The biggest skin concern amongst SA women is dry skin; Bio-Oil introduces a groundbreaking formula of creating a lotion with a high oil content compared to many body lotions on the market delivering excellent moisture; sounds good right? I decided to try the Bio Oil Body Lotion out; my thoughts…

I’ve long been a fan of Bio-Oil especially with their former Dry Skin gel but the new Bio-Oil Body Lotion has taken moisturisers to a new level!

I’m always pushed for time so it ticks the boxes for having a lightweight consistency, sinks into skin super quickly and is non greasy whilst nourishing dry skin; I can literally apply and immediately dress without it messing up my clothing.

This really is an incredible formula, for its lightness and efficacy; we tried it on the models’ bodies before shooting swimwear and it reads well on camera.

Directions: Gently shake the body lotion to activate the formula before applying. (A very running consistency ), but as I said I love it as it literally sinks in and gives a sheen to my skin – love!!

Halaal and Kosher certified.

Recyclable packaging

Suitable for vegans

Free-from parabons and preservatives

BIO OIL BODY LOTION is available from Dischem and Takealot in two sizes:

175ml for R144.95

250ml R189.95

Have you had a chance to try it out and your thoughts?

That’s it for today

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BEAUTY REVIEW: Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Serum

I keep returning to Eucerin beauty products as they offer proven scientific results behind the brand at affordable prices. I was intrigued about Eucerin’s patented new ingredient Thiamidol, which ‘reduces melanin production by acting at the root cause of dark spots,’ and as I have two dark spots on the side of my face, I thought it worth trying. Here’s what I thought of Eucerin Anti-Age Hyaluron Filler + Elasticity 3D Serum:

Beiersdorf has been researching and developing ways to reduce age spots and even skin tone for the last ten years and have come up with an effective ingredient called Thiamidol. Dr Kolbe, medical skincare and R+D expert at Eucerin says, ‘ Thiamidol helps block melanin production in skin cells and with regular use will prevent the reappearance of age spots.’ The innovative and effective Thiamidol is the key active in this range and has been clinically and dermatologically proven to reduce dark marks and prevent their re-appearance.

Hyaluronic production decreases as we age, so extra hydration is a necessity when looking for age-appropriate beauty products. Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler and Elasticity 3D Serum stimulate the production of the skins own hyaluronic acid, which helps plump up deep wrinkles from within. An active ingredient called Arctin derived from the Burdock fruit, accelerates the renewal process of collagen in skin cells, helping with firmness and elasticity.

I love a serum that sinks in quickly, is non-sticky and leaves my skin looking and feeling hydrated. It targets the three main signs of ageing; -age spots, loss of elasticity and deep wrinkles thanks to highly effective active ingredients mentioned above. I’ve been using the anti-ageing serum specifically targeted for mature skin, for the past three weeks, (one pump before my night cream), and whether it is me looking at my skin sans my reading glasses or it truly is managing to help fade the dark spots on my face, I’m feeling really positive in continuing to use this serum.

Suitable for all skin types and is available at Dischem (they were having a special 2 +1 cheapest free so I added a face oil, day cream and a night cream to my routine and so far, I’m happy with the results (and price point too!)

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity 3D Serum ZAR619,95 for 30 ml
Triple anti-ageing effect; reduces age spots, improves skins elasticity and plumps up wrinkles.

That’s it for today – happy Tuesday!!


OUT OF LINE: Filorga’s Time-Filler Intensive Wrinkle Multi-Correction Serum

I’ve been pleading wrinkle ignorance by simply avoiding getting too close to the bathroom mirror. My plan was foiled recently, however, during an eyebrow dyeing session, where my reading glasses magnified everything for me! I know nothing will magically whip wrinkles away, and they’re part of who I am but, damn, my heart still races for a good serum and moisturiser that promises to help slow things down a bit!

I was lucky enough to be sent Filorga’s Time-Filler Intensive Wrinkle Multi-Correction Serum to test out, and so far I’m absolutely loving it.

