AMBRA FINE JEWELLERY: Clasped & Charmed Collection


Yesterday I was obsessing over wedding gowns and today’s mood is no different; (my previous post I mentioned my niece’s upcoming wedding that has me exploring everything from flowers to dresses to jewellery, so when I came across AMBRA JEWELLERY’s delicate beauties I couldn’t resist featuring them on my blog today. Take a peek at their latest Clasped and Charmed collection:

Born and raised in South Africa Ambra Gambale’s creations provide a certain ‘afro-centric’ charm, with her latest collection “Clasped” centering around the use of a diamond encrusted clasp mechanism which makes for a collectable modern day fine jewellery treasure.

“I wanted to create a type of ‘city hardware’. Something utilitarian with street appeal hence I turned a basic lobster clasp into the main feature for the collection,” Ambra says. “It bridges the gap between edgy and feminine, and it is designed for the woman who no longer needs to differentiate between the two.”

ambra fine jewellery

“I was inspired by the city girl who is hard-working and focused yet elegant. I created the range for the independent girl on the move, an urban chameleon who switches from edgy to feminine in a heartbeat’, says Ambra.

“The clasp can be worn in several ways as it is possible to dangle pendants or charms off of both the clasp and the chain to build up a protective “armour”. There is a clasp choker, necklace, bracelet, earrings and lapel pin as well as various pendants and charms to attach to it with a sugar clip.”

ambra fine jewellery


“Charms have their origin in talismans that were believed to ward off evil. The pieces in the Charmed collection similarly are designed to offer women symbolic support and strength in the course of a busy day. I like to think of them as city armour,” says Ambra.

The hand jewellery is interchangeable and the clip mechanism can be opened to wear different charms on the chain. “It’s all about versatility, much like the modern woman,” says Ambra. “Being able to adapt them also helps to make the pieces last a lifetime, something that gives fine jewellery the edge over, for instance, the latest statement handbag.”

ambra fine jewellery

The Charmed and Clasped collections are available from Ambra Jewellery’s online store and from their Cape Town and London showrooms.

ambra fine jewellery