payot sun sensi spf50, my payot brume eclat and hydra 24+ cfreme glacee

With a few summer months still ahead I thought todays GIVEAWAY is perfect for time spent in the sun as it consists of PAYOT SPF50 Sun Sensi Protectant, a PAYOT Anti-Pollution Revivifying Mist and a Plumping Moisturising Cream.

PAYOT has been around since the 1920’s with founder Dr Nadia Payot becoming one of the first female doctors involved in the women’s rights movement. Inspired by Russian prima ballerina, Anna Pavlova, Dr Nadia Payot came to understand the importance of techniques to preserve the skin’s beauty and youth and the idea of ‘What if facial exercise could work as an anti-aging too?’ was born. Payot developed and starting performing facial exercises on her clients, massage techniques which are still practised to this day. The next step in her journey was to create tailor-made treatments to work in conjunction to facial exercises she developed. There’s a little background on this great French brand, but let’s get on with todays GIVEAWAY!

payot sun sensi spf50, my payot brume eclat and hydra 24+ cfreme glacee

I wrote a post on PAYOT SPF50 Sun Sensi Protectant (R369) SHOP HERE a month ago about its super non-greasy consistency. It’s a fab sunscreen with SPF50 I’ve enjoyed using throughout summer. The next two products up for grabs is PAYOT Anti-Pollution Revivifying Mist 125ML (R265) SHOP HERE with hyaluronic acid and superfruit extracts. I’ve chatted about hyaluronic acid before. It’s an ingredient to look out as it holds its water content 10000 times more than any other product, making it a must-have ingredient for anyone with anti-ageing concerns.

My PAYOT Brume Eclat is an alcohol-free light, airy water mist to invigorate, hydrate and refresh skin, while enhancing skin’s radiance (and we’re all about a glowing and radiant skin!). It also protects against everyday pollution and best of all it sets your makeup and can be used throughout the day for a quick ‘pick me up”. I’m a sucker for face mists especially at this time of year and is my go-to for refreshing my skin as I work in an aircon environment all day.

PAYOT CREME GLACEE (R589) SHOP HERE like the name itself, has a soft consistency that is cooling, sinking in easily while feeding your skin with goodness. Fig and watermelon extracts are excellent sources of anti-oxidants like Vitamin E & C to improve elasticity and play a major role in the production of collagen. Vitamin B, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium rejuvenate skin and of course they all help to fight free radicals to slow down the signs of ageing.

payot sun sensi spf50, my payot brume eclat and hydra 24+ cfreme glacee

Photography: Ian Reeves

Here’s what to do to stand a chance of winning the PAYOT products worth R1223:

Tell me who was the Russian ballet dancer I mentioned who inspired founder Dr Payot in her vision of beauty and determined the basic principles behind her brand?

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The winner will be announced Wednesday 7 March 2018 at midday via social media platforms or direct email.