CONVERSATIONS with Hairstylist David Gillson


IMG_9764My thick, frizzy and tangled hair has always been the bane of my existence. Sure, it doesn’t help that I rarely run a comb through it, but since having my colour and treatments with hair guru/stylist David Gillson, my hair has improved dramatically. Not only does he get my colour perfect every time (anyone who has gone blonde can attest to what a feat this is) but every time I leave his salon I feel like a million bucks. Thanks to lockdown, I’m missing David. Hair aside, (I’m making peace with my roots…!) our appointments are also a great chance for a catch-up. So I thought I would see how he is doing and what makes him tick via a good old-fashioned email:

What’s your earliest childhood memory?
Being in the Yorkshire moors.

What does a normal day for you involve?
Not so normal at the moment! I wake up to meditate for longer with more
powerful sessions during the lockdown, but usually, it is drinking a coffee
before dropping my daughter off at school and am at work by 7:00. I work
between Rosebank Melrose Arch and Hyde Park, but my routine is the same
every day. I do Reiki one a week and like to get home early enough to cook, a
great passion of mine!

What do you do to relax?
Meditation, Reiki, walking and watching TV series.

Hair stylist David Gillson
David Gillson

A life mantra?
A positive mind brings a positive life.

Which living person do you most admire?
Deepak Chopra.

Your favourite fashion item…
Cashmere jerseys (especially my Valentino’s).

The most memorable gift you have ever received?
A trip to Monte Carlo!

Hair stylist David Gillson
One piece of advice you’d give the next generation:
Do what you love; life is too short to be in a career or job that you are not
passionate about.

Your favourite travel destination?
I’m obsessed with London so feel blessed to have a salon there and get to
spend so much time between here and London.

What’s on your bucket list?
A fabulous trip to Japan.

David Gillson Hair stylist
David is co-owner of Issy Belgravia London Hair salon on the Insta-famous Elizabeth Street


You can find David at Carlton Hair in Hyde Park & Melrose Arch in Gauteng and Constantia in Cape Town and at Issy’s Belgravia London Hair Salon

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