Kirsten Goss: ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss latest ABODE Collection is a natural extension of her renowned jewellery brand, reflecting her signature shapes and styles with cutting edge pieces which are fast becoming highly collectible tableware accessories…

 The core collection consists of sterling silver cutlery and solid brass serving-ware with mustard/espresso spoons, jam or sugar spoons, salad servers and butter/pate knives and condiment spoons all meticulously crafted.

 ‘We revere the notion of buying ethically made, handcrafted items which we have sustained in our jewellery brand for almost 18 years’ Kirsten Goss

‘It’s now time to enjoy this aspect in everyday life – on your tables and in your living spaces. Solid silver spoons with personalised name/date-stamping make the most beautiful gifts for christenings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries and weddings’

We like the consideration of giving reverence to the quotidian. Spreading that jam or scooping that chilli with some magnificent little art piece – it’s one of life’s underrated pleasures. Make it count. Pass it on. The Modern Heirloom.‘ – Kirsten Goss

I hope you enjoyed this post- it’s always so inspiring to see what our local creative artists and designers are up to!

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      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

I’ve followed Emma Jayne Designs on Instagram for ages and thought her lovelies are just so damn awesome, I’d share them with you guys today so here goes…

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

Here’s a little information about Emma Jayne:

Emma Jayne says that her personal favourites of 2019 are the above collection. ‘I went back to using traditional media and produced more patterns than illustrations. I love the effects you can achieve with gouache, watercolour and ink using different sized brushes. I like to create textures, as well as painting animals and other shapes as silhouettes.’

Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

‘I currently take inspiration from colour, shapes, texture, fashion, graphics, nature, interiors, magazines … actually, pretty much anything I come across which piques my interest! From childhood I have always been passionate about art, coming from a creative family. My father and grandfather both loved DIY, my mum loved fashion and interiors and my grandmother, who I spent every Thursday and most weekends sewing and knitting with me. I knitted my first jumper at 8 years (it was too big and I could not get to wear it until I was about 10!)’

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

‘My design BA and studio work at Dorma made good use of my drawing and colour skills. At Dorma I was involved with the whole design process, from initial concept to bulk printing. I have undertaken various freelance projects over an 10 year period, selling my designs in the UK, around Europe and in America.’

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

‘I love being creative and playing around with sketches, which later, I develop on my computer. More recently, I have produced illustrations using Pro Create. I don’t really have one particular signature style and I find that this allows me to be versatile. This flexibility is a useful attribute to have when working on briefs for different types of clients.’

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

‘In my spare time, I continually search for new ideas and new inspiration; whether that would be in stationery, apparel, children’s books, to interiors, and even colour themes. I am also a Pinterest addict and before I used Pinterest, I used to keep boxes full of magazine clippings and marketing material.’

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

‘Things that I like;

Vintage patterns & interiors, old and contemporary illustrations, typography, printed fabrics, retro wallpaper, posters, Scandinavian design, pick n’ mix sweets, collecting stamps and listening to music whilst working on my computer.’

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

      Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

My objective is to keep up with the current trends, keep updating my skills to constantly strive to become a better designer and to hopefully inspire you through my blog.’

Emma Jayne Illustrator & pattern designer

Aren’t her illustrations just the berries – they make me so happy looking at them!!

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CONVERSATIONS with AFARI Skincare Founder Margaux Knuppe

I’ve adored using AFARI, a luxe local skincare brand containing incredible anti-ageing properties thanks to a breakthrough ingredient; I caught up with Margaux Knuppe founder of AFARI skincare on her luxury brand:

Margaux Knuppe founder of AFARI skincare

Founder of AFARI skincare collection,Margaux Knuppe

The inspiration behind your brand
As a time-poor, working mum, I was looking for an anti-ageing range that addressed all the major ageing concerns, (fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, enlarged pores, pigmentation and dullness) in as few products as possible. Plus, I wanted to support the local industry and empower women while doing so.


