Who would have thought a simple piece of cloth could have such great cleaning results! Made of microfibres, GLOV MAKEUP REMOVER removes grime and makeup super duper easily; here’s why I’m raving about it:


Admittedly I thought this little soft pink glove had a lot to live up to as my trusty FOREO LUNA MINI 2 (read here on my review) cleans my face superbly, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it removed make-up and left my skin feeling clean, just by adding warm water!

So what’s so fabulous about microfibre cloths?
Microfibre, which also makes an appearance in clothing, furniture, sheets and cleaning cloths, is a textile made from ultra tiny synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester, is positively charged, meaning they attract negatively charged things like dirt and grease. These characteristics of microfibres come together to give a cloth a much higher surface area (four times larger that of a cotton cloth), which boosts its cleaning power. It also absorbs seven times its weight in water. Unlike cotton, it dries fast, making it hard for bacteria to grow in it, making it more hygienic as it removes bacteria effectively and saves water due to their absorption rate. For most microfibre cloths they can be washed up to 1000 times before having to be replaced.

Now back to our little face microfibre cloth in hand – the directions say ‘just add water’ and voila! A couple of wipes across my face with some added cleanser and makeup is removed. The GLOV package comes with a cleanser for the actual GLOV, (called GLOV magnet fibre cleanser). A heads up is hang your GLOV where it can get dry preferably in the sun, as there’s nothing worse than a manky smelling cloth! Made in Poland, Dermatologically tested and is Hypoallergenic.

GLOV products will be available at selected Dischem stores as from 1 June or stockist:

Happy sunshiny Thursday peeps!