OUT OF LINE: Filorga’s Time-Filler Intensive Wrinkle Multi-Correction Serum

I’ve been pleading wrinkle ignorance by simply avoiding getting too close to the bathroom mirror. My plan was foiled recently, however, during an eyebrow dyeing session, where my reading glasses magnified everything for me! I know nothing will magically whip wrinkles away, and they’re part of who I am but, damn, my heart still races for a good serum and moisturiser that promises to help slow things down a bit!

I was lucky enough to be sent Filorga’s Time-Filler Intensive Wrinkle Multi-Correction Serum to test out, and so far I’m absolutely loving it.

Did you know that neck wrinkles are said to be becoming more prevalent and at a younger age, as a result of hours spent looking at a phone? Filorga’s serum is for both face and neck, to combat a range of different types of wrinkles, including contraction, surface, dryness and neck wrinkles.

Serums are an essential part of a beauty regime. They have extra beneficial anti-ageing properties and work more effectively with a day or night cream; ( one doesn’t have to only use one brand for your face). I’m a beauty junkie from my magazine days where we’d get to try out tons of creams and serums, from all sorts of different brands and I have never experienced any major break-outs from mixing and matching brands.

I’ve noticed an increase in fine lines around the mouth and cheek areas so I seek out products with active ingredients in them. This serum contains hyaluronic acid and two peptides, which help with loss of density and structure to the skin, boosting cell turnover and collagen. Sea fennel extract and Imperata cylindrica root extract help with these concerns too, plus they add a youthful plumpness to your skin.

Neck wrinkles? Another active ingredient called kangaroo paw flowers which increases the synthesis of Tenascin-X, addresses any saggy neck concerns. I also love another fab ingredient called hexapeptide that mimics Botox-like actions of relaxing and smoothing frown lines, crows feet and muscle contractions.

Commenting on the latest addition to the Time-Filler range, Filorga’s International Medical Advisor, Dr Riekie Smit says, ‘Time-Filler Intensive is a powerful and very effective anti-wrinkle serum that provides observable result in a little as seven days with maximised results noticed after eight weeks’.

Filorga Time-Filler retails at R870 for 30ml and available from the following online retailers:

Have you tried Filorga products and if so what are your thoughts?



Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pomegranate fragrance

Elizabeth Arden’s new addition to their Green Tea fragrance collection is described as vibrant and sparkling and indeed, on first whiff you’re enveloped in a heady fresh floral and fruity space…

Inspired by the multi faceted sweet pomegranate intermingled with Vert de Bergamot to awaken the senses, with violet leaves, Earl Grey Tea Accord and magnolia at the heart, finishing with white moss, raspberry bloom and musk.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pomegranate fragrance

“The pomegranate fruit tastes and smells as beautiful as it looks. In creating this fragrance, I set out to capture the same sparkling jewel tonalities—each seed bursting with a new sense of vibrancy, color and bliss.” – Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Vice President Perfumery, Givaudan

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pomegranate fragrance

A bouquet of blooming lovelies that is fresh, new and sure to put a spring in your step!


Available at Edgars, Woolworths

ZAR460 for 100ml

REVIEW: AVON Anew Platinum Skincare Range for Mature Skin


AVON ANEW Platinum Skincare range is targeted at mature skin, so naturally I was excited to put them to the test,(anything to help this gal look a little chipper!) Admittedly I loathe the word ‘mature’, preferring ‘in full bloom’ or ‘in her prime’; having said that I googled some lovely characteristics on being mature (read here) and owning the ‘mature’ word (in a mature way!) I am digressing, so back to ANEW Platinum Skincare Range which I tell you, is sublime!


You know I love a serum which should go hand in hand with a moisturiser, so wondered about one not being included in the range; however on further investigation,there is onewhich contains all the same ingredients, but ANEW Platinum Day & Night Creams are infused with a serum so it’s not compulsory to add, (but the prices of the range are so damn good I’d throw it in to the mix anyway!)


ANEW Platinum Day SPF25 and ANEW Platinum Night cream are easily recognisable with the day cream tub in a lighter shade to the night cream; (sound like I’m being super literal, but seriously, too many times I’m reaching for my glasses to scrutinise writing on bottles and if you like me can never find a pair of readers when one needs…! So, I like things to be clean, simple and straight forward and the ANEW packaging looks uber stylish and expensive, with the unbelievably affordable price tags of R339 for the day cream and night cream and R229 for the Eye and Lip Cream!


