chanel hydra beauty masque de nuit

There’s something really satisfying when I manage to climb into bed at a decent hour on a Sunday evening, more so when I’ve layered on an overnight mask where I’ll undoubtedly wake up not only feeling bright-eyed but experience a radiant, glowing skin! Here’s why I’m currently loving CHANEL’S latest addition to the Beauty Hydra range, CHANEL Hydra Beauty Masque de Nuit Au Camelia:

I often dream I’m that girl swishing down Rue Cambon or attending the latest collections in Paris, pretending to be tres French; call me biased when it comes to CHANEL products, but this newbie is worth a mention for face mask fans like me as it really is a wonderful sensorial experience and helped smooth and brighten my dull and tired complexion!

chanel hydra beauty masque de nuit

I was surprised at the mask’s super lightweight consistency as I imagined a thicker texture, but love the way it glides on easily, changing from a creamy base into a water-like gel that is non-greasy, yet leaves a glowy finish. Inspired by the dewy natural process of tiny dewdrops forming on the petals of Camellias at night, the overnight mask helps skin oxygenate so skin is renewed and radiant upon waking. It’s packed with a powerful punch of hydration thanks to an exclusive micronutrients complex, rich in zinc, copper and magnesium.

Camellias remind me of childhood days spent in my granny’s garden where we’d mash the petals into concoctions of make-believe fairy juice, but these lovelies are pure inspiration, as there is not a trace of smell in the signature bloom.

chanel hydra beauty masque de nuit

CHANEL Hydra Beauty Hydrating Oxygenating Overnight Mask comes with a small petal-shaped applicator for applying the cream to face and lips which is soft and flexible. I prefer using my fingers before massaging in the cream, layering it like a balm fairly thick on my lips and as I don’t need to add a night cream this is the final stage in my beauty routine. With the change of seasons upon us I like to incorporate the Hydra Beauty Micro Serum as the two compliment each other beautifully for a real boost of hydration.

It really does feel like you’re cocooning your skin in a veil of goodness and of course, the best part about an overnight mask is they are fuss-free and timesaving as you can literally jump straight into bed and not worry about washing it off. Sleep time is the perfect time for skin to regenerate and with a mask, even better!

Do you have a preference when choosing a mask? As I said my personal favourite is leaving one on for the lazy me day (or night should I say!), but I do love those peel off masks; going through the whole ritual is so satisfying! I love Tara & Jack ones for those ‘inbetweener’ days and then a treat mask like CHANEL Hydra Beauty Hydrating Oxygenating Overnight Mask!

On CHANEL counters countrywide as from 1 MAY 2018. R1360

Goodness I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already – happy midweek!