REVIEW: Nature Box’s Almond range

German brand Nature Box recently hit our shores  and has been receiving rave reviews for their eco-friendly sustainable products that contain no artificial colours and are silicone and paraben-free. They are all vegan certified and available at affordable prices too. I was delighted to be sent their Almond range to see what all the fuss was about.

Nature Box Almond Range includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Shower Gel & Hair Lift Spray

Cold-Pressed Oils

Nature Box has a number of ranges: avocado, apricot, coconut, passion fruit, pomegranate, olive oil, argan oil and almond. They all contain 100% cold-pressed oils. This is considered the best method to extract, as no external heat is applied meaning antioxidants, vitamins, essential nutrients and fatty acids aren’t affected or damaged. The oils are extracted from the nuts, seed and/or fruit without losing quality and thus retaining their effectiveness.

‘Social responsibly is our top priority supporting smaller farmers for a more sustainable cultivation of raw materials .’

Socially Responsible

Nature Box use sustainably produced palm oil from Nigeria. Palm oil production is notoriously bad for the planet, however Nature Box has joined forces with Solidaridad to ensure their palm oil is sustainably harvested. Solidaridad is an international development organisation that supports small farmers in the sustainable cultivation of palm oil in several regions around the world. For their project in Nigeria small farmers are trained and supported in sustainability cultivating palm oil. This enables farmers to increase their productivity and reduce the negative impact on environment. In addition, the farmers receive a certification for their harvest. You can check out more on Nature Box Sustainability projects here

The Almond range includes their Almond Shampoo R119.99, Almond Conditioner, R119.99, Almond Shower Gel R69.99, Almond Body Lotion R93 and Root Lift Spray R99. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acids and magnesium which is necessary to promote hair growth and also helps with shine, frizz, to nourish hair strands, and to prevent inflammation, dandruff and damage from hair styling tools.

Nature Box Almond Range includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Shower Gel & Hair Lift Spray

Nature Box Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using these for a couple of months now and I am impressed. I love that the shampoo bottle is the same size as the conditioner so my husband and I can share the bottle. His scalp is sensitive and prone to flakiness and using this on a daily basis has been gentle and left his hair shiny. I have dry hair so only shampoo once a week with lashings of conditioner. They work well on my hair to add moisture and nourishment.

Nature Box Almond Range includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Shower Gel & Hair Lift Spray

Nature Box Root Lift Spray

I wouldn’t have necessarily gravitated towards the Root Lift Spray as it is aimed at giving volume and, hells teeth, I have enough of that! However, I’ve found that it works remarkably well on restoring my waves. Because I regularly colour and highlight my hair, I have all but lost my curl pattern (except in summertime where the salt water gives my waves back, ha!). I spray this on wet hair and use my hands to scrunch it in, and it dries into natural-looking waves.

Nature Box Shower Gel

I am a huge fan of shower gels as they are just so easy to use. If they lather up nicely and smell good then it’s a big yay from me. Another big bonus is the clear print on the bottles. There have been occasions where I’ve had to climb out of the shower to fetch my glasses, but Nature Box’s bottles are easy-to-read, so there’s no chance of washing myself with conditioner or adding shower gel to my hair..!

Nature Box Body Lotion

I’m always pressed for time my two priorities for a body lotion are it needs to sink in quickly and it needs to smell good. This one ticks both of those boxes.

Would I buy these again?

I love when a range works well, mainly because it looks pretty on my bathroom shelf to have everything matching! I’m impressed by the prices too, especially for the size of the bottles. I’ll definitely be repurchasing, this time the coconut range, suitable for dry hair and skin. And with travel plans still on hold for me I’ll take all the tropical scents I can get!

Happy day


REVIEW: Dr Hauschka Regenerating Oil Serum, Regenerating Day Cream and Translucent Bronzing Tint

My days of waking up looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed are long over, so imagine my delight when products for mature skin from Dr Hauschka arrive at my door. Ingredients are selected that refine and renew skin, leaving you looking firmer, smoother and more radiant. I like that, as realistically there is no magic potion to eliminate wrinkles completely, so you might as well embrace ageing but look radiant while doing so.