Did you know that neck wrinkles are said to be becoming more prevalent and at a younger age, as a result of hours spent looking at a phone? Filorga’s serum is for both face and neck, to combat a range of different types of wrinkles, including contraction, surface, dryness and neck wrinkles.

Serums are an essential part of a beauty regime. They have extra beneficial anti-ageing properties and work more effectively with a day or night cream; ( one doesn’t have to only use one brand for your face). I’m a beauty junkie from my magazine days where we’d get to try out tons of creams and serums, from all sorts of different brands and I have never experienced any major break-outs from mixing and matching brands.

I’ve noticed an increase in fine lines around the mouth and cheek areas so I seek out products with active ingredients in them. This serum contains hyaluronic acid and two peptides, which help with loss of density and structure to the skin, boosting cell turnover and collagen. Sea fennel extract and Imperata cylindrica root extract help with these concerns too, plus they add a youthful plumpness to your skin.

Neck wrinkles? Another active ingredient called kangaroo paw flowers which increases the synthesis of Tenascin-X, addresses any saggy neck concerns. I also love another fab ingredient called hexapeptide that mimics Botox-like actions of relaxing and smoothing frown lines, crows feet and muscle contractions.

Commenting on the latest addition to the Time-Filler range, Filorga’s International Medical Advisor, Dr Riekie Smit says, ‘Time-Filler Intensive is a powerful and very effective anti-wrinkle serum that provides observable result in a little as seven days with maximised results noticed after eight weeks’.

Filorga Time-Filler retails at R870 for 30ml and available from the following online retailers:

Have you tried Filorga products and if so what are your thoughts?


BEAUTY REVIEW: The Hydration Booster

I’ve seen so many rave reviews about local brand Lumi Glo so was delighted to be sent one of their most talked-about products recently: The Hydration Booster face mask. Sunday held zip, zero plans for me (apart from soaking up as much of the winter sun as possible), so a little TLC session was definitely in order. Here’s what I thought of The Hydration Booster by Lumi Glo:

I was recently treated to a glorious facial and body massage at Gingerlily spa in Plumstead, by friends who decided a pampering day was just what I needed. Two weeks later and thanks to the air-con at work blasting warm air all day, my skin was back to normal i.e. really, really dry! I drink two litres of water and regularly spritz my face with my handy bottle of Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water, but I still struggle with dryness. If anyone has tips on how to keep hydrated under extreme air-con conditions please share them with me. Anyways, back to my mask!

When skin feels dehydrated and in need of a pick-me-up, nutrition-packed sheet masks really come to the rescue. Not only are they hassle-free, and quick to use, but they prevent the evaporation of water and allow the ingredients to be better absorbed. Plus they are super hydrating.

These masks by Lumi Glo are made from bamboo and loaded with hyaluronic acid which as we all know helps with reducing fine lines, hydration and promoting suppleness. They also contain CBD fruit extracts which restore and calm skin, avocado oil which aids in UV protection, and coconut oil which is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties. 

As you can see from the diagram above, you gently flatten the mask over the face with your fingers and sit or lie down for at least 15 minutes. I’ve tried walking about the house to get on with other things, but the mask shifts and can slide off so it best to take a moment and chill!

I’ve tried several sheet masks prior and this really supersedes the others. My skin felt deliciously warm, due, I’m sure, to the hero ingredient, CBD fruit extract, infusing my skin! Once I removed the mask I patted the excess serum into my now-hydrated and supple-looking skin. With my skin looking so plump and glowing I wished I had made alternative plans to my Sunday afternoon, rather than a date with Netflix! This mask is a lovely add-on to any beauty regime.

