REVIEW: Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body Creams, NeoStrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel & Naturalmente

I always associate the Easter weekend with a change of seasons as autumn quietly steps into winter, so too does my beauty regime change up incorporating more nourishing products for the upcoming colder months. Johnson’s has added three body creams to their Vita-Rich range and they certainly are the answer for super dry skin!

The trio consists of a Revitalising Body Cream with added Grapeseed oil, non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores; Soothing Body Cream containing rose water extract renowned for anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin and Smoothing Body Cream with papaya extract, to slough off dead skin cells for a radiant and brighter complexion. They all smell rather delish and won’t compete with your perfume as once absorbed the smell disappears.

Johnson’s uses naturally derived ingredients, are non greasy, contain mineral and glycerin & gives 24-hour hydration. With a price point of R39,95 a tub, that’s not too shabby!


If you’re looking for peels but not too sure where to start, consider exfoliating pads which contain the exact amount of product needed with every use. Neostrata Smooth Daily Peel is a Dermatologist approved home-system, with key ingredients Glycolic acid and patented Aminofil. The latter is an acid derivative helping brighten a dull complexion to increase luminosity. Glycolic acid has the smallest molecules which can penetrate skin deeply for better results, and is often associated in treating scarring, skin discoloration and signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Why is it important to look for products containing Glycolic acid? It is one of the best products to help with anti-aging concerns like a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, dark spots; you want to remove the dead skin cells that sit on your skin to help brighten skin and stimulate cell turnover thereby stimulating the production of collagen. As exfoliating pads have safe smaller amounts of glycolic acid in them compared to going for chemical peels, they are safe to use (even on sensitive skin), and used regularly they help smooth skin, texture improves and best of all for me, refines pores and you’ll experience fewer breakouts as they keep your pores clean.

Neostrata Smooth Daily Peel comes in a box of 36 dry pads and a bottle of exfoliant liquid which you pop into the tub so the pads can soak in the liquid. (I gave the tub a gentle shake about).The pads have a textured surface helping to buff dull dead skin, to help brighten skin. Using pads is an easy way of exfoliating, fuss-free and you literally wipe them over your face and then throw the pad away. For sensitive skin it is advised to do a patch test first, and only use the pads once a week; normal skin can use every day or alternate day. I’ve been using them every second day and at first I got a bit of a fright as two sun spots seemed to darken for a few days but then lightened and now my skin definitely looks brighter and more even toned. I am vigilant about using them only at night and popping on an SPF in the morning, something you have to get into the habit of doing every single day, no matter the season. It’s really totally useless using products and not complementing them with an SPF! (Eek I sound like my mother there and I did I listen to her?! Ummm no! So yip , I have sunspots which will never go away, but at least I can try and lighten them! Available online skinmiles here R869


As I highlight my already dry coarse hair I’m always on the lookout for nourishing and moisturising products, so when my friend gave this to me to try (she knows how I bemoan my locks!) I was keen to give it a bash and try to incorporate organic products into my regime to balance out the other items I use.

The first thing you notice with Naturalmente Basic Deep hydrating Intensive treatment is the strong smell of fennel, something I can’t decide if I love or not (that sounds a bit weird I guess), but as the properties are fantastic for stimulating and healing I can live with it. It also contains geranium which adds a healthy dose of moisture. I comb through the treatment after shampooing and leave in hair while I get on with other things around the house; this is a good opportunity to pop on a mask, paint my nails and have a general me time for an hour or so before washing it out. It’s really helped with my frizz and I’ve grown to like the licorice-y smell, so went online and ordered a Naturalmente Balancing and Strengthening shampoo with aloe and sandalwood in it. The Naturalmente range uses natural and plant-based ingredients from certified organic farms and free from synthetics fragrances, no alcohol (a big plus for me as I find alcohol really dries out my hair), silicone and paraben free and packaging is completely biodegradable and vegan friendly.

R289 but Faithful to Nature products online here

And that is it for the day! Have you tried any of these products and if so what are your thoughts?

Happy Day


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