REVIEW: Sisley Paris Velvet Nourishing Cream & Anti-Age Firming Concentrate Serum

Ingredients in a beauty product intrigue me and saffron is Sisley Velvet Nourishing Cream and Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age Firming Concentrate Serum star ingredient which piques my interest; here’s what I thought:

As 75 000 blossoms are needed to make half a kilogram of saffron spice, and largely cultivated and harvested by hand, Saffron is considered as one of the world’s most expensive spices; not only a culinary ingredient, saffron has marched into a plethora of beauty products. With powerful anti-oxidant properties, the ability to increase brightness in skin tone, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve radiance, hydration, skin texture and boasts a high Vitamin C content, its no wonder Saffron is the beauty buzzword for 2019!

Sisley Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron flowers

At this time of the year in between seasons I’m upping the heater whilst driving and my skin gets into a bit of a tizzy with spells of tightness and discomfort. Knowing a youthful radiant glowing skin of yesteryear is never going to be on the cards again, I was really happy with the results while using Sisley Velvet Nourishing Cream combined with Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age Firming Concentrate Serum. Maintaining a good beauty routine and trying out beauty products with fab ingredients definitely helps plump, firm and nourish my skin. I actually had a couple of peeps commenting on how good my skin looked, (amazing when you are feeling your crappiest) so thank you to the combination of these two that really fed my dry skin!

Below is a copy courtesy of Sisley on massage techniques to help work products in more constructively:

Sisleya Essential Skin Care techniques

Sisley Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron flowers can be used throughout the day and night (I popped an SPF over the moisturiser during the day). Buckwheat seed extract is high in B Vitamins, especially niacin which enhances blood vessel strength. Iron, magnesium and phosphorus improves blood oxygenation, whilst shea butter repairs and fortifies skin damaged by outdoor elements. Cottonseed, Macadamia and Sunflower oils help to restore the lipid balance and revives skin’s suppleness and comfort. Japanese Lilyturf and Padina pavonica extract replenishes water reserves and activates the skin’s natural nutrition mechanisms to regain a lipid balance.

Sisleya L'Integral Anti-Age Firming Concentrate Serum

Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age Firming Concentrate Serum restores the density and curves of youth (I’m way beyond the age of youth, BUT I have noticed the difference in my skin texture and tone as it looks and feels firmer). The serum awakens elastin production and acts on the structural level of the dermis. These two come with a high price tag so definitely are considered as fabulous luxury items on my list, but its amazing what it does to one’s self esteem when your skin feels great, don’t you agree?

Available at Sisley counters within Edgars: shop here

I hope its a damn fine Friday up ahead!