PIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION: Revlon Ultra HD Gel lip colours & swatches

revlon ultra HD lip ge colours


Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours form part of Revlon’s permanent collection of HD lip colours and is available in fifteen shades. For the past seven years, Revlon has been a headline sponsor of Cancervine, an organization dedicated to Cancer Awareness and Education in our country. International Lipstick day fell on the 29th JULY, with Revlon encouraging us to “use your lips not only to look beautiful but to save lives.” The ones below arrived on my doorstep in time for International Lipstick Day, and I’ve been wearing them every day since!

Here’s what I thought:

revlon ultra hd gel lipcolours

These slim line lipsticks are rather appealing with their metallic finish and angled tips for easy application. They glide on effortlessly with no ‘pull’, are lightweight and the colour pigment is fab! Sometimes I find wearing lipsticks creates even drier lips where I need to constantly re-apply, but the creamy formula of these gel colours have hyaluronic acid for extra moisture. There’s a faint fruity smell to these lippies, which I love, but for those who don’t like fragrance, it does disappear quickly. My favourite? Rhubarb – LOVE!

Swatches from LEFT TO RIGHT:

revlon ultra hd gel lipcolours

1. HD Dawn

2. HD Garden

3. HD Rhubarb

4. HD Vineyard

5. HD Pink Cloud

R165 a pop!

Happy lippie day!!

happy day