NEW ADDITIONS: Bodyography Make-Up

Plant Cafe was a fitting environment for BODYOGRAPHY to showcase some new additions to their make-up range, as all their products are vegan-friendly (I settled for an almond cappaccino which was delish!).


Bodyography always come up with awesome gems like these glitter pigments below which I couldn’t resist dipping my fingers into and marvelling at the sparkle!

BODYOGRAPHY  glitter pigments

Bodyography glitter pigments (eight in total) have a unique gel formula to stop the product from falling, are creamy, silky and have a high glitter and pearl finish. Best applied with your finger (phew!) or a flat brush, you can use the glitter pigments dry, over an eyeshadow to add some glitter or wet if intensity is what you’re after.

R370 each

Bodyography glitter pigments


Top Right: STRATUS

Bottom Left:PRISM

Bottom Right: HALO

Bodyography Glitter Pigments

Top Left: CAVIAR

Top Right:BUBBLY

Bottom Left: SPARKLER

Bottom Right: SOIREE


Bodyography Lip Lavas were another moment of ooh-ing and aah-ing. They really are ultra soft, non-sticky, come in gorgeous matte and metallic finishes, have three times more pigment and the slanted applicator makes it easier to apply. I’ve been wearing Bodyography BASIC Lip Lava (from the matte range) for a couple of hours and after two cups of coffee the colour is still great and feels weightless. These are perfect lip products for people who have meetings, events or a long night ahead where there’s little time for make-up retouches, as these sure are non-drying and long lasting!

Available from July and R290 each.


Multi-tasking products score high in my books and Bodyography Cover and Correct Under Eye Concealer Duo is a goodie for concealing dark circles and pigmentation while brightening the eye area. Ingredients include caffeine to stimulate circulation while shea butter hydrates and moisturises. Available in 3 shades: light, medium and dark. (The corrector is in the top part of compact and the creamy concealer is below).

Bodyography Cover and Correct Under Eye Concealer

Bodyograpphy Cover and Correct Under Eye Concealer

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics are gluten, Paraben and Fragrance free and Vegan.