CONVERSATIONS: You & Me: Jenny le Roux of HABITS

jenny le roux habits fashion

Jenny le Roux, owner and designer of HABITS is not just an outstanding fashion designer but has a brilliant sense of humour, tres stylish and very down to earth. I love popping into her Claremont shop, where one is always welcome! Read on to see what she never travels without, best advice someone gave her and more…

If not a fashion designer what career path would you have taken?

Oh lors, that’s a tough one.

Your greatest influence over the years has been

The young have always been a great inspiration for me – they take chances with fashion and I find that appealing.

jenny le roux habits fashion

How would you describe your style

Black black black, untilI I find a darker colour!

Your most treasured possessions

My Habits staff.

What do you never travel without

My Habits Travel Range obviously as you fit 30 pieces into an overnight bag.

Best advice someone gave you

To buy the Habits building.

jenny le roux habits fashion

What’s on your bedside table

5 books all half read, pills, iPad and a torch for load shedding.

Best beauty products

Jo Malone Red Roses makes me feel fabulous. I’ve just discovered Dermalogica’s “sponge cloth”, seriously soft on the skin and reusable.

jenny le roux of habits

Jenny at the #MBFWCT17 media launch at Shimmy Beach

Favourite movie/ book

Bookwise it obviously started with “The Catcher in the Rye” and has never stopped. Movies I can’t even begin! Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Withnail and I, Godfather x 3 and and and…

Is there a place that inspires

The colours of Kenya.

Would you change anything if you could do it all again?

Absolutely not.

jenny le roux habits fashion


Biggest extravagance

Not sitting in the back of the plane.

And lastly tell us about your signature red lippies & nails

I don’t know where the whole bright red glasses, lips and nails came from, but I don’t feel properly dressed without them. I love Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and OPI Big Apple red nail polish.

jenny le roux habits fashion

I love this photo I nabbed from Instagram of Jenny getting showered with confetti inside her shop – birthday celebrations -just lovely!

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