REVIEW: INOAR Kalice Multi-purpose Premium Oil

INOAR Kalice Mulit-purpose premium oil


Years back Tuesday nights comprised of watching Survivor and ordering Butlers pizza as a treat for my kids and I’d often pose the question, ” if stuck on an island what one item would you take with you?” Okay, shallow of me as a lighter or a machete sounds practical, but I was adamant a mascara would do me just fine as you’d have to look good, right? Anyway, today I’d probably still go with a beauty product in mind and it would be INOAR Kalice multi-purpose oil, because seriously, I probably wouldn’t last long on Survivor, but at least my hair, face and body would survive!

So if you’re a fan of oils, you’ll really love Kalice. So why and what makes this one so covetable?

INOAR Kalice Mulit-purpose premium oil

As the oil is of such pure form, it penetrates and absorbs rapidly into the skin, sans that oily feeling and has a delicate light floral smell. Vitamin E plus a combination of seven oils, Jasmine, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Rosemary, Myrrh, Argan and an oil I haven’t come across in a beauty product before, Ojon, unique to the rainforest of the Misquita region in Central America. Read for more info here

Kalice can be used on cuticles, hands, rough skin, hair, body and face for dire need of nourishment. It is fab to use as a primer before makeup application and also as a makeup remover. I have very sensitive eyes and thought I’d give it a bash to see if it irritated my eyes and am happy to say it not ony removed my mascara and lipstick easily, my eyes weren’t aggravated either! Only a drop or two is necessary as the potency is great so a bottle should last a long time. Price tag is R780 for 100ml and available from selected salons and online.