I love using the new year as a chance to reflect on the past year and choose what to focus on going forward. The pandemic has forced us all to put a pause on any big plans we might have had, so instead of setting big goals I am focusing on making more time for the little things that make me happy, like spending more time with my loved ones. Another small thing that makes my heart happy is putting outfits for myself together, which is (luckily!) what I do for a living.
At work I have heaps of clothing rails to mix and match with, but at home it’s about incorporating what I already have in my wardrobe with just a few new buys. For me comfort is my main priority, especially these days where I’m either on my feet all day at work, or laying low at home for lockdown. Here are a few outfits I’ve enjoyed putting together recently:

WHITE ON WHITE An all-white ensemble in cotton and linen blend keeps you cool and comfortable, and the natural crumples and creases give a relaxed soft feel.

Hello, kitty cat!

ANIMAL PRINT I’m sorry I gave a lot of my animal print clothing away over the years as it’s a trend that keeps on returning, but hopefully someone out there is enjoying my cast-offs! This shift dress is super cool to wear on weekends with slip-ons, or with sneakers for comfort when working in studio. I love this length that falls below the knees.


LOUNGEWEAR Definitely the best items to wear for literally lounging around the home in comfort. I did yoga and pilates classes in this linen-blend before Christmas, but honestly, I have not done ONE SINGLE online class this year, (so much for resolutions of being focused and on top of life, but we’ll get there someday!). Please tell me you’re also feeling a little distracted and not able to get into the year yet?! I guess on that note we’ll just grab a book and do some more lounging!

Happy day


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