I cannot believe a month has already flown by and New Year’s Resolutions are still ringing in my ears. I have yet to complete my list of “things to do”, but decided I would take a moment to breathe, drink a cup of coffee and contemplate the day…how about you?

The past six weeks has been filled with family gatherings, lounging around the pool, (I need to invest in a pool covering as the water level has dropped somewhat rapidly this past week with the wind pumping), but for now I don’t mind a shallow dip when the heat gets too much! In an earlier post I mentioned planting a veggie garden that’s flourishing, thanks to grey water, maybe?

My son left for Vietnam on Monday and besides a heavy sad heart, it was absolutely wonderful having him spend most of the holidays on our turf. He’s an incredible human being and I’ll miss him enormously, but he’s gone to teach English for a year or two so more time can be spent with his other half who flies for Emirates. Luckily my daughter still lives in Cape Town, so in between her busy schedule we go for coffee, movies and play Bananagram! She’s busy working on an exhibition collaboration happening in February, yet still found the time to make this top for my birthday, how nice?! #happymama

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I attended a retreat last weekend, a gentle reminder of being grateful, grounded and to practice mindfulness. I’m getting a bit better at morning time management to include yoga and meditation, but sometimes I find myself staring out at the sun rising over the ocean as time ticks by and… it’s okay… I’m trying not to beat myself up if I falter with my routine every now and then, because I’m not Miss Perfect, but I still wish I was you know?

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Mornings are still filled with anxiousness as to whether the trains will pitch on time or not; yes, it would be less stressful to drive the twenty-five minutes in before peak traffic, but I’m trying to keep my carbon footprint to a minimal. It also helps to have a GARMIN (a birthday pressie I love, as it’s a great incentive to walk and be more active, reminding you every now and then to “MOVE!” But really, this year is about taking care of ourselves a little more, for our health, soul and mind, without feeling so goddamn guilty about it!

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We’ve had a couple of days twiddling our thumbs at work waiting for merchandise to arrive. As from tomorrow we’re going full steam ahead which is exciting, as it’s good to keep busy! I have a team of wonderful free-spirited millennials who every now and then need a gentle reminder about time management, but other than that, it’s going to be a fun-filled year of teaching them to work on new machines across all mediums; styling models and mannequins, to shooting loads of stills as well as styling food, bedding and even flowers!

This last week of January includes a much-anticipated concert by Julia and Angus Stone, an Australian band performing at Kirstenbosch, my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and Friday is payday! Yay! So that’s it for this month – how’s your January been?

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life quotes

life quotes