Female harvesters in rural Limpopo

In 2014, I was invited on Sean Privett’s Fynbos Trail in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Learning that there are 8000+ species of plants in South Africa, of which 6000 are endemic meant one thing to me: opportunity! How can we only know about the skin repairing properties of Rooibos and Buchu? Surely there had to be another species indigenous to South Africa, with incredible skincare benefits? I was on a mission to find this unknown botanical as I wanted to showcase it to the rest of the world.


AFARI Skincare range

Key ingredient Bulbine frutescens – the next big buzzword in beauty?

If the clinical trials and AFARI customer reviews are anything to go by, absolutely! The fact that Bulbine is indigenous to South Africa further spotlights SA as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. And, in the plant-based, raw ingredient industry, which is so crucial to the skincare industry, this translates as a LOT of opportunity. Now that I have the ingredient, with the clinical results to back it up, as well as the fact that it’s being sustainably farmed by female harvesters who directly benefit from the sales, it’s a matter of showcasing AFARI to the rest of the world.

bulbine frutescens

Four products in your collection-any more in the pipeline

I wanted to create a skincare regime that tackled the signs of ageing in as few products as possible: three steps in the morning (Priming Cleanser, Brightening Elixir, Day Cream SPF30) and three in the evening (Priming Cleanser, Brightening Elixir and Overnight Regenerating Cream). If I were to add another product I’d look at an enzymatic exfoliator and a line-plumping mask.


A personal favourite
I’m with the 5-star review rating on this one (and the fact that it has the highest amount of Bulbine in it) ,I’m never without the AFARI Brightening Elixir.

Was there a time during your research you wanted to give up
After two years of trying to source indigenous ingredients that ‘didn’t exist” and being told on countless occasions I was looking for a needle in a haystack, the cosmetic chemist and I decided to rather focus on a luxury anti-ageing range under my name. This wasn’t the first prize for me, but luckily time was on my side – I had a corporate day job and was building AFARI at night.

A few months later I heard from the cosmetic chemist again who had just returned from an annual raws ingredients expo in Paris. He had met a farmer from Limpopo who had just finished clinical trials on a brand new, indigenous raw ingredient called Bulbine frutescens. I think if AFARI hadn’t been my side hustle for so long, I would have given up after a few months or been able to finance this venture without my day job!

harvesters for afari skincare range

Each Afari product sold directly benefits the women harvesting the plants in rural Limpopo, South Africa.As an Afari customer, you keep this circle of upliftment flowing.

You’re empowering a group of women in Limpopo – tell us more

Our key ingredient is Bulbine frutescens sourced from an organic farm in rural Limpopo, where it is sustainably cultivated by female harvesters from the local community. Each AFARI product sold directly benefits these women harvesters, their families and the greater community. As an AFARI customer, you keep this circle of upliftment flowing.

Tell us about the packaging?

Another thing that was important to me was to find airless pumps for the packaging. Even though jars are perceived as premium, oxygen and bacteria get in each time you open the jar which degrades active ingredients. I wanted to ensure the AFARI skincare collection is as effective from the first pump right down to the last pump in the bottle.

I desperately want to use recyclable plastic pump bottles or glass would be first prize. Sadly they don’t make airless pump bottles in glass and recyclable plastic is prohibitively expensive, but as soon as I can produce in volume I can afford to look at more recycle friendly packing options – crazy isn’t it?

Where can one purchase

AFARI is only available online for now shop here and from mid-2020 we’ll be shipping internationally too. I’m headed to the US and UK so hopefully we’ll start seeing AFARI in some international retailers in the not too distant future.

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I’ll be doing another post shortlywhere I’ll talk about the AFARI products I’ve used and loved!

