(REVIEW): Collagen Lift Paris

collagen lift paris

Collagen Lift Paris is a supplement clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 50% and improve elasticity and hydration, and after reading rave reviews, I was delighted to be sent two boxes to try out; here’s why I’m raving about these collagen supplements:

On a personal level the past couple of weeks have been somewhat stressful and my skin tends to suffer minor breakouts when under stress, so including these drinkable collagen shots into my beauty routine was an extra bonus as I’ve seen a remarked improvement in the quality of my skin. I loved how easy it is to do – while waiting for the kettle to boil for my first cup of coffee (caffeine is a known anti-ageing ingredient so do not judge me!), I would pop one open by using the applicator that comes with the box, empty the liquid into a little water or juice and voila!

collagen lift paris

In each Collagen Lift Paris ampoule is a potent combination of Verisol® Collagen,Vitamin C and Ulva Mediterranean seaweed (Ulvaline®, harvested in the South of France). We already know Collagen and Vitamin C tick the boxes when looking for anti-ageing ingredients, so I delved a little deeper to see the power of this particular seaweed. Ulva seaweed is classified as a Superfood, containing a huge amount of anti-ageing ingredients as it is rich in amino acids, Omega 3 & 6 plus minerals.

Bottom line is we want to increase the collagen production (and at my age every bit helps as I have noticed sagging skin, less tone and telltale lines on my face) and two months later drinking these every day, yes, I’m still an old dog, but my skin feels firmer and I have a healthier glow. By adding collagen into your skin in a liquid format instead of powder or pills form means it is absorbed readily into your digestive system to increase body collagen production, ensuring elasticity and structure is regained so plumpness and less fine wrinkles are formed and improvement in hydration. Not too shabby hey!

cathi trevor for collagen lift paris

Would I use them again ? Hell yes, in fact the latest addition is Collagen Liquid Paris Red Carpet (ZAR 995) contains all the same ingredients and added Hyaluronic acid. Higher levels of Collagen together with Hyaluronic Acid means skin is even more supple because it retains skin moisture and keeps collagen synthesis production going.

Collagen Lift Paris (28 Ampoules in a box) =ZAR 740

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It’s been a good skin journey and I may just have to look into continuing to Collagen Lift Paris next year (I know, can you believe it is nearly the end of another year?) Have any of you tried these out and if so, what did you think?

That’s all for today so I’ll say cheerio and I hope that the rest of your day goes well – I am actually sitting propped up in bed with a sore throat, so thought I would take it easy and rest for the day – what are you up to?


Fragrances〈REVIEW〉Giorgio Beverly Hills Glam, La Perla La Mia Perla, L'Eau D'Issey Summer 2017 by Issey Miyake, Elie Saab Girl of Now & Britney Spears VIP Private Show

L'Eau D'Issey Summer 2017 Issey Miyake, Britney


It’s safe to say that we have seen the last of winter with spring in the air which means it’s time to adjust our scents by putting our spicy, heady or woody fragrances to one side and introduce some lighter and brighter fragrances to complement our off the shoulder tops and sandals. I’ve rounded up 5 must smell scents of the season – take a peek below:

L'Eau D'Issey Summer 2017 Issey Miyake, Britney Spears VIP Private show, elie saab girl of now, giorgio beverley hills giorgioglamla perla la mia perla

giiorgio beverley hills giorgio glam

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original iconic eighties perfume Giorgio launch, the brand has released Giorgio Glam. Think Californian lifestyle driving a convertible down Rodeo Drive, shopping done and off to drink bubbly with girlfriends. (We could conjure up a local version of a cruise through Camps Bay, rooftop down, heading off for sundowners at Caprice or La Parada del Mar or maybe further along to The Twelve Apostles. Yip, I like that scenario, think Cape Town lifestyle!)

Are you as excited as I am for summer to hit the city? This fresh floral scent reminds me of hot sultry lazy days with top floral notes of magnolia, peony and cyclamen for a heady rush of energy, while lush summer plum, sweet jasmin sambac and violet at the heart adds an extravagant touch, grounded with warm golden labdanum and amber, heliotrope and sandalwood. A sensuous super feminine scent that is long lasting yet lightweight, perfect for the summer season.

50ml EDP R595

100ml EDP R795

Available from selected Edgars, Red Square and Foschini

la perla la mia perla edp

(love this bottle but bleh to shoot – reflections reflections!!)

Italian lingerie brand La Perla launched a new fragrance La Mia Perla, which means pearl and is a tribute to femininity, female power and strength. Master Parfumer, Honorine Blanc, chose a circular composition rather than the standard pyramid structure, meaning you’ll experience all the notes on first spray rather than the conventional layering of notes. Belonging to a fragrance family called Solariental, the combination of sparkling mandarin, white pepper, orris, white peony and jasmin sambac, lends a creamy and luminosity feeling and is balanced with sandalwood and Muscenone. The fragrance makes one feel cocooned in a sophisticated and elegant embrace, awakening the senses and a joy for life!

30ml EDP R950

50ml EDP R1250

100ml EDP R1650

Available from selected Edgars, Red Square and Truworths

Issey Miyake l'eau d'issey summer 2017 EDT


Every year Issey Miyake launches a limited edition summer fragrance in the same shape bottle, but with different designs and this one is done by topographer, Fabien Baron where the letters are stylized as if dancing on the blue background. The simple design of the bottle reminisce of a drop of water retains a similarity to the original Issey Miyake that launched in 1992. Issey Miyake’s latest edition has zesty pink grapefruit and litchi as the top notes, with passion fruit, fig and aquatic flowers at its heart, trailing down into the base with vanilla and exotic woods. It’s a fresh clean and easy to wear fragrance, great for hot climates as it’s light and just lovely!

100ml Limited Edition EDT R995

Available at Red Square, selected Edgars and Foschini

britney spears vip private show edp


“Inspired by a personal intimate feeling of putting on a show , where it’s just you and the audience” says Britney

You certainly get a lively burst of energy on first spray of juicy blood orange, red apple and mango merging with spring flowers like orange blossom, magnolia and violet, enhanced by a sultry harmony of wood amber and musk.

There’s a predominant smell of mango and raspberry, where one whiff transports me back to childhood days of stained fingers from picking copious amounts of blackberries in the neighbourhood. I guess that’s the beauty of fragrances, evoking memories of easy familiarity with your senses! I’d wear this every summer day to remind me of the small pleasures of yesteryear.

30ml EDP R465

50ml EDP R565

100ml EDP R665

Available from selected Edgars, Red Square, Foschini and Truworths

elie saab girl of now


Citrusy notes of orange blossom combined with patchouli lies at the heart of Elie Saab’s first best selling perfume, Le Parfum. This distinctive floral Girl of Now EDP has added sparkle from mandarin and pear with added almond and pistachio nuts, inspired by Elie Saab’ hometown Lebanon. Orange blossom and magnolia sit at the heart, while Cashmeran, Tonka bean and Almond milk blend together at the base, while patchouli reveals the perfume’s character. I must admit I thought it would be similar to the original as orange blossom plays across both fragrances, but the nutty ingredients add a twist to the seductive blend! I’d wear it as an evening scent, throughout summer and winter. The bottle, inspired by the collections of Elie Saab accessory, is prettily adorned with enamel blue and gold coloured flowers to resemble a jewel.

50ml EDP R1330

90ml EDP R1795

Available Woolworths, Foschini and selected Edgars

giorgio glam, britney spears vip private show, elie saab girl of now, la perla la mia perla, issey miyake summer2017