BEAUTY REVIEW: The Hydration Booster

I’ve seen so many rave reviews about local brand Lumi Glo so was delighted to be sent one of their most talked-about products recently: The Hydration Booster face mask. Sunday held zip, zero plans for me (apart from soaking up as much of the winter sun as possible), so a little TLC session was definitely in order. Here’s what I thought of The Hydration Booster by Lumi Glo:

I was recently treated to a glorious facial and body massage at Gingerlily spa in Plumstead, by friends who decided a pampering day was just what I needed. Two weeks later and thanks to the air-con at work blasting warm air all day, my skin was back to normal i.e. really, really dry! I drink two litres of water and regularly spritz my face with my handy bottle of Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water, but I still struggle with dryness. If anyone has tips on how to keep hydrated under extreme air-con conditions please share them with me. Anyways, back to my mask!

When skin feels dehydrated and in need of a pick-me-up, nutrition-packed sheet masks really come to the rescue. Not only are they hassle-free, and quick to use, but they prevent the evaporation of water and allow the ingredients to be better absorbed. Plus they are super hydrating.

These masks by Lumi Glo are made from bamboo and loaded with hyaluronic acid which as we all know helps with reducing fine lines, hydration and promoting suppleness. They also contain CBD fruit extracts which restore and calm skin, avocado oil which aids in UV protection, and coconut oil which is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties. 

As you can see from the diagram above, you gently flatten the mask over the face with your fingers and sit or lie down for at least 15 minutes. I’ve tried walking about the house to get on with other things, but the mask shifts and can slide off so it best to take a moment and chill!

I’ve tried several sheet masks prior and this really supersedes the others. My skin felt deliciously warm, due, I’m sure, to the hero ingredient, CBD fruit extract, infusing my skin! Once I removed the mask I patted the excess serum into my now-hydrated and supple-looking skin. With my skin looking so plump and glowing I wished I had made alternative plans to my Sunday afternoon, rather than a date with Netflix! This mask is a lovely add-on to any beauty regime.

Available online here

Lumi Glo hydration Booster Mask ZAR 95

Ramblings of a Blogger: Wedding bells, DermaPen Needling and Collagen Lift

franci berman

A month ago exactly my niece’s wedding brought the family together to celebrate her beautiful day and as she has converted to Judaism was even more special as we shared Shabbat two days before, with her doing the blessings. I’m so proud when I look at this incredible human being who has moved to the other side of the world to live with the man she loves. I was a happy mama bear as I had my kids home for a few days with time spent laughing, talking and playing the inevitable bananagram- *poor hubby rolls eyes at our very loud shrieking!

Francis Berman and Dan Berman

Francis & Dan Berman cutting their fabulous cake

rebecca miller, christopher reeves & andie reeves

I love these peeps: Rebecca, Christopher and Andie

I’ve been testing out some new products and treatments this past month, including Dermapen Skin Needling. I was delighted Dr Dilshaad Asmal got in touch with me to start a skin journey, offering peels and Dermapen treatments from her Rondebosch Aesthetics practice as I had read rave reviews about her and specifically about Dermapen Treatments!

Done under the supervision of Dr Ashmal, Nicola proceeded to work on my face; DermaPen is a highly advanced skin rejuvenation treatment using microscopic needles to penetrate deep into the skin to get a faster turnaround time on building collagen. It targets fine lines, wrinkles and tightening skin and has a high success rate for treating acne scars, stretch marks and keloid scarring. There is no downtime when it comes to DermaPen, in fact, my face looked plump and slightly airbrushed with the thick foundation and SPF applied after the treatment. My face was a little red the following day (nothing a foundation can’t hide) and for two days my skin felt slightly rough and dry, so I upped my moisturiser and slept with a creamy overnight mask and by the fourth day my skin looked amazing. I am due for a second treatment in two weeks time so will report back on how it feels, (I did a video with Dr Asmal talking about the treatment, but my phone sadly flunked out before I could upload it, so I shall repeat the process next time).

It’s recommended to have DermaPen once a month for three months consecutively and thereafter every couple of months for ultimate results.