Available online here

Lumi Glo hydration Booster Mask ZAR 95

BEAUTY REVIEW: Empties for March

It feels like March has flown by in a whirlwind! As the month draws to a close I’m finishing up a few amazing products that I’ll definitely be repeat buying. Here’s a round up of my March empties: 

I adore this tinted protective cream. It ticks all the boxes: moisturising, high SPF, and just the right amount of tint to leave you looking fresh-faced and chirpy. I’ve been using this as an alternative to a foundation as it’s
lightweight, doesn’t sink into my lines and wrinkles and gives me just the right of colour and coverage for everyday wear. 
It comes in two tones, this one being the darker shade. The lighter is a fraction too light, but will be perfect for winter months. My dermatologist recommended this one specifically for protection as I work under camera lights
for most of the day. I’ll be eeking out the last drop with a pair of scissors in a day or two before heading off to buy again!

Available at Dischem R265

I’m a long-time Eucerin fan as it’s a reputable brand that really delivers, and with a good price
point too. Face oils and serums are important to include in your beauty regime.
In short, face oils provide intense hydration while serums
contain active ingredients to target specific skin concerns, such as pigmentation, skin
brightening, balancing, and moisture barrier repair. The consistency of Eucerin Elasticity + Filler Face Oil is super lightweight, it sinks in easily, and doesn’t feel
oily at all! I’ve bought this product a few times to reapply during the day as it gives a
fab boost of extra moisture (and I really need it in my aircon environment!)
Dermatological skincare and clinically tested.

Available at Clicks R459

(they have a special on at the moment, buy any 3 Eucerin products and get the cheapest for free)

Solal is another brand I’m seriously into, and it’s a local brand too. I grew up washing
my face with Pears soap (that smell!), but happily moved on to a myriad of different cleansers over the years as I discovered there was more to life than soap! I love using foamy cleansers as
they feel like they are really getting to work, and this one is no exception! The oil to
milk cleanser piqued my interest as on contact with water it changes into a milky
liquid that foams up and feels super clean and soft on the skin. I do have makeup
removers but sometimes am pushed for time so want a multi-functional product
that cleans properly, and also most importantly removes mascara, and thankfully this cleanser
does that.
I’ve been chatting with two of my favourite makeup artists about mascaras and
am still deciding which one to buy next – I’ll fill you in next time!


That’s it for today and guess what – it’s Friday!!! Yay or what!

Happy day


SUMMER SCENT: Kate Spade New York

Right now we could all do with some mood-boosting treats, so I was delighted when Kate Spade’s New York perfume, in it’s pretty pink packaging, landed on my desk.

This fragrance is light and joyful, making it an easy choice for an every-day perfume. It opens with sparkling fruity top notes of bergamot and wild strawberries, floral heart notes of rose and freesia, and sensual woody notes lingering in the base. All these notes together make a charming and feminine scent, epitomising the Kate Spade New York woman.

Actress, dancer and model Maddie Ziegler is the face of the fragrance and watching her in the campaign video, shot in New York just before the pandemic hit, really does put a smile on your face. She is full of life and exudes positivity (especially important during times like this) and really inspires you to add a zing to your step as she dances across the screen!

The bottle is clear and modern with an enamel ring at the base of the cap featuring the brand’s signature shade of pink and a spade, a classic design detail that continues to be reinvented.

This is a lovely, airy, fruity and floral accord perfect to wear on summer days (and during winter too, to conjure up a bit of that sunny feeling inside!).

Available at Foschini and Truworths

40ml R899, 60ml R1099 and 100ml R1399

That’s it for now so happy evening


Fashion: Tie-dyed trend

Over the last year the 70s trend of tie-dyed everything has resurfaced everywhere from my Instagram feed to international runways. I’m rather enjoying this splattered look making a comeback, especially in muted pastel tones.
Ever since my mother showed us how to tie-dye using pegs or elastic bands before dumping them into a bucket of dye to create circles of colours, I’ve had a penchant for tie-dyed material. Years later I repeated the ritual for my daughter who wanted a bedroom of purple tie-dyed curtains and bedding, along with scatterings of gold stars painted on burnt orange walls (I think the outcome was a happy tween hangout!).