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I’ll start by wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope that 2020 is an amazing and incredible year! I’m all for making New Year resolutions alongside a to-do list, however as my resolutions inevitably fly out the window by week three, I’m keeping them simple and do-able this time, by practising mindfulness, being more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly and lastly, being true to myself:

Pinterest quote for grateful heart

I drove to work this morning with a red sky stretched above me and was reminded how rewarding it is to start the work day early with the intention of leaving earlier in the afternoon; it doesn’t always happen, but when it does, what a treat to be home by four!

gratitude quote pinterest

I’m a cappuccino junkie chasing down a second and third before noon and no, I’m not going to cut down on my caffeine consumption this year, but my son has been trying to get us to remove dairy from our diets, (I gave up buying butter last year and surprisingly it wasn’t that hard as bread dipped in olive oil is delish and tasty and coconut oil is a great substitute to cook with, but black coffee….I need to think about this a little more!)

I headed up the Recycling Department at my kids junior school many moons back where I was quite vigilant, yet the last couple of years I haven’t been as attentive, (glass and paper are easy ones but tins and plastic I’ve let slide and unfortunately recycling isn’t collected in our area, so I’ve grown lazy); however that’s all changing as I shall be dropping my recycling at OASIS once a week. OASIS provides work and skills development opportunities for men and women with intellectual disability so you’re doing two positives when dropping off your recycling, (just remember to separate items to make it more manageable).

OASIS has been my go-to place for dumping everything and again it’s a charity, so a heads up to support and if you’re looking for any CDs from the late 80’s to mid 2000’s, go and trawl through over 800 CDS I dropped off about five months ago, (who still listens to those but you never know?!) Oh, and books – loads of coffee table and normal books! I cried when handing them over as I have a real attachment to books, but last year’s intention was to have a massive cleanup and I did it so yay, to live with less clutter in the house!

gratitude quote from pinterest

And lastly, this year I am going to give myself ‘me time’ and practice self-love, (although I struggle with this self-love thing and can I truly do that wholeheartedly?) It probably sounds weird but I come from a childhood where I know I was loved in a bizarre abstract way, but expressing ourselves was seen as self indulgent and wrong and it was ‘ not the done thing’ to talk about our feelings, emotions, discomfort, sadness, truth, so we learnt to bottle things up real tight.

The past is a good lesson on how not to repeat certain behaviours and habitual patterns and I’m still learning to let go of toxic and negative things and people who drain my energy. Getting sick last year was a reality check; if I don’t look after my health and myself no-one else will and I need a positive head space for me and my darling hubby. It’s such a hard topic to deal with and talk about, but my hubby has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and I’m still feeling bewildered and heartbroken knowing I’m losing my best friend, my everything, yet he’s alive right next to me and totally unaware of what’s happening. I get teary just mentioning it so I don’t know if I’m ready to even talk honestly about it, but I have to face reality and the future. I guess the hardest thing is not having the support of my parents, yet thank heaves for my sisters and amazing friends, lucky me!

Brene Brown quote

I was standing in the tidal pool at Dalebrook with a friend on the last afternoon of 2019 and I remarked, ‘gad Dani, I haven’t done or achieved anything this year’ and she replied, ‘you have my girl, you’ve survived’. Her words made an impact, the reality that no matter what curve balls came my way last year, I survived! I know I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed and angst as everyone has their own shit they’re dealing with, but I’m learning to believe in my strength and capability and allowing myself to be openhearted and vulnerable. I’ve been listening to Brene Brown again who is incredibly inspiring, especially on ‘The power of Vulnerability’, watch here

Brene Brown quotes

So what do I mean when I say ‘be true to myself?’ Being proactive in finding support and make some me time whilst being mindful and grateful for everything however small; today I am grateful I had a good night’s sleep, watched birds dance across the red sky while driving into work, filled my tummy with warm oats and cinnamon, had a cup of coffee (with milk) and felt a sense of contentment… it’s going to be a good year… I feel it!

So here’s to a year of kindness, gratitude, shared times with friends, honesty, love and vulnerability!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and have you made any NY resolutions you’d like to share?


brene brown quotes on vulnerability

KIRSTEN GOSS ABODE Collection is about to drop

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

The upcoming launch of Kirsten Goss ABODE collection is an extension of her jewellery brand, reflecting her fascinating and quirky shapes and phenomenal metalwork and the cutting edge pieces will become considered implements and objets for living.

