Love Heals X Eight Hour Limited Edition

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Limited Edition with James Goldcrown

As Elizabeth Arden‘s cult Eight Hour Cream celebrates its 88th Anniversary this year, the message is all about spreading love to people of all colours, genders and nationalities around the globe, adding beauty to everyone who touches it. Elizabeth Arden has collaborated with Internationally acclaimed muralist James Goldcrown, (best known for his insta-famous #lovewall, to create a unified message of love and healing through the new Limited Edition Love Heals X Eight Hour Collection.

elizabeth arden eight hour cream limited edition

James Goldcrown is a self-taught graffiti and photographer who promotes spreading a graffiti gospel of hope and positivity through his colourful heart-filled art. His murals sold out within two hours of the opening of his first show in Miami Basel and since then his murals have moved on to cult status, 28K followers on Instagram and #lovewall public hashtags.

james goldcrown

Why did you collaborate with Elizabeth Arden on this limited edition?
I was really excited by the opportunity to create this collection with Elizabeth Arden. Eight Hour is a product that is so universally loved all over the world, one that I”m very familiar with as my mother and sisters were always using it growing up, so I can’t wait to see my designs on the packaging. I’m also working with a great team, and am getting to travel with them to create murals in New York and my hometown, London.

What was your inspiration in creating the design for the Love Heals X Eight Hour Limited Edition Packaging?
I wanted to keep the design simple and fresh – I feel this is what Eight Hour represents. It was important to convey it through the packaging for this collection.

How do you use Eight Hour Cream?
The Eight Hour Cream is something my mother has always used and loved, so I’m really familiar with it. In working on this collection I have also become a fan and use it on my hands- as an artist whose primary medium is sprayed paint I’m working with my hands a lot, so it’s helpful to have it in my bag for when they’re dry or cut. The clear Lip Protectant Stick is also great for chapped lips, and the SPF is essential as I live in LA.

What message do you expect people to take away for this collection?
I take away calmness and good vibes from this collection, but I think it’s hard to predict any specific reactions to it. Realistically, this will mean something different to everyone who experiences it, but the one thing I hope it will bring to people is a little love and happiness.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Limited Edition with James Goldcrown

Originally created by Ms Arden, The Eight Hour Cream Protectant is just as relevant and sought after as it was when first created way back in 1930. Thanks to its renowned soothing and healing abilities the cult product is a must-have and found in the bags of models, celebs, bloggers all over the world. I’ve raved about it on countless occasions and blog post read here.

As part of the celebratory Limited Edition Collection is the Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sunscreen SPF15 for dry chapped lips enriched with vitamins, intensive moisturiser and SPF15.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Limited Edition with James Goldcrown

Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant R299
Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick R235

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James Goldcrown



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