I’ve paired a tracksuit jogger with a Mens pink hoodie and tied the matching tie-dye top around. When styling I often tie tops under the arm or waist to add a bit of effortless ‘cool’. Whether I pull off this ‘cool’ look or not is irrelevant as the only activities I’ll be doing in my loungewear is drinking too much tea with a series playing in the background, or pottering around the garden tending to herbs. After all, these pieces are for comfort and, as the name suggests, lounging! I’ve popped on a pair of men’s socks from Woolworths and I’m still on the hunt for some seriously comfy woollen socks; any suggestions?

My tie dye joggers (R399) and sweatshirt (R349) are currently available from Woolworths and pink Mens hoodie (R199) H & M

That’s it for today – keep warm and snug on this cool evening!


BEAUTY REVIEW: Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum

Serums are an absolute essential in one’s daily beauty routine and I’ve only recently come across Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum Rose Hip Vitamin A, C & E with an incredible texture that feels superbly decadent; here’s why I’m loving this local brand…

“Inspired by the moon and its endless cycle of renewal, the ‘Pradiance Way’ is about the connection to nature and the regenerative power it provides. We consider the 28 day skin cycle, which happens to be the same as the moons’ cycle”

One of the ingredients  in Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum is Kigelia Africana Fruit Powder;  local healers have been treating skin problems for centuries by using the fruit of the Kigelia tree which is high in antioxidants and contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has the remarkable ability to restore skin’s firmness and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Other ingredients found in the serum is  Sweet Almond oil, which contains Vitamin A to smooth fine lines, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce the UV damage to the skin and zinc, an essential nutrient for healing acne.

Rosehip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and important for regenerating skin as well as a wonder oil  for reduction of scars and fine lines.

                         “Good for you and our earth”

To sum up Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum in one sentence – instant relief for my dry skin mature skin with a sublime  texture which  sinks in quickly- and the knowledge it is free of parabens, mineral oils, synthetic chemicals and animal testing and most NB is it is a local brand available online here


REVIEW: INOAR Resistance Lotus Super Ampoule

If you’re wanting a superb treatment for dry dehydrated hair you’ll love INOAR Resistance Lotus Super Ampoules. Known for youthful properties and a symbol of self care, lotus flowers not only smells gorgeous but contain moisturising and revitalizing properties to regenerate hair strands for softer manageable hair. INOAR Resistance Lotus Super Ampoules promise to strengthen, nourish and moisturise  hair within three minutes –  I put it to the test.

Thank  heavens  hair guru David Gillson keeps me happy and blonde with colour and highlights every 6 weeks where I get to relax, zone out and catch up on reading blogs and articles, so time well spent, but as  I already have dry hair plus highlights means I am always on the look out for nourishing products to use in between salon days, so I was delighted to be sent  INOAR Resistance Lotus Super Ampoule.

Benefits of using these potent ampoules are:


Regeneration of hair strands


Hair growth

Control Hair Loss

Scalp Health

Depending on length of hair, allow for 5-7 washes.  I could have been less heavy handed and stretched to five washes, but  I have a haystack of hair and loved the lotus flower scent, so dolloped it on and managed four uses out of the ampoule. Talking about scents, the lotus hair oil is an added bottle of loveliness for its nourishing properties and I love the gentle whiff when I swish my hair around (think Willow singing “I whip my hair back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and I forget the rest of the lyrics!)

How to use: After shampooing and conditioner routine, I combed throughout hair strands and waited the three minutes, (amazing how one can run a razor under arms, over legs, scrub heels and back scrub in record time!)

INOAR 3 minutes promise? I’d say yes! My hair didn’t look any shinier but it sure felt amazingly soft from the first wash and noticed a vast improvement in the frizz department. The ampoule is seriously worth restocking for in between salon visits.

Inoar products are all cruelty free, botanical, vegan, paraben and sulfate free

INOAR Resistance Lotus Super Ampoules R500 – online has a Valentine’s special with 21% off INOAR Resistance Range (check out here) and running until midnight 14 February.

Available online here: