CRABTREE & EVELYN products always stir up a little feeling of pride in my British roots. They offer quality items in lovely packaging and are my go-to for pressies or a treat for myself (although sometimes I’m loathe to open a product for spoiling the packaging!). To celebrate 45 years of existence CRABTREE & EVELYN SA rediscovers the power of the sea and have re-formulated the LA SOURCE® range. I got to try out the Revitalizing LA SOURCE® Fragrance EDT & LA SOURCE® Massage Exfoliating Bar and here’s what I thought:

“explore everything, keep the best”

Most weekends you’ll find me walking along the coastline and swimming in the ocean, so the LA SOURCE® fragrance with marine extracts is just up my alley. In fact I decided it’s my weekend wear as the notes are fresh and crisp, reminding me of relishing in the elements. The fragrance is a spa-like scent of ocean breezes, and warm amber notes, enveloping you in the tranquility of far-flung beaches… Okay, my hangouts are sadly not far-flung beaches (local is lekker!) but seaweed extract is anti-oxidant rich in skin-protecting properties, revitalizes and awakens the senses and soul. Spa-licious indeed!


LA SOURCE® Exfoliating Massage Bar is a multi-purpose soap with apricot seed and walnut shell to exfoliate and buff your skin. It’s great for stimulating circulation while cleansing with a refreshing marine blend of green seaweed and brown algae extract. I’m not usually a soap kinda girl as I prefer the convenience of liquid soap, but as my shower time is short due to water restrictions a multi-tasking bar gets my nod of approval – signed, soaped and delivered!


#powerofthesea, #nurtureyourskin, #sootheyoursenses, #mylasourcemoment.

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