FRAGRANCE REVIEW: Ted Lapidus Orissima

Ted Lapidus Orissima perfume


“I conceived the fragrance as an ode to The Parisian Woman. The idea was to point a multi-faceted woman through the senses” – Perfumer Alexandra Monet

Ted Lapidus Orissimo Fragrance

Ted Lapidus Orissimo fragrance celebrates The Parisian, (and in my heart, I so wish I was one of those stylishly chic French women who eat what they want, dress impeccably while juggling motherhood, worker and entertaining almost effortlessly and they Palez-vous francais!) Dream on girl!

Ted Lapidus has been in the French fashion industry for many years, but as I have never tried any of his fragrances before, I was keen to read up on his background and of course try out his latest fragrance Orissima. Ted Lapidus is credited to bringing denim into mainstream fashion as well as making it wearable and sexy; introducing safari and military looks to haute couture and considered the pioneer to unisex fashion!

Ted Lapidus Orissimo Fragrance

Ted Lapidus Orissimo fragrance is a chypre floral gourmand consisting of delightful and delicious fruity and floral notes of grapefruit, peach, orange blossom, peony, iris, patchouli, caramel and musk. The bottle represents the city architecture to symbolise the many faces of a Parisian women.

Gentle fruity and floral first notes settle into a powdery down with caramel being a recognisable base note combined with musk. An ode to sophistication and elegance, I’m so glad I got to try out this scent (and the price point is really attractive too!) A charming and attractive aroma, one I would certainly wear day and night!

Ted Lapidus Orissimo Fragrance

Available at Foschini, Truworths and Edgars
30 ml EDP R495
60ml EDP 695
100ml EDP R895