There’s a special running at the moment for DermaPen at the Rondebosch Aesthetics; check out their Facebook page here:


I’m midway doing an Environ trial with their add-on products from Focus Care Youth+range and enjoying the process so far. I was fortunate enough to interview founder and scientific director Dr Des Fernandes a couple of years back. The cornerstone to all Environ products is that they centre around Vitamin A. ‘Ageing skin is a direct result of sun-induced Vitamin A deficiency. Correct the deficiency and you’ll have more radiant skin’, says Fernandes. I’ve actually got a review going up in two weeks regarding Environ Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque, Avance Elixir and Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil capsules and thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my views! #FocusCareYouthSA #rubybox #FocusOnFlawless

collagen lift

I was sent two boxes of Collagen Lift ampoules which I’ve been taking since the1st October and I am besotted with them as I have seen not only a marked improvement in my skin but hair and nails too! I’m a huge vitamin junkie and firmly believe I am more energetic and healthy popping vitamins; (I know a major amount of peeps say you wee excess vitamins out, but I am generally really healthy, so kudos to vitamins!) So what am I waffling about and what do these ampoules contain? A potent combination of Vitamin C, seaweed and Verisol® Bioactive Collagen are found in each ampoule necessary for anti-ageing concerns. I often bump into Cindy Nell in Gardens Centre and marvel and her great looking skin (read her testimonial here on these. BTW when I went in for my consultation with Dr Asmal, she highly recommended incorporating Collagen Lift into my skin regime, so I was super chuffed to say I was currently drinking them!

R740 for 28 ampoules

Available at Dischem

So that’s it from this rambler…..let me know if you’ve tried a DermaPen treatment or Collagen Lift ampoules and what are your thoughts?

and….happy Monday!!


REVIEW & (GIVEAWAY) African Extracts Rooibos Hamper


Rooibos or ‘Red Bush’ is a fynbos that grows exclusively in the Cedarburg region and is at the heart of African Extracts beauty products, boasting a multitude of beneficial properties. African Extracts ticks the boxes for: A) being a local brand manufactured and packed in Cape Town, B) combines scientific knowledge with natural plant extracts C) contains no nasties like microbeads, preservatives, artificial colourants or flavourants D) is very affordable and E) suitable for vegetarians; (there’s a sign next to each product on the website to identify suitablility for vegans). As a beauty editor I’m inundated with oodles of products to try out, but every now and then I like to nurture the side of me that wants to only use local organic brands. I’ve included African Extracts Rooibos Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil, from the Classic Range as a fabulous multi purposer, and two from the Advantage range (aimed at older women as it is full of extra goodness), an upsized African Extracts Rooibos Rejuvenating Eye Cream and a newbie African Extracts Rooibos Misting Toner and yay, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY with the products mentioned:


The distinct smell of Rooibos takes me back to early childhood days spent in Gabarone in my grandparents backyard, drinking milky rooibos tea in the shade of a pepper tree; I continued the tradition with my own children who drank it well into their teens. On the beauty side, an advanced extract of fresh green rooibos is used; rich in minerals, powerful anti-oxidants, zinc, calcium, Vitamin C and D, Rooibos is known for its skin soothing, anti-inflammatory and protective properties. African Extracts also contain other natural botanical and marine plant actives proven for their skin-care benefits.


African Extracts Rooibos Rejuvenating Eye Cream
The eye cream boasts a triple action of diminishing those pesky problems that come with aging like wrinkles, dark shadows and puffiness. Packed with nutrients like Buckwheat which is super rich in minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids; Sea Fennel to energise, rejuvenate and said to promote anti-aging, and key ingredient Bio-active Rooibos for anti-aging and overall strength and lustre, all important for the eye area as it is the first place to show signs of aging.

One of the reasons I love an eye cream is that it can double up as a lip cream; this has a lightweight consistency, absorbs easily and doesn’t bother my sensitive eyes. The pump action bottle gives the correct amount of product needed and a hygienic preference to an eye cream in a tub.



African Extracts Rooibos Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil

A multi purpose oil that can be used literallly from head to toe, to nourish a dry scalp and hair, cuticles, stretchmarks, scars, dry dehydrated skin, cracked heels etc. The combination of Rooibos, Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond oil comes in a handy spray bottle. I’ve used it throughout winters and summers to keep skin moisturised as it helps regenerate, restore and rehydrate. Oils = the best!