More items being presented are two signature SOY candles, stationary, liquid hand soap and a decadently delish hand & body cream. Expect espresso/mustard spoons, condiment spoons, pickle forks, sugar/jam spoons and serving spoons/salad servers.

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

‘We are super excited to be launching this in our SWEET 16th year of trading’ – Kirsten Goss

The flagship Kirsten Goss store at the V&A Silo will be the main concept store for all jewellery and ABODE collections, with the other three stores carrying smaller quantities.

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection


ZAR1890 for a brass salad server

ZAR1390 for a sugar spoon or condiment spoon

ZAR1190 for a pickle fork

ZAR 690 for an espresso spoon

CREDITS: Lazy-Eye ceramics, Christo Giles, Klomp Ceramics, Vorster & Braye, Jacques Erasmus

PHOTOS: Kirsten Goss

Don’t you think the pieces are fantabulous?!

That’s it for a Thursday – happy day….all day


Kirsten Goss ABODE Instagram

Kirsten Goss Jewellery





DELLA SS2019 COLLECTION: Q & A with designer Pippa de Charmoy:

Della SS2019 jewellery collection Pippa de Charmay

Della SS2019 collection is created for the modern multifaceted women who appreciates handcrafted outstanding limited edition jewellery pieces. The latest collection includes blue opal, jade, black onyx, malachite, opalite and pink and white chalcedony gemstones. I caught up with Pippa de Charmoy, creative mind and designer of Della to find out what makes her tick, her inspiration, a life mantra and more…

Della SS2019 jewellery collection Pippa de Charmay


My daughters inspire me to be a better mom, friend and boss! I am also inspired by fashion trends. (The name Della originates from combining the names of Pippa’s two daughters, Ella and Demi. As this name has personal significance it creates an authentic brand with a commitment to quality)

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


An early morning run, a stop at Seattle coffee with my daughter on the way to school, and then I get to work by 8am. I have another business which supplies retailers with ladies
accessories and our days are quite busy planning and ordering stock for
months ahead. When it comes to working on Della my designs are all
inspired by my love of fashion and beautiful semi precious stones and a
strong desire to marry these together. My day at the office usually
ends at 4pm then I would pop into the Flanders Mall to do a small grocery
shop and then home. Most evenings are taken up with walking our Daxie
(Dash) which he loves providing that my husband and I are together. We
always set the table and eat together; it’s my most favourite time chatting
about our day.

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


Was creating Della. My main business supplies retailers with ladies accessories and after many years working ahead on jewellery trends for our retailers, Della was created to
fulfil my passion for high quality pieces inspired by practicality, but at the
same time offering a stylish take on high fashion jewellery.

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


A glass (or 2) of Waterford wine and a good series! I am a series holic!

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things that you once couldn’t!

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


I will be treating nine women in my family for a night away at a Spa in December!

della jewellery collection SS2019


I don’t have any regrets, I try to take bad experiences and learn from them

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


I would love to be a whiz at Social Media!

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


London, Paris and Rome with my family

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


To have a white Christmas with my family
Italian Camino
Trail run the Amalfi Coast
Sail Croatia
Bora Bora

I would love to perform an ABBA song (dance and all) and surprise my

Della SS2019 jewellery collection


Perhaps a new range for a new age…that’s the first clue!

Branching out into more than just jewellery.

Della SS2019 jewellery collection

All Della pieces are unique and quality handcrafted at affordable prices. The utmost care is taken with each item; from the selection of the raw materials through to the satin drawstring bag and sturdy box that it is delivered in, making each order a delight to unwrap.

Della has joined forces with Project Dignity/ Subzpads, and will be donating a percentage of each sale (5%) to this amazing initiative. ‘So many girls are unable to afford sanitary ware and end up missing up to seven days of school every month,’ explains Pippa. ‘The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education with dignity. This project really resonates with me as I have daughters and I am thrilled that through Della we are able to partner with this amazing initiative.’