ANEW Platinum Day Define and Contour Cream SPF25

Paxillium technology is designed to restore youthful cell shape, boost collagen to firm, lift and strengthen the skin. The cream is deliciously sensual, sinking into my skin without feeling oily or sticky. Besides the Paxillium Technology, Radiescent microspheres counteract dullness, restoring radiance; and yay for an SPF25 protection too! ZAR339


ANEW Platinum Night Define and Contour Cream

My skin can take gallons of moisturisers without breaking out so I love this super rich unscented night cream. As we age we lose collagen and elastin so just think, whilst drifting off to lalaland, the cream will work overnight at restoring some youthful definition! This doesn’t mean one wakes up wrinkle free, but I can feel and see a remarkable difference in the quality of my skin on my face and neck area. ZAR339


ANEW Platinum Eye And Lip Cream nourishes the sensitive eye area which shows the first signs of ageing. A nifty little applicator comes alongside the cream, but I prefer to use my finger to tap the unscented cream gently around the eye and lip area. A big heads up is the unscented cream doesn’t make my eyes feel sensitive and watery.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing out the range which can be found on AVON’s newly launched website; shop here

The stormy weather is here for another day or two in Cape Town, so if you live in the area, keep warm and

happy Tuesday!


REVIEW: Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub

As an avid magazine reader and newbie model in the late eighties, an Elancyl advert showing a model with toned gorgeous legs stuck clearly in my mind as the cellulite body care range to use. I laugh now at how simple life was before motherhood, age and a crazy lifestyle and cellulite came into being! Make no mistake, I would still love the body sans cellulite from back then, but my values have changed over the years where having a perfect body in my modelling days is not as important. However, I still love exfoliating for a soft smooth skin and Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub does just that.


Elancyl has been the anti-cellulite expert since 1971 introducing a Caffeine Complex in 1978. If drinking coffee was the answer to a damn fine silhouette, I’d be a happy camper, but sadly no, yet applying caffeine topically shrinks fat cells temporarily to create a smoother look.


So here we are in 2019 with an energising foaming scrub to exfoliate and prepare the skin for anti-cellulite treatments, or for a general good rub-a-dub-scrub! I loved using my Elancyl Slim Massage Anti-Cellulite gadget I bought years ago, vigorously rubbing over my skin to get the circulation going; it really worked better than the current loofahs I use – perhaps it’s time to replace it again as I see the price point isn’t too shabby plus a gel R495 at Dischem shop here


Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub contains exfoliating particles made from apricot kernel powder, ivy for improving elasticity and firmness and salacia, an extract from the root of a small shrub, to curb the thickening of connective tissues for skin to look and feel smoother, firmer and redefined.

So what’s the verdict on Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub?

The scrub’s granules slough off dead skin cells giving me soft smooth skin and works as a great pre-moisturiser step; as for my cellulite concerns? I’m off to order my Elancyl Slim Massage Anti-Cellulite gadget now as swimming season is only four months away and it won’t hurt to start stimulating the body’s circulation and while I’m at it, I’ll grab another coffee!

Available at Dischem for R155 for 150ml, shop here

That’s it for another week – can you believe it is Friday already? Happy Day!


REVIEW: Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler

Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler

Dry skin, age spots, uneven skin tone and firmness are four niggling skin concerns I share with many of my friends who are in the same age bracket, so when NIVEA’s premium advanced anti-age range landed on my desk, you can imagine my delight! The range includes NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Anti-spot Treatment Serum, Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir, Day Cream SPF15 and a Night Cream. Here’s what I thought…

The NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity range contains a powerful combination of Hyaluron, Collagen and Elastin to tackle tell-tale signs of ageing like loss of firmness, deep wrinkles and dark marks. The reality of growing older means skin deteriorates faster with a decline in three specific things:

1.Hyaluronic acid (needed to enhance moisture content, revitalise skin’s outer surface layers for smooth and radiantly hydrated skin)

2. Collagen production (an essential protein that provides elasticity, as one of its benefits is its ability to promote vibrant glowing skin)

3. Elastin (a protein found in connective tissue responsible for giving structure to skin and organs. It works together with collagen to keep connective tissues to hold their shape)

Scientific results show that after continued use of NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity, there was a 20% increase in collagen production, Hyaluron levels increased by almost 30% and skin’s elastin increased by a whopping 64%!

I loved all four, but the star of the show is NIVEA Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir, heaven indeed!

NIVEA Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir

NIVEA Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir

Before use, one gives the glass bottle a gentle shake so that the elixir enriched with a Triple Oil Complex and a water phase combines before applying one or two drops to your face and neck area. It’s non-greasy, sinks in easily and leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated, smooth and firm. I Absolutely love the Elixir and would buy it again and again and hello, the price point is great too! (R325)

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Anti-Spot Treatment Serum

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Anti-Spot Treatment Serum

At first, I thought ‘anti-spot’ meant helping with problematic skin as in pimples but the treatment serum addresses age spots specifically. With the help of the three-star ingredients to stimulate skin cells to produce their own Hyaluron, Collagen and Elastin plus a highly effective melanin inhibitor developed to slow down the production of melanin which reduces the appearance of existing age spots and dark marks. I have been using two pumps both morning and night before applying the day/night creams and have already seen great results with the age spots on my hands! Results say with regular use, after three months they’ll be even more visibly reduced, so watch this space! (R289,99)

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Day Cream SPF15

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Day Cream SPF15 helps prevent photo ageing, dark spots, cell damage and boosts firming; (thanks to the cell-activating formula of Hyaluron, collagen and elastin booster that stimulates the skins synthesis process), it is super nourishing and hydrating and the slight iridescent sheen adds a radiant glow. The SPF15+ protects against UVA and UVB rays; I find day creams that automatically include an SPF is a bonus as you’re halfway there (it is recommended to pop an added SPF over your day cream if spending time outdoors). (R269,99)

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Night Cream

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Night Cream tackles the tell-tale signs of ageing in mature skin while encouraging skin renewal throughout the night (thanks to the cell-activating formula) plus shea butter which is high in fatty acids and vitamins, great for firming and soothing. (R269,99)

Would I recommend NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity range and use again? Absolutely! They are all currently available at Clicks. Shop here

Have an awesome Friday up ahead and happy day!


REVIEW: Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Intense Therapy

I know the drill, fewer highlights, less swimming in salt water and zero use of hot irons would be the answer to manageable hair, but for heavens sake, a girl’s gotta have her fun so I’m constantly on the lookout for ideal hair products for dry and frizzy hair; yay for the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex range that landed on my desk late last year and here’s what I thought:

Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy Hair Repair Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Gliss IntenseTherapy With OmegaPlex has a unique bonding technology that helps severely damaged hair. Because of its groundbreaking formula, it goes right to the root (mind the pun) of the problem by repairing the bonds of the hair from deep within. The Omegaplex formula helps to reconstruct damaged hair, reviving it for stronger hair to withstand the elements and future damage from blow drying and styling. Gliss products are formulated to penetrate up to 10 layers of your hair fibre and refill lost keratin. The technology is super smart in detecting even the most minute damage, reinforcing exactly how much keratin needs to be repleniished.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy Hair Repair Conditioner

It’s an easy enough range to use and I used the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Conditioner with the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Shampoo after every wash. I upped using the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Bonding Seal Mask to twice weekly as I swim a lot and the salt water makes my already coloured hair matted after a swim and it feels hideous until I’ve combed the mask through which also helps with the frizz factor. I leave the mask on for a couple of hours while I get on with other things and rinse out later.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy Hair Repair Masque

If you are wanting intense hydration, volume, colour protection and less frizz I’d say this is a goodie (and price point not too shabby!) Will I use this range again? Most definitely- I only wish the conditioner bottle was way bigger than the shampoo as I like to use the same brand and find I generally use the conditioner up before the shampoo has finished!

Available at leading retailers including Checkers, Pick n Pay, Dischem and Clicks
Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Shampoo ZAR52,99 for 250ml and ZAR69,99 for 400ml
Schwarzkopf Gliss IntenseTherapy With OmegaPlex Conditioner ZAR52,99 for 200ml and 69,99 for 400ml
Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Bonding Seal Mask ZAR89,99 for 300ml
That’s it for Monday – I hope it’s a damn fine week up ahead!

NUXE  Merveillance Expert Eye Contour & Bioderma Restorative Lip Balm: REVIEW

NUXE Lifting Eye Cream Merveillance Expert & Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

Eyes and lips always need extra TLC at this time of year and these two tubes came to the rescue for moisture and nourishment; here’s my take on NUXE Merveillance Expert Eye Contour and Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm:

NUXE Merveillance Expert Eye Contour

Summer means time spent outdoors enjoying a beach life and staying up later as the evenings are gorgeously warm and sultry; come morning and I can see tell-tale signs of fatigue aka dark rings around my eyes from staying up later than intended. Caffeine does the job in keeping my energy levels going (I know we’re living on the edge, lol), and as it is one of the ingredients found in NUXE Merveillance Expert Eye Contour it must be good right?

NUXE Lifting Eye Cream Merveillance Expert & Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

Ingredients like caffeine reduces dark circles and puffiness, while Oléoactif®, an extract from silk tree bark and day lily, target the proteins in the skin (vimentin, elastin and collagen) which help with visible lines and loss of firmness. So yay, this eye cream gets my stamp of approval in helping with toning and firming and the lightweight consistency sinks in easily and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.

NUXE Merveillance Expert Eye Contour

ZAR 425 shop here

Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

I’m a huge fan of French brand, Bioderma with Bioderma Sensibio Micellaire H2O my number one makeup remover! The Atoderm range is for dry to very dry skin, so again, as it’s summer my skin needs all the moisture it can get.

