ALL THINGS BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL: Clarins Bright Plus Range


Clarins Bright Plus range dropped on my desk just at the right time as my skin was feeling rather dull with dark spots becoming more noticeable on the side of my face and generally looking bleh! The change of seasons brings in extra factors like car and house heaters and I’m constantly trying to find a balance with the aircon dial in studio. (I am convinced there’s a gremlin living in the aircon as it jumps between 18 and 23 degrees throughout the day!)

I’ve actually used this range prior to writing this blog post and had forgotten how I loved it, but as an ex-beauty editor of a magazine where one is inundated with tons of products to try out and review, I moved onto the next range and forgot about this one!

Clarins Bright Plus range (reformaulated and new packaging), addresses pigmentation concerns. Ingredients like Sea lily, Alchemilla, raspberry extract, biotin, and highly stable Vitamin C all help with discolouratioin and dark spots. Daisy extract soothes and repairs skin, whilst parsley extract addresses excess fluid, (an indirect cause of hyperpigmentation).

So back to this duo. I had forgotten how I loved the smell, consistency and the general overall feeling when using Clarins products. Call me sentimental but Clarins has long been a favourite brand of mine as it was the first range I bought, a real splurge then, but my young self felt “whilst living in Paris, be French, very French”, so promptly bought the entire skin range!

Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Day Lotion SPF20 ( R775 for 75ml), is a light consistency, sinking in quickly. One pump is ample to cover face and neck area and is a perfect canvas before applying foundation. Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Revive Night Cream (R700 for 50ml), is thicker but easy to massage into face and neck and in the morning my skin looks and feels good and refreshed, with dark spots slightly lighter. It’s only been over a fortnight, so I’m hoping they fade even more, but I’ll report back to you in a few weeks time!