I decided to jump on the bandwagon of “empties” posts where I’ll be giving a short review of a product or two, (I chose five as it’s my first one), and whether they’re worth purchasing again. I’m quick to put a product aside if it doesn’t live up by doing it’s job, moving swiftly on to another product, before recycling or trashing. There are others I finish completely, hanging on to them as reminders of what I want to buy again. I’m not embarressed to admit cutting up a tube or two when they’re near empty, as there’s nothing more satisfying than scooping out the very last drop! So here’s my pick:


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Face oils are my bestest products as they absorb easily, smell delish and really help with dry, dehydrated skin. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been one I’ve used on numerous occasions as I love that the ingredients are almost 100% naturally derived, paraben-free and comes in a recyclable glass bottle. The dropper dispenser makes for easy use where one drop covers your entire face. It’s meant as a night time concentrate, but I carry it in my bag to keep hydrated daily in an aircon environment. Squalane, a signature key ingredient in Kiehl’s, absorbs & restores skins natural moisture balance; lavender essential oil soothes inflamed and irritated skin and helps it appear brighter and radiant; evening primrose oil increases hydration and general wellbeing of skin. A bottle lasts forever as a drop goes a long way so yes, I shall continue to buy it (I use my Edgars account purely for beauty buys). R799

LULU & MARULA Naartjie Lip Balm
A friend gave this to me as part of a goodie bag for my birthday a couple of months ago and I love the rich, creamy, buttery consistency with a citrusy smell. Packed with 100% pure active natural ingredients like Shea butter, marula, beeswax and Vitamin C and naartjie essential oils, with no preservatives or additives. It’s a SA brand so gets a big heads up from me. Available from one of my favourite shops that stock everything locally made, Fabricate or online here.


Sh’Zen Thermal Relief for Feet with Elemi and Arnica

I’ve used Sh’Zen products for ages, my one favourite being the Energising cream for heavy legs, with soothing ingredients to ease tired aching legs, something I’m prone to as am on my feet all day. Come wintertime I also suffer cramps, which is really crappie as I have to get out of bed and hop on a leg to ease the pain. This cream stimulates circulation and so far has kept cramps at bay! It’s fantastic as it gives a cooling and warming sensation, thanks to ingredients like Menthol, Cinnamon, Arnica which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Capsicum increases circulation and Elemi that works as a natural anaesthetic. I’ll be buying this again! Shop here


Johnson’s Body Care Vita Rich Soothing Body Wash with Rose Water
I way prefer body washes to soaps, as they are easy to apply on sponges or body loofahs and this particular Johnson’s Body Care Vita Rich range is for soothing irritated skin. Rose water is a versatile ingredient, balancing Ph, is anti-inflammatory and has cooling properties. I love the gentle rosy smