissors and a bright idea” – Sara Blakely

Do you ever go “Damn, why did I never think of that?” That’s what I feel about the magical Spanx products. I recently read an article on the founder and owner of Spanx, Sara Blakely, and not only did she find the gap in the market for underwear (you know, the one that holds all your bits and pieces firmly in place and gives you a sleek silhouette), but she’s also smart, witty and a real supporter for women. Check out her instagram for inspirational ramblings and posts!

Spanx has extended the line of shapewear into their first-ever cotton leggings, which have the magic formula of Spanx in them.

”Leggings are one of the easiest trends to work into your wardrobe, but one of the hardest to wear,” says Blakley. “Thanks to SPANX all women can get a leg up on the trend”.

What are the materials and colours in the line?

Black: slim-fit with brushed jersey material, structured fabric and built-in shaping waistband.

The faux leather leggings come in black, silver and burgundy, are slim built in to keep you comfortable and confident all night long.

Then there’s the “jean-like” leggings (sort of like jeggings, I guess, but with the slim built in waistline).

The price point is somewhat high, at around R2118, but you can justify them with loads of wear as leggings go with everything and they’re super comfy!

Layer with jerseys, coats and boots for a day-wear look, or wear with sneakers to the gym for a workout. Personally would stay clear of white leggings as I think they show tell tale signs of wobbles and cellulite so stick to black, grey and burgundy (a big colour trend for winter!). And please avoid the cameltoe look by wearing tops that cover bum… Need I say more?