SUPER CLEAN: Foreo Luna Mini 2

Forea Luna Mini 2 in fuschia


Foreo Luna Mini 2 is one of the best facial cleansing gadgets I have used; one year on and I’m still raving about it!

Sometimes I’m so knackered the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is going through an entire beauty rigmarole: thank heavens for the Luna, an electric cleanser that offers a quick and deep facial cleanse.

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 uses T-sonic pulsations which vibrate against your skin without causing irritation. The bristles are made from quick drying non-porous silicone so there is no bacteria build up, making it a more hygienic way to cleanse your face. The combination of pulsations and silicone bristles remove dead skin cells, makeup, dirt and unclogs pores; the 3 zone face brush is suitable for all skin types. I have a dry skin and even after using it the first time could feel the difference, especially as it helps to enhance the absorption of other skincare products (meaning my serum and moisturiser is doing an even better job!)

So how do you use it?
After applying a cleanser either to your damp face or straight onto your Luna, turn it on and gently use circular movements around the face for a minute. Rinse and dry face before applying your other beauty products.

Foreo luna mini 2 in fuschia


97% more deeply cleansed skin

87% healthier-looking skin

97% softer and smoother skin

It is USB re-chargeable and available in a rainbow of lovely colours; mine is called FUSCHIA. The price point may be a bit steep (from R2030), but comes with a 2 year limited warranty, and a 10 year quality guarantee. As I said earlier, a year has gone by and I am still so impressed with it, hence the love! Let me know your thoughts if you have a Luna or contemplating buying one?

Happy Wednesday!

The Luna and charger fit neatly into a perspex travel box.

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