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I love sharing local women’s inspiring careers, lifestyles and journeys – if you have anyone in mind I could interview, please give me a shout!

Take care and happy Monday!!


FAITHFUL TO NATURE launch plastic-free organic and natural own-brand:

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

If living as healthy as possible for you and the environment is your way of life, then Faithful to Nature would already be your number one online choice for buying organic and natural Products; and now they have just launched 100% plastic-free organic and natural own brand….

Transparency labelling and ethnicity is Faithful to Nature core priority and advising how to live a more sustainable and eco friendly existence. They currently have over 8000 products available that have been thoroughly scrutinised before being put online. Faithful to Nature has been championing the pureness of nature’s bounty for nearly thirteen years, providing South African families with natural and eco-friendly alternatives to all the daily-use products they may need.

Robyn Smith founder of Faithful to Nature

Robyn Smith, founder of Faithful to Nature

Robyn Smith, founder of Faithful to Nature says about her inspiration for conceptualising the brand. ‘I have been in a prime seat to watch consumer trends in the wellness and ethical retail industry for the past 13 years and in gathering these insights, it became very clear that the market was ready for affordable products that were produced and packaged with as very little waste as possible.’ The core focus for Faithful to Nature’s own-branded ranges is to provide an accessible collection of products that do absolutely no harm and are 100% plastic free. Robyn goes on to explain, ‘whether we are launching products for the pantry or the bathroom, fans of this iconic and much-loved brand can be sure that they are receiving true sustainable quality at the right price,’ she adds.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

Nature Knows Best

Faithful to Nature’s own brand means honest and ethical products that lead the global plastic-free and sustainability movements.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

100% biodegradable toothbrushes

With their strict ingredients policy and unwavering care, Faithful To Nature ensures every single product, meticulously meets a golden eco-standard. For instance, ‘Faithful To Nature’s pantry range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses is packed in bags made from plant cellulose, certified by TÜV Austria to be 100% home compostable and marine biodegradable,” explains Katrien Grobler, CEO of Faithful to Nature. ‘It might look like plastic but it is not’, adds Katrien. ‘You could literally throw it in your compost heap and it will be gone within a month!’ the boxes are printed with soya based inks and are made from bleach-free kraft certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

delish organic and natural soaps

These kinds of careful and thoroughly considered elements that translate to world-class products make for deeply encouraging, positive news stories within the South African retail sector. They also equate to the leading role Faith To Nature’s own brand is taking within the global organic product market.

‘South African consumers have been behind the rest of the world – particularly Europe – when it comes to mindset in relation to sustainability,’ reports Katrien. ‘So, it’s very encouraging to see how quickly locals are becoming passionate about saving our planet – like only South African’s can!’

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

The packaging inside looks like plastic, but it is 100% plant based cellulose which you can add to your soil as it is biodegradable

She believes that as consumer education and awareness grows, so too will the competitive nature of this market, as companies and brands try to answer consumer needs. ‘In 2018, 30 % of consumers were willing to pay a premium for waste-free products,’ she says. ‘Unfortunately, the reality is that many brands and products aren’t as waste-free as they claim – it’s a phenomenon called greenwashing, and, greenwashing is a real problem,’ Katrien goes on to say. ‘Consumers pay a premium as they are trying to support sustainability and the planet, but aren’t educated on the high-level details. This simply means by their good intentions, they believe brands who aren’t 100 % percent authentic in their efforts,’ she says.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

100% biodegradable Konjac sponge (cleans your face so amazingly BTW!)

Faithful to Nature’s backbone is true integrity; ‘we guarantee NO greenwashing whatsoever!’ assures Katrien. ‘On our own brand collection, we are religious in ensuring transparency and honesty in how we provide truly waste-free, sustainable products.

