A BLONDE MOMENT: BC HairTherapy Fibre Force by Schwarzkopf Professional


Are we ever happy with what we have? I’m a bit like that when it comes to my hair: I love it when it’s been salon washed and blow dried but obviously I don’t have the time and luxury of a salon stop every other day and when I’m left to wash it at home I’m less than satisfied. I swim in the sea often and this combined with my naturally coarse and thick hair means I’m fighting frizz constantly, so I’m always keen to try out any hair TLC wonder products!

Yes, I am not a true blonde and go for highlights and colour with the amazing David Gillson from Carlton Hair once every six weeks. In between appointments I struggle to get my hair as soft as David does, so I was so glad to find BC HAIRTHERAPY FIBRE FORCE for over-processed hair by Schwarzkopf. I tried out the shampoo, conditioner and a fortifying primer. This is an in-salon treatment you can experience and if you love the results (you will!) you can buy the products to attempt to get your hair looking salon fabulous at home (a hard feat but worth a try!).

I’ve been using the sulphate-free shampoo and leave-in fortifying sealer, which scores high in my books as it cuts down on time in the shower. Sometimes the process of shampooing, drying and then conditioning takes so long, and it’s certainly not for the water conscious Cape Tonian (roll on winter rainfall) so I love a leave-in product. The infusion of Bond Connector Technology in the products strengthens and seals each hair follicle, providing resistance to hair breaking.

BC Hairtherapy FIBRE FORCE Fortifying Shampoo by Schwarzkopf

I leave my hair to dry naturally or give it a few blasts with a hair dryer to hurry up the drying time and then spray on Fortifying Primer Spray Conditioner, which helps to revitalise the dryness and calm down the frizz. It says it adds shine, but sadly very little looks shiny on my super-dry hair unless I add hair oil (which I do on a daily basis anyway).

BC Hairtherapy FIBRE FORCE Fortifying Sealer by Schwarzkopf

As an added step I use the mask once a week, allowing it to stay on my hair for at least 15 minutes (I step out of the shower and step back in after 15 minutes) so you see why I say it’s easier to pop off to a salon! Although my hair isn’t frizz free, there’s a noticeable difference in what it feels like and it’s far easier to manage. Yay!

BC Hairtherapy FIBRE FORCE Fortifying Primer by Schwarzkopf

Cathi Trevor

Available from Schwarzkopf Professional Salons

.BC Hair Therapy Fibre Force fortifying shampoo R243.00

.BC Hair Therapy Fibre Forcefortifying sealer R440.00

.BC Hair Therapy Fibre Force fortifying primer R320.00