BEAUTY EMPTIES: A Few Reviews For August


Another month slipped by way too quickly, but I got to try out three awesome products that I wanted to share: Cowshed’s Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Body Oil, The Body Shop’s Banana Body Yogurt and Exuviance’s Detox mud Treatment. Here’s what I thought:

cowshed knackered cow relaxing bath & body oil

Although this product can be used for both bath and body I’ve had to forgo the bath because of the Cape Town water shortages! I’ve been using the Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Body Oil as a body oil which sinks in easily, nourishing my winter-induced dry & dehydrated skin. I prefer using oils during the colder months as they literally glide over your skin, and the quicker I can get dressed after showering the happier I am.

The combined scents of relaxing lavender and uplifting eucalyptus are oxymoronic in a sense but the combination works and smells good too! I wrote a post on Cowshed products as I love this brand. Their products are almost 100% vegan, and contain no pesticides, parabens, sulphates, microbeads or silicones.

cowshed knackered cow relaxing bath & body oil

The Banana Body Yogurt from The Body Shop contains lactic acid which is great for dry skin. Although it’s called a ‘yoghurt’ it doesn’t contain an inkling of dairy, but the lightweight consistency is yoghurt-like I suppose. This makes it sink into your skin oh-so-easily, which is preferable to the thick and rich body butters that take longer to settle. The product is 100% vegan, made from pureed bananas and organic almond milk.

THE BODY SHOP Banana Body Yogurt

The Banana Body Yogurt is really hydrating and definitely something I would use on a regular basis. I love the smell of bananas though, so if you don’t maybe opt for another of the body yoghurts, like mango (now that’s a fruit that makes me think of sunshine-y days!). These body yogurts are special editions for Summer 2018.

THE BODY SHOP Banana Body Yogurt

Exuviance’s Detox Mud Treatment is aimed at oily and blemish-prone skin. I decided this is the perfect mask for my other half to try out. Although he initially baulked at the thought of having to walk around with a mask on I managed to persuade him to drink a coffee and scroll through social media while it dried. Charcoal has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for a while now, appearing in everything from toothpaste to being ingested for gut purposes or, more typically, just in a mask form. Charcoal has properties that act like a magnet to dirt and bacteria, helping to unclog pores and clean the face.

Exumentviance Detox Mud Treatment

Exuviance’s Detox Mud Treatment contains a non-acid sugar exfoliator called NeoGlucosamine which is known to minimise the appearance of pores and to help with exfoliation. I really see a big improvement in his skin since using this. It’s looking brighter, more radiant and the nose area looks way better. Removing a charcoal mask can be a bit on the messy side, but showering seems to be the easiest and quickest way to wash it off. I don’t think it really makes a huge difference in his life whether his skin looks or feels good, but to me, I am a happy beauty girl!

That’s it for today – have you tried any of these products?