Containing avocado and shea butter for moisture Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm is also fragrance and paraben free. (Sometimes I think the more I put on my lips the more product I am needing, but we’ll address this at another stage).

Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

ZAR 139,95 shop here

I’m feeling lip savvy and ready for the weekend! What are you guys up to?


A fabulous eye mask for sparkling eyes: SENSAI Cellular Performance Revitalising Eye Pads

Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads

I’ve been waking up really early lately to get through a to-do list that never seems to get any shorter (is it possible Christmas is here in less than a month?), so it’s no wonder I’m feeling somewhat frazzled, but delighted Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads were next on my list to try out.After one application I’m already feeling (looking?) way chirpier and ready for the festive season! Here’s why I’d add these to my Christmas wish list!

Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads

The cornerstone of the Sensai skincare range is Koishimaru silk which has the unique ability in helping to produce hyaluronic acid; combined with Advanced CPX Vital Extract and Advanced Energy Technology which energise and addresses anti-ageing skin concerns. Sensai incorporates a skincare ritual called Saho, (inspired by the Saho code of etiquette for the Japanese tea ceremony) done in a three step process designed to be practised the same way, every day. By repeating this calming and thoughtful method, one can achieve silky optimum skin.

Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads

The two in a pack pads are saturated in lovely hydrating ingredients to refresh eyes!

These Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads are absolutely wonderful to pop onto eyes after cleansing and an excuse to lie down for ten minutes, allowing the hydrating ingredients to sink in. They feel dewy, fresh and super revitalising and I’ve been wiping the excess over my entire face and mouth area too! I think they are perfect before a night out or special occasion; an expensive little treat but oh, so worth putting on your Christmas list!

Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads

(box contains ten packs of two pads) ZAR1960

That’s it for this Wednesday. Watch this space for more Christmas ideas both budget friendly and treat worthy!


〈REVIEW〉Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation, OPI handcream, Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip


This month I tried out Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation, OPIProSpa new Professional Protective Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream and Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils. Here’s what I thought:

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation

I’m always on the look out for a foundation that gives me enough coverage, is the perfect shade and super lightweight as I hate the feeling of having something ‘heavy’ on my skin, as if it can’t breathe. That sounds rather melodramatic, but it’s true, so am happy to say Lancôme Teint Idole Cushion Foundation ticks all the boxes.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation is a lightweight, buildable foundation which feels refreshing and hydrating on application. The compact comes with a puff applicator you press into the foundation; (it has a gauze like material covering the foundation to allow the perfect amount out, sans leakage or spills). My shade is #02, which gives enough colour and if I am wanting a slightly thicker coverage I add more (yip, without that claustrophobic feeling of something covering my skin). It has an SPF50, is oil-free and has a natural matte finish. I seriously love love love!


OPIProSpa Protective Hands, Nails & Cuticle Cream

A few weeks ago I went for a soak off from Gelish and thought how crap is the experience with only a soak off and a lick of oil and that is IT! No cream or massage offered for R80! So a BIG heads up to OPIPro Spa and the latest range where feet and hands can experience some luxury TLC!

Renowned dermatologist Dr Zena Gabriel partnered with the brand to create products aimed at hands and feet using facial care products; after all, our hands and feet take a mighty beating for all their hard work so they’re prone to show signs of aging early on. Ingredients like Cupuaçu Butter, a Brazilian superfruit with 9 essential fatty acids and White Tea Extract, a superstar antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, moisturise and replenish skin beautifully.

The OPI ProSpa range offers 14 professional product for spa use but perfect to use at home also. The range include OPI ProSpa Protective Hand Serum, Exfoliating Cuticle Cream, Micro-Exfoliating Hand Polish, Moisture Whip Massage Cream, Soothing Soak, Moisture Bonding Ceramide Spray, Nail & Cuticle Oil and Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm.

I was given the Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream to try out and I love it for its convenient handbag size, is lightweight and leaves no residue and mmm, it has a lovely fresh smell!

Available from salons and spas countrywide.

pictured is Pampering Pink & Purple Serenity (sounds Goth, but actually is a gentle wash of purply colour)

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oils

How adorable is the packaging? This is a real goodie for moisturising properties thanks to five precious oils: coconut oil (hydration), Avocado oil (rich in Vitamin E), Meadowfoam Oil (to balance natural lip oils for suppleness), Splianthes Acmella Flower extract (to help process collagen for firmer plumper lips) and last but not least Tsubaki Oil, (for overall protection).

I am currently wearing Pampering Pink, a light pink wash of colour that leaves lips feeling soft and moisturised.

R295 a pop

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