Tara & Jack Le Masques


Instead of beating myself up for not getting through the last of my “to-do”list for October over the weekend, I decided on ‘me time’ at home and tried out a Tara & Jack Le Masque, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages! Here’s what I thought:

tara & jack le masque anti-wrinkle illuminating mask

All you need is 90ml water to add to the powder

I opted for the Tara & Jack Le Masque Anti-Wrinkle & Illuminating Mask from a selection of seven masks suitable for all skin types available from The Beautiful Store, who offer free delivery in SA and a R50 off when signing up on their loyalty program. (I also see they stock INOAR Kalice multi-purpose oil which I featured earlier this week on my blog).

tara & jack le masque anti-wrinkle illuminating mask

This particular mask by Tara & Jack (R130) contains cranberries to fight free radicals that cause fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and spots. It’s a really easy to use mask; pop the powder plus 90ml room temperature water into the container and shake for a minute until it forms a thick paste. I applied it fairly quickly as I was worried it would ‘set’, but it’s not a dry feeling mask so it was comfortable to keep on for the recommended fifteen minutes. There’s enough product to make two masks so the excess can be popped into the fridge and used within a fortnight.

Most of the mask peels off smoothly and I removed the residue over a bowl as it is a wee bit messy and I didn’t want the bits and bobs to go down the drain. I then rinsed my face with warm water and a sponge and wow, my skin looked radiant, glowing and slightly plumper; (it must be those cranberries) and yay to do it all again this weekend!

If you’ve tried out any of the other Tara & Jack Le Masques let me know what you think? I was also sent the Stem Apple Cells to try out which sounds like a goodie too. Watch this space

Happy day!