Take Faithful To Nature’s Konjac Sponges for example; they’re made using 100 percent plant-based fibres, and are completely biodegradable,’ explains Katrien. And they are also so kind to the environment. Why? ‘A year’s worth of discarded sponges from one household could take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years,’ says Katrien, who adds that oil-based sponges can’t be recycled. It’s for this very reason that Faithful to Nature is so thrilled to be able to bring consumers the Konjac (AKA Amorphophallus Konjac) alternative. ‘Konjac has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2000 years,’ Katrien goes on to say, and it’s most common use is to help soothe skin condition symptoms.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

Bamboo straws

Other world-leading products in the Faithful To Nature Own Brand collection include:


Faithful To Nature’s plant-based pantry essentials are all-natural food items and ideal as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Think breakfast, lunch and supper – as well as all snacks in between – the range is fully comprehensive! Faithful To Nature has sourced the finest gluten-free oats, GMO-free popcorn, whole-wheat couscous, sulphite-free dried fruits and raw nuts. All of these pantry necessities are free from artificial additives like flavouring, colouring and preservatives to keep you and your family as healthy as possible.


Faithful To Nature’s certified organic foods are held to the highest EU standards by CERES. They’re grown on farms that cultivate and harvest with consumers health as their top priority. Using strictly non-GMO seed, zero chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, foods are grown as responsibly as possible. All of these exacting requirements ensure that the final product – delicious food for you to enjoy – is truly Faithful To Nature.


Faithful To Nature’s superfoods is a special selection of the world’s most nutritionally dense, natural foods with unique benefits. Packed with plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, these superfoods are here to supercharge your body in a truly holistic way. From African botanicals like baobab to remarkable Peruvian maca, the Faithful To Nature superfoods selection has something for every health-conscious foodie.


Faithful To Nature’s all-natural body care collection includes essentials you need to show artificial and eco-toxic products the door! Most bathrooms are packed with plastic destined to litter the planet for Centuries. Faithful To Nature with its all-natural soaps, moisturising organic shea butter and bamboo toothbrushes made from 100% sustainable materials – yes, even the bristles – is the solution to the scourge of harmful plastic waste.


Make mundane purchases like toilet paper a grudge-buy no longer. With Faithful To Nature’s Sweet Sheets, know you’re doing your bit to save the plant – and supporting local business too! Sweet Sheets is totally sustainable toilet tissue and roller towel, says Katrien and is made from “the fibrous material that remains after the raw sugar has been extracted from sugar cane.” It’s proudly South African as it’s sourced from local suppliers in KwaZulu Natal. Also, it’s elemental chlorine-free and the inner roll is 100 percent recycled.

*content supplied by Bush Telegraph Publicity

It was glorious in the shade of the trees eating yummy food

Some of us beauty editors at the Faithful to Nature launch held in Mount Nelson Gardens

I hope that makes for an interesting read – I thought in my little way I was doing enough, but there is so much more we can do to live a more sustainable way of life – let me know if you have any tips to share?


Faithful to Nature website



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SMEG & DOLCE & GABBANA Collaboration


I’ve been coveting SMEG & DOLCE & GABBANA limited edition appliances for a while now and was damn chuffed to see they have eventually landed on our shores. Are these just the berries or what? I had to share:

Dolce & Gabbana fashion of slightly offbeat exuberant colour clashings and quirkiness are what I’ve always enjoyed and SMEG with their state of the art appliances so imagine my delight as they have joined forces (again) to bring a truly Italian project of creating limited edition items for the kitchen in Sicilian style that will brighten up your day !


The limited edition kettle is characterised by the unique Sicilian cart motifs and colourful patterns


The limited edition blender has a bright yellow base decorated in Sicilian decorations

The marvellous limited edition two-slice toaster is decorated with the motifs of the tradtional Sicilian carts

smeg & dolce & gabbana collaboration

Limited edition citrus blender done in traditional Sicilian colours


A short and sweet post – happy Thursday!!



