CHANEL’S latest GALLERY jewellery collection


CHANEL celebrates its latest Gallery collection with Keira Knightley as the face, photographed by renowned photographer Sarah Moon. The collection, renewed only once every two years, takes its inspiration from the octagon shape of the Place Vendôme square, The Ritz Hotel and Chanel’s flagship haute jewellery boutique, all very much linked with Mademoiselle Chanel herself.

The twelve piece collection is reminiscent of art deco style of graphic pieces, with Sarah Moon bringing her ethereal and dreamy soft focus touch to these exquisite images. Using yellow gold, diamonds and quartz with lively additions of red and green tourmaline, malachite and innovative new techno ceramics, the pieces are dramatic, powerful and tres feminine! Kiera Knightley brings her sense of strength and softness to the campaign images to celebrate Chanel’s gorgeous Gallery collection, all totally out of my price bracket, but to look at is just as fab!

CHAIN NECKLACE: 18K yellow gold, rutilated smoky quartz and diamonds

GREEN necklace: 18K yellow gold, malachite, tourmalines and diamonds

RED cuff: 18K yellow gold, red Hyceran and Diamonds


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