REVIEW: SENSAI The Lipstick & Total Lip Gloss

SENSAI The Lipstick 07,09 and Total Lip Gloss

There’s nothing quite like a little bit of colour to brighten up one’s day and I love SENSAI ‘s latest Lipsticks & Total Lip Gloss; I had great fun wearing shade 07 and 09 and playing with SENSAI’s virtual makeup app: read more….

I am mostly a gloss and a smudge of colour kinda girl, but sometimes I absolutely love taking my time and doing a ‘real lip’ if you know what I mean, to make me feel fab.
Make no mistake, SENSAI The Lipstick have a hefty price tag (R975) and (R850) for the SENSAI Total Lip Gloss but the texture is lushly hydrating and has a superb finish. SENSAI The Lipsticks contain something called Silk Drape Technology, a powder complex containing silk to smooth lips for a sensuous and radiant appeal and has anti-ageing benefits too.


On the left: The Total Lip Gloss, 09 Nadeshiko Pink and 07 Shakunage Pink,

I love SENSAI Total Lip Gloss as it gives just enough pink fresh shine and best is there is no stickiness. You can layer it over a lipstick or wear alone; I tend to stick with the latter as I do love a gloss! Koishimaru silk and lip care complex hydrate the lips.

I made use of the SENSAI virtual makeup app (try it out here) which is such fun; upload an existing photo and play around or do a live version (I look like shite today so took a photo I had on file and applied the two shades I was sent).

Cathi Trevor wearing SENSAI The Lipstick in 07

I’m wearing 07 Shakunage Pink

Cathi Trevor wearing SENSAI The Lipstick in 09

I’m wearing 09 Nadeshiko Pink

That’s it for today – I hope its a damn fine sunshiny (and colourful) day up ahead!!