Gifting from ZAR19,99 – 69,99

I’ve long been a fan Lou Harvey bags and accessories made in durable vibrant fabrics, so was delighted to spy her distinctive designs on scented candles and more when I popped into Mr Price Home; I caught up with local designer and entrepreneur Lou Harvey to find out what makes her tick and more about the collaboration:


Lou Harvey

How did the collaboration between you and Mr Price Home come about and is it for a limited time only?

I was really excited to collaborate with another homegrown Durban brand. It was really something different from what I normally create and was certainly an opportunity for me to have a creative outlet on items I wouldn’t normally manufacture. It’s so exhilarating to see my designs on functional items that now, through Mr Price Home will reach a wider audience.

I love that it’s a local brand and a focus on local production so it’s in line with our philosophy– all local production, from the fabrics to the employees and production process.


It was wonderful working with their creative and dynamic team who constantly think out of the box and identify new opportunities for their brand.

I also admire their strong appreciation for local designers and willing to give them a platform to showcase their designs on a mass scale.

It is for a limited time only or while stocks last.


duvet set ZAR559,99 – 759,99

Where does your inspiration come from

I take inspiration from a variety of sources; elements of nature, architecture, exotic destinations like Morocco and of course our beautiful local landscape. I love botanicals and motifs that pay homage to nature, as well as bold floral prints. I am also an obsessive ‘pinner’ and can get completely lost on Pinterest for hours on end.

lou harvey & mr price home collaboration

Ottoman ZAR999,99

What does a normal day involve

I go to gym really early so that is out of the way and not cutting into family time. Some mornings I love to walk along the promenade in Umhlanga. I then have breakfast with my Alec, (Izzy is a boarder) and then drop him at school. It’s then off to the factory to check production and designs; I’m always playing with new product ideas. We recently moved the factory to be closer to home, which means I can pop in and out, run errands on the way, which has honestly changed my life. I also have an amazing team who work closely with me and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Lou Harvey

I’m a real early bird and love to be in my pj’s by 6pm, not terribly glam but perfect for me and works for our little family. During the evening I catch up on mails and respond to all my FB queries and then enjoy getting caught up in a good book or the latest series or movie on Netflix!


A highlight in your career

So many amazing milestones that I am grateful for:

  • Opening my first store

  • Expanding our international footprint and creating an international brand with suppliers in Dubai, Australia, Singapore and the US – also recent pop ups in Dubai, New York and Brazil

  • Launching the online store

  • Opening a bigger factory space

  • Launching my wallpaper collection and now the Mr Price Home CreativeCollab


scented sachets ZAR59,99

How do you switch off

I don’t switch off! But going to gym does help me to switch off… a little. I also love a spoil at the Oyster Box Spa


four side plates ZAR159,99; tea towel ZAR29,99

Mantra for life

There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Do you have a favourite Lou Harvey bag, or change up regularly

The Pack Bag is my all-time favourite. No girl can do without at least one “carry-all” bag and the Pack Bag is top of the list for busy women. It’s perfect for any occasion, day-to-day and weekend trips away. Every family member should own one as they also fit perfectly into the boot of the car!


two mugs ZAR69,99

Which living person do you most admire

Russel Brand – he is very enlightened!


Lou Harvey Dobby Beach Blanket ZAR299.99

Your greatest extravagance

Zimmerman! The world’s best clothing brand in the world!

Greatest regret ( if any)

I recently met the man of my dreams and I certainly regret not meeting him sooner!


tissue paper ZAR19,99 each

What talent would you most like to have

I would love to be able to write; I have grandeurs of writing a novel one day!


Diffuser ZAR159,99

Your favourite journey/ travel destination

I love the Far East. I would also love to visit Buenos Aires for their colonial architecture and landmark buildings of this Argentine capital city and expect it to be vibrant and colourful….and who doesn’t love to tango the night away!


selection of scattered cushions

Anything on your bucket list

The Orient Express!

Any future exciting things to look out for

Always! Watch this space!


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That’s it for today – I hope it’s a damn fine Thursday for you all!