FRAGRANCE FILE: Chanel Gabrielle Eau de Parfum

coco chanel gabrielle


If there’s one legendary woman who stands out for me, it’s Chanel, not only for her incredible journey from humble beginnings to creating an empire, but for her independent and strong personality; she was passionate, free spirited and a rebel at heart. This is the interpretation of Chanel Gabrielle, the first fragrance Chanel has created in fifteen years.

“We were exploring this whole moment of before Coco – who she really was at the core and that’s what we wanted to express in this new fragrance,” says Christine Dagousset, global president of fragrance and beauty at Chanel.

coco chanel gabrielle

Perfumer Olivier Polge created an imaginary white flower appealing to a carefree, flirty younger generation. Top citrusy notes sparkle with a dash of blackcurrant, exotic Jasmine, heady Orange Blossom, vibrant Ylang Ylang and creamier sweeter Grasse Tuberose make for a richer floral heart bouquet and warm Sandalwood and Musk keep it grounded for an elegant and sophisticated mix.

coc chanel gabrielle

On first spray I experienced the rush of intense sweet blackcurrant and citrusy notes that settled into a complex and rich floral surprise. I’m inclined to like lighter floral notes so this appealed to my senses almost immediately, settling down into woody base notes; (sandalwood is one of my favourites as it feels warm and contained!) I could wear this as an everyday perfume as it’s light and after all, wearing anything Chanel automatically makes one feel sensual, brave and cool, don’t you agree? A timeless and classic brand.

coco chanel gabrielle

The bottle is rather exceptional with thin linear lines making it light and transparent, as if suspended in space; facets throw off light reflections of a golden shade, synonymous with the sunny disposition of the character of the fragrance. The bottle is designed by Sylvie Legastelois, who wanted the bottle to be jewel-like, yet kept simple and in line with the classic bottle.

The face of the campaign is Kirsten Stewart shot by director Ringan Ledwidge and print ad shot by Karim Sadli. Take a peek at the commercial below:

Let me know if you manage to try it out and share your thoughts on it ?

CHANEL GABRIELLE Eau de Parfum is available at Red Square, Edgars and Woolworths countrywide

50ml R1745

100ml R2465

coco chanel gabrielle