African Extracts Rooibos Misting Toner:

I’ve landed up using this as a refreshening toner during the day as well as my second step between cleansing and moisturising. I’ve mentioned working in an air-con environment for most of my day before which dries and dehydrates my skin, so I try to frequently hydrate with water and a spritz. The toner has plant extracts like witchhazel to tighten and purify pores, chamomile to help with radiance and cellular regeneration and aloe vera to soothe and calm. It is also fantastic to help set your makeup – a spritz over and you’re good to go!


African Extracts can be found at major supermarkets, pharmacies, Dis-Chem, Clicks and online at and Zando

Enough of my jabberings as it’s time for a GIVEAWAY which includes:

African Extracts Rooibos Eye Cream

African Extracts Rooibos Tissue Oil and

African Extracts Rooibos Misting Toner

All you have to do is answer this easy question:

Where is Rooibos grown and cultivated?

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I hope it’s a great week up ahead and happy Sunday evening!!


GIVEAWAY: Dermalogica Protection Sport SPF50


I was delighted to try out Dermalogica Protection Sport SPF50 again as it’s a suncream I highly recommend for its high SPF factor, is paraben and gluten-free, vegan friendly and protects against damaging UVA/UVB rays and free radicals that can cause premature ageing and yay, I am giving one away worth R599, so read on to find out how…


When I was young I ignored my mother’s incessant nagging about applying a suncream as I wanted to tan and thought a cream would slow down the process, (I am a FitzPatrick skin type 2 so already it took forever to tan!)Thank heavens nowadays I’m more sun savvy and with no shortage of sun creams means there’s little excuse not to wear one on a daily basis!

Here’s a quick synopsis on what makes Dermalogica Protection Sport SPF50 a worthwhile buy:


The key factor in Dermalogica Protection Sport SPF50 is the Oleasome Technology which in short, derives from oil-bearing plants like almonds, sunflowers and safflower seeds. Oleosomes are the next generation encapsulation system, capable of delivering emollient oil and Vitamin E to the skin over time for long-lasting moisturising benefits.

In addition, Oleosomes are capable of absorbing and protecting fragrances, essential oils and other unstable actives. Dermalogica Protection Sport SPF50 is suitable for all skin types and is a Chemical or organic protector, absorbing harmful UV rays as it contains avobenzone and octinoxate which help defend against prolonged exposure and contains no artificial colours or fragrances.


The lightweight formula of Dermalogica Protective Sport SPF50 that neutralises damage and binds moisture to skin, absorbs easily, is non-greasy and water resistant. I’m always on the look out for a product that offers good protection and doesn’t irritate eyes, especially if spending time in the sun. My hubby is a social tennis player so is my perfect guinea pig for suncreams and can vouch for this one for not leaving his eyes sensitive and watery after a game. By applying at least twenty minutes before exposure and re-applying forty minutes later is the best bet when out in the elements (my only drawback is reminding him to re-apply).

So yay, this one is a goodie! Want to win a 156ml tube of Dermalogica Protection SPF50 worthR599? Answer the question below:

QUESTION: True or False: Dermalogica Protection Sport SPF50 contains no artificial colourants or fragrances?

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AN ANTI-AGING SERUM THAT REALLY WORKS: Neostrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

NEOSTRATA Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

I was thrilled to be sent NeoStrata’s Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum to review as I saw a major difference in my neck area after using NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Neck Firming Cream a few years back. I’m a firm believer in serums being a necessity rather than a luxury; they’re that powerful!

NEOSTRATA Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

Three key ingredients are found in Neostrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum to address aging concerns such as loss of volume, sagging skin and a lack of hydration. A patented amino acid derivative is the star ingredient which revs up the production of collagen. Collagen diminishes as we age, so a boost of it is always welcome to keep your skin structure strong, toned and plump! Side note: I’m currently drinking Collagen Lift® Paris as from the first of September and will be doing a review at the end of October and will let you know what I think.

NEOSTRATA Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient which increases hydration and luminosity. The Neostrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum includes a hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight, meaning it can penetrate really deeply beneath the skin to moisturise, smooth and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

The third ingredient is Gluconolactone formulated to enhance an even skin tone. Yes, I should have listened to my mother’s nagging about staying out of the midday sun as a teenager, but nothing seemed more important than having a tanned and bronzed body back then. Now I’m paying the price with dark spots on the side of my face! According to a study found in Dermatalogic Surgery journal, Gluconolactone provided up to 50% protection against UV radiation and UV radiation-induced elastin promotor activation. I’ve yet to see a significant change in the spots, but my skin feels really good and hydrated. The serum is lightweight with a non-sticky texture that sinks in easily. The bottle lasts long as you only need a drop or two to cover the entire face and neck.