As more customers opt for a straight-forward, no-nonsense beauty approach, German brands, known as G-Beauty, are highly sought-after. Dr Hauschka was one of the first international brands paying tribute to a more eco-conscious way of using organic and natural ingredients in beauty products, placing sustainability, quality and ingredient integrity at a greater

Dr Hauschka Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive

Dr Hauschka combines the concentrated skin care of an oil with the
power of a serum. Oils are for nourishing, hydrating and
strengthening the skin barrier and serums have the power to deeply
penetrate the skin, depositing powerful active ingredients for more
targeted results.
Ingredients in their Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive include a formulation of almond and olive oils alongside nurturing plants like blackthorn extracts to aid elasticity and firmness and protect against drying environmental influences. My skin loved this and felt hydrated and moisturised.

Dr Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream 

I spent an awful amount of time lying in the backyard soaking up the sun while trying out these products. Sun exposure is bad, I know, but this was back in stage 5 of lockdown so no judgement! I loved using the combination of both the oil serum and moisturiser as my skin felt soft and hydrated, in spite of all the sun I was getting.

I haven’t been out much during lockdown, except to work, Zoom meetings and a few coffee dates on the weekend so this little bottle has
lasted me five months and I still have a bit to go.

Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint

For the last couple of years, I’ve steered clear of foundations as they feel
too heavy on my skin, rather opting for tinted moisturisers. I can’t sing the praises of Bioderma and Heliocare enough as they give a dash of colour and contain a high SPF. So what’s with this Translucent Bronzing Tint? 
Admittedly I was a little apprehensive as I am perfectly happy with my
above-mentioned tinted moisturisers, however I was pleasantly
surprised. To use it you add a few drops of the Translucent Bronzing Tint to their Moisturiser, patting it in gently for a fresh sun-kissed complexion

Sadly my oil serum and moisturiser have come to an end but I’ve been
continuing with the tint, mixing it into another moisturiser. Would I
repurchase these? Yes to the oil serum and moisturiser as they were such
a treat for my skin and I have always loved Dr H. Their philosophy and ethics resonate with me and, man, their products smell heavenly. And have you ever experienced a Dr Hauschka facial? Sublime indeed!

That’s all for today but take care and chat soon!


FAITHFUL TO NATURE launch plastic-free organic and natural own-brand:

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

If living as healthy as possible for you and the environment is your way of life, then Faithful to Nature would already be your number one online choice for buying organic and natural Products; and now they have just launched 100% plastic-free organic and natural own brand….

Transparency labelling and ethnicity is Faithful to Nature core priority and advising how to live a more sustainable and eco friendly existence. They currently have over 8000 products available that have been thoroughly scrutinised before being put online. Faithful to Nature has been championing the pureness of nature’s bounty for nearly thirteen years, providing South African families with natural and eco-friendly alternatives to all the daily-use products they may need.

Robyn Smith founder of Faithful to Nature

Robyn Smith, founder of Faithful to Nature

Robyn Smith, founder of Faithful to Nature says about her inspiration for conceptualising the brand. ‘I have been in a prime seat to watch consumer trends in the wellness and ethical retail industry for the past 13 years and in gathering these insights, it became very clear that the market was ready for affordable products that were produced and packaged with as very little waste as possible.’ The core focus for Faithful to Nature’s own-branded ranges is to provide an accessible collection of products that do absolutely no harm and are 100% plastic free. Robyn goes on to explain, ‘whether we are launching products for the pantry or the bathroom, fans of this iconic and much-loved brand can be sure that they are receiving true sustainable quality at the right price,’ she adds.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

Nature Knows Best

Faithful to Nature’s own brand means honest and ethical products that lead the global plastic-free and sustainability movements.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

100% biodegradable toothbrushes

With their strict ingredients policy and unwavering care, Faithful To Nature ensures every single product, meticulously meets a golden eco-standard. For instance, ‘Faithful To Nature’s pantry range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses is packed in bags made from plant cellulose, certified by TÜV Austria to be 100% home compostable and marine biodegradable,” explains Katrien Grobler, CEO of Faithful to Nature. ‘It might look like plastic but it is not’, adds Katrien. ‘You could literally throw it in your compost heap and it will be gone within a month!’ the boxes are printed with soya based inks and are made from bleach-free kraft certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

delish organic and natural soaps

These kinds of careful and thoroughly considered elements that translate to world-class products make for deeply encouraging, positive news stories within the South African retail sector. They also equate to the leading role Faith To Nature’s own brand is taking within the global organic product market.

