Is there anything more sublime than a delicious massage in the middle of the week? TAJ HOTEL invited me to experience a relaxing massage at their JIVA SPA. Situated in the heart of Cape Town and within walking distance from my work space, I’ve frequented the TAJ HOTEL for various beauty launches over the years and one thing I really love about it is the gentle whiff of Indian Jasmine fragrance that fill your senses upon entering the foyer. Don’t you love it when spaces pay attention to details like that?

Taj Hotel Cape Town


JIVA SPAS offer a variety of wonderful Indian wellness treatments, creating lifestyle awareness and understanding of the mind, body and spirit. I was taken to the spa on the first floor, where one steps into a quiet, calm and peaceful environment with low lights and soothing music. (Sometimes those pan flutes can get the better of you in some spas, so I was happy to say the music choice is non intrusive.) My therapist Sesethu, gently washed my feet before taking me to one of the spa treatment rooms for my massage.

taj hotel jiva spa

I almost nodded off to sleep as her firm hands worked magic at releasing knots in my neck and shoulders; the tension of a frenetic week slipping away. Almond, Frankincense and Indian Jasmine oils are used for the massage, a heavenly combination for a detoxifying and relaxing experience. Afterwards I was led to a chilling area where I snacked on a huge platter of freshly prepared fruits and iced water. I could have spent an extra hour lolling around like a princess, but as it’s almost the end of another year, I had to rush off – another day perhaps when time allows. Sometimes I feel really guilty for this “me time”, but I’m learning to accept that it’s important to re-energize and revitalize ourSelves and our souls. So find the time and book that massage!

Happy Friday!




taj hotel cape town