NEOSTRATA Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

Neostrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum is alcohol, oil and fragrance-free and contains no parabens. Results in clinical trials showed that 90% of users showed clinical improvement of fine lines, firmness and clarity. Also, within a period of 12 weeks 100% of users observed smoother and more luminous skin. Not too shabby, and well worth the price point.


Have you tried any of Neostrata’s products? As I said earlier NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Neck Firming Cream is something I plan on making a staple in my routine (depending on how flush I’m feeling that is – maintaining your skin is not easy on your wallet, but the products are so worth it!).

Happy Day!



baocare radiance from ecoproducts

With growing concerns on what we put into our bodies, it was only a matter of time before superfoods filtered from the kitchen into our beauty routine. Besides algae, moringa and kale, Baobab is claimed as a superfood, containing more anti-oxidants than any other fruit on earth. Sounds good? I thought so too, so was excited to try out BaoCare’s RADIANCE Baobab oil; here’s what I thought:

baobab trees

A landscape broken up intermittently with huge baobabs is a fond memory of mine whilst travelling through Kenya’s East coast many moons ago. For a couple of days we journeyed on a train through broad plains and I remember staring out at the stark terrain and marvelling at the humungous trees, wondering at their mystery and survival in an intense African climate. There are countless legends and stories I’ve since read regarding the tree but have only recently stumbled across products containing Baobab oil.

Often referred to as the ‘upside-down tree’, or ‘tree of life’ due to it’s high nutritional content, baobab is rich in omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, vitamins A, D,E and K as well as malvalic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid. These ingredients help with soothing skin, a sensitive scalp, nourishing and healing damaged hair and skin and help reduce redness and inflammation. A high content of Vitamin C stimulates and promotes restoration of collagen in aging skin. This is especially great for 40+ with age-related concerns but can be used by all ages and skin types. Radiance is a luxurious blend of oils like Baobab oil for regenerating skin cells and moisture, Jojoba to increase elasticity and soften skin and Pomegranate extract to protect against harmful UV light and promote collagen synthesis and skin repair. The fragrance is a delicate fusion of essential oils.

baocare radiance from ecoproducts

I’ve been using BaoCare Radiance with baobab, Jojoba & Pomegranate on my face and neck mornings and evenings for the past fortnight, needing only two to three drops whilst patting into my face, (also fab for nourishing chapped dry lips). I find it’s enough to use on its own, but out of habit I like to layer, so follow with a night cream or in the mornings under an SPF cream. One of the big pluses is that the oil doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes, is non-greasy and free from parabens, synthetic chemical ingredients and mineral oils.

baocare radiance from ecoproducts & tsonga textiles

BaoCare has partnered with Tsonga Textiles, based in the Northern Limpopo, designing and printing a make-up bag using traditional methods of flatbed and panel screen printing. The bags are then hand-made by local people as a special gift to complement BaoCare Radiance. Pretty indeed!

BaoCare oils

Four other skin healing products are part of the BaoCare range currently available, including 100% Pure Baobab Oil, Tissue Oil, Eczema Skin Care and Acne Skin Care.

50ml R180 and 10ml R46

Available at Wellness Warehouse, independent health stores countrywide and online here

Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know your thoughts and on that note, happy Wednesday!



Dr Gobac BioRestore Needle-Free

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals BioRestore Needle-Free received rave reviews when it launched a couple of years ago and as his products address anti-aging concerns like dark spots, lines and wrinkles, dry & dehydrated skin, I was thrilled to test it out on my own skin, so here’s what I thought:

Dr Gobac BioRestore Needle-Free

When trying out products I like to read the ingredients, a bit like checking food packaging on what you’re eating. I’m not obsessive about what I eat, but it’s good to be familiar with ingredients you are putting on and into your body. I am a sucker for anything regarding anti-ageing or mature skin concerns so if there’s talk on concoctions of active ingredients, yes please! So what are the ingredients in this powerful serum?

