3 Unisex fragrances you’ll want to wear this summer: Les Eaux de Chanel

Les Eaux de Chanel: Venise, Biarritz and Deauville EDT

With summer here it’s definitely time to wear lighter perfumes and

CHANEL Les Eaux Collection are the perfect choice!

Inspired by travel destinations close to Gabrielle Chanel’s heart, sees the launch of the Les Eau de Chanel Collection, a trio of fragrances that break away from her other fragrances, as these are light, airy and easy to wear both for men and women.

House perfumer Olivier Polge is the nose behind these and says This is a new sort of collection of perfumes, we call them Les Eaux because they’re fresh, fluid, sparkling. My source of inspiration came from Eau de cologne, those combinations of fresh citrus oils,’ says Polge. Each scent was inspired and named after a destination vitally important to Coco Chanel’s life: Venice, Biarritz, and the beach town Deauville where she opened her very first boutique in 1913. ‘The three cities are really important in the history of Chanel. They became a part of our identity and source of inspiration,’ he says.


Shocked at the untimely death of her beloved Boy Capel, Gabrielle’s friends whisked her off to Venice where she immersed herself in the rich and diverse culture and people. It is here she discovered Byzantine and Baroque art treasures that became her inspiration for her style and influences that are still reflected in the collections designed by Karl Lagerfeld today. Paris Venise interprets the captivating draw of the bustling city that marks the boundary between the East and West. Polge created a powdery oriental scent where the contrast of orange neroli is infused with warm Cedarwood and Amber accord. If you love vanilla as I do, you’ll adore this light version perfect for summer. I was sent CHANEL PARIS VENISE fragrance and body lotion to try out and wow, the body lotion is sensual and light on the skin and I feel like I’m on holiday, when in reality I am working right through!


This is inspired by the dynamic energy and fresh air of the Biarritz coast capturing the spirit and freedom. CHANEL PARIS BIARRITZ is a vibrant with juicy Sicilian Mandarin and grapefruit in the top notes, with a heart of lily of the valley and Vetiver and white musk at the base.


Deauville is where Gabrielle opened her first CHANEL shop; the seaside resort was home to elegant women, the first to wear wide-brimmed hats and dresses inspired by a masculine wardrobe. Polge says, “Deauville is very close to Paris, it’s not only a city near the city of Paris but it’s in the middle of Normandy. And this is often a destination for weekends,” he says. “I had in mind the scents of what could be a weekend in the countryside. This is why I envisioned a scent that aside from those sparkling oils of orange, it has a more aromatic, green aspect with basil, leaves of the orange tree, geranium, and a touch of jasmine.” CHANEL PARIS DEAUVILLE sounds like heaven right?

All three fragrances are fresh and light and as I said earlier, the perfect choice for hot summer days…I’m packing up for the day and heading out to catch some sun and swim in the ocean – what are you up to on this second day of a new year?





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