‘South African consumers have been behind the rest of the world – particularly Europe – when it comes to mindset in relation to sustainability,’ reports Katrien. ‘So, it’s very encouraging to see how quickly locals are becoming passionate about saving our planet – like only South African’s can!’

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

The packaging inside looks like plastic, but it is 100% plant based cellulose which you can add to your soil as it is biodegradable

She believes that as consumer education and awareness grows, so too will the competitive nature of this market, as companies and brands try to answer consumer needs. ‘In 2018, 30 % of consumers were willing to pay a premium for waste-free products,’ she says. ‘Unfortunately, the reality is that many brands and products aren’t as waste-free as they claim – it’s a phenomenon called greenwashing, and, greenwashing is a real problem,’ Katrien goes on to say. ‘Consumers pay a premium as they are trying to support sustainability and the planet, but aren’t educated on the high-level details. This simply means by their good intentions, they believe brands who aren’t 100 % percent authentic in their efforts,’ she says.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

100% biodegradable Konjac sponge (cleans your face so amazingly BTW!)

Faithful to Nature’s backbone is true integrity; ‘we guarantee NO greenwashing whatsoever!’ assures Katrien. ‘On our own brand collection, we are religious in ensuring transparency and honesty in how we provide truly waste-free, sustainable products.

Take Faithful To Nature’s Konjac Sponges for example; they’re made using 100 percent plant-based fibres, and are completely biodegradable,’ explains Katrien. And they are also so kind to the environment. Why? ‘A year’s worth of discarded sponges from one household could take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years,’ says Katrien, who adds that oil-based sponges can’t be recycled. It’s for this very reason that Faithful to Nature is so thrilled to be able to bring consumers the Konjac (AKA Amorphophallus Konjac) alternative. ‘Konjac has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2000 years,’ Katrien goes on to say, and it’s most common use is to help soothe skin condition symptoms.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

Bamboo straws

Other world-leading products in the Faithful To Nature Own Brand collection include:


Faithful To Nature’s plant-based pantry essentials are all-natural food items and ideal as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Think breakfast, lunch and supper – as well as all snacks in between – the range is fully comprehensive! Faithful To Nature has sourced the finest gluten-free oats, GMO-free popcorn, whole-wheat couscous, sulphite-free dried fruits and raw nuts. All of these pantry necessities are free from artificial additives like flavouring, colouring and preservatives to keep you and your family as healthy as possible.


Faithful To Nature’s certified organic foods are held to the highest EU standards by CERES. They’re grown on farms that cultivate and harvest with consumers health as their top priority. Using strictly non-GMO seed, zero chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, foods are grown as responsibly as possible. All of these exacting requirements ensure that the final product – delicious food for you to enjoy – is truly Faithful To Nature.


Faithful To Nature’s superfoods is a special selection of the world’s most nutritionally dense, natural foods with unique benefits. Packed with plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, these superfoods are here to supercharge your body in a truly holistic way. From African botanicals like baobab to remarkable Peruvian maca, the Faithful To Nature superfoods selection has something for every health-conscious foodie.


Faithful To Nature’s all-natural body care collection includes essentials you need to show artificial and eco-toxic products the door! Most bathrooms are packed with plastic destined to litter the planet for Centuries. Faithful To Nature with its all-natural soaps, moisturising organic shea butter and bamboo toothbrushes made from 100% sustainable materials – yes, even the bristles – is the solution to the scourge of harmful plastic waste.


Make mundane purchases like toilet paper a grudge-buy no longer. With Faithful To Nature’s Sweet Sheets, know you’re doing your bit to save the plant – and supporting local business too! Sweet Sheets is totally sustainable toilet tissue and roller towel, says Katrien and is made from “the fibrous material that remains after the raw sugar has been extracted from sugar cane.” It’s proudly South African as it’s sourced from local suppliers in KwaZulu Natal. Also, it’s elemental chlorine-free and the inner roll is 100 percent recycled.

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It was glorious in the shade of the trees eating yummy food

Some of us beauty editors at the Faithful to Nature launch held in Mount Nelson Gardens

I hope that makes for an interesting read – I thought in my little way I was doing enough, but there is so much more we can do to live a more sustainable way of life – let me know if you have any tips to share?


Faithful to Nature website



Take care and happy Friday!!