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals BioRestore Needle-Free is a high- tech product providing protection to the Epidermal Stem Cells to increase stem cells longevity and limiting the formation of deep lines and wrinkles. With a complex compound of Amino acids, Polypeptides and plant extracts, the slow release of antioxidants and active ingredients help increase and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin; (as we age the production of these slow down immensely so they need a bit of a kickstart; who said ageing was fun?!). Activated ‘time proteins’ retard and reverse signs of ageing while maintaining healthy physiology of the skin by eliminating toxins and free radicals that are detrimental to the skin.

Dr Gobac BioRestore Needle-Free

I used it on areas of concern like around my eyes, smile lines and mouth area. I have two lines around my mouth which I hate and it definitely softened them. The only downside is that the tube of potent serum doesn’t come in a large tub as I’d smear it on my entire face! It’s the perfect non-surgical solution to give a lift and voluminous look. Would I use it again? Most definitely as the ingredients are beneficial for imperfections, thinning skin, dark spots, broken capillaries and scarring and I see and feel a general improvement in my overall skin texture.

Dr Gobac BioRestore Needle-Free

Available online here for R730





Despite my mother’s warning of how bad too much sun exposure was for my skin, I went out of my way to lie in the sun coated in baby oil or one of the many sun oils available on the market back then. The mere whiff of coconut oil takes me back to my teen years of soaking up the sun pretending to live the all American dream of sun kissed (sunburnt!) skin, blonde hair and bikini bodies; the darker our tan, the cooler we were, or thought we were. Rarely did anyone mention cancer, let alone skin cancer.

Admittedly I still love the feeling of sun on my skin, but nowadays I vigilantly apply an SPF50 like the ones I am reviewing on today’s post: PAYOT Les Solaires Sun Sensi Creme Visage, NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisturise SPF50 and EAU THERMALE AVENE SPF 50; here’s what I thought:



As South Africa has the second highest UV concentration in the world, PAYOT understands that high SPF factors is what we are wanting. PAYOT Les Solaires Sun Sensi ticks all the boxes for being a high factor, non-greasy & easily absorbed, a soothing light consistency and for all skin types. Sometimes if I’m super hot and sweaty, suncream runs into my sensitive eyes, but I’m happy to say that this suncream doesn’t bother my eyes. PAYOT Les Solaires Sun Sensi Creme Visage range comes in SPF30 and SPF 50+ and is available from DISCHEM


NIVEA PROTECT & MOISTURISE Moisturising Sun Spray SPF50 family size spray bottle is a 300 ml for (R212,95), not too shabby a price point, so it’s good to get into the habit of spraying liberally all over you and your family! NIVEA PROTECT & MOISTURISE SPF50 is water resistant, non-sticky, easily absorbed and if you hurry up today is the last day at Clicks to Buy any 3 NIVEA sun products with the cheapest one for free!

(R212.95) for 300ml

I’m a huge fan of AVENE range as the thermal water has soothing and healing properties read here . AVENE EAU THERMALE SPF50 is paraben free, non irritant, non sticky, fragrance-free and leaves no white residue and suitable for sensitive & combination skin. The pump like action gives you a good amount needed for your entire face.


I read an article here on the amounts of eyecream/serum/cream you should be apply daily; did you know you should use a tablespoon of suncream on your face alone and a shot glass of suncream on your body!

So despite January coming to a close, we still have a few months of summer living, so keep well covered and opt for an SPF50 or more…always!



⎨REVIEW⎬ PAYOT Techni Liss Booster

payot techni liss booster


My new find, Payot Techni Liss Booster ticks the boxes for fabulous consistency, absorbs easily, is lightly fragranced and priced well. Here’s what I thought:

Payot Techni Liss Booster is a lightweight anti-aging gel which strengthens and boosts hyaluronic acid already present in skin and is effective for dull and dehydrated skin. It contains Hibiscus seed, an antioxidant rich in Vitamin E, linoleic and oleic fatty acids and brown Algae to help slow down cellular aging.

Suitable for all skin types and recommended to use underneath your moisturiser morning and night or apply thickly as a mask before climbing into bed; by morning skin is seriously nourished, hydrated and plump! LOVE!!

payot techni liss booster

Available at Dischem stores countrywide
And that is it, short and sweet on this FRIDAY! Happy day