NO MORE PANDA EYES: The Sensai's Kenabo 38°C Mascara

Kanebo Sensai Mascara 38°C

Kanebo was the mascara to use in the late nineties, as not only did it coat eyelashes brilliantly, but a gentle smudge-resistant formulation made it super easy to remove without leaving one with ‘panda eyes’. As a model in the early days, makeup artists would change our makeup two or three times a day between fashion shows or beauty shots, so our eyes were prone to being sensitive. This mascara was a bonus as it literally slid off your eyelashes with warm water. This was pre-micellar water days, so it really made a difference as it didn’t leave eyes feeling tired or watery even after using makeup remover. Twenty years on and Sensai Kanebo continues to deliver great technology on their mascaras with Sensai Kanebo Mascara 38°C as their latest addition:

So what does the 38°C stand for? Kashimaru silk and Phyto-Squalane formula loosens with makeup remover making it easy to wash the rest off with lukewarm water of 38°C. Water molecules are held together with strong hydrogen bonds so water can absorb huge amounts of heat without increasing in temperature very much, meaning 38°C water temperature is warm and pleasant.

Besides coating lashes without clumping them, I like how the small spiral brush really manages to get to the finer small lashes. I add a second or third coating of mascara for volume and love that it’s a a waterproof mascara; I just watched The Fault In Our Stars again and can vouch that my eyes didn’t land up smudged and panda-like!

sensai kanebo mascara 38

The price is ZAR685 but I’d say well worth it as it is waterproof, comes in either black or brown, gives great volume and lasts for ages!

What mascara do you like to use and why? Have you tried out any of Sensai Kanebo ones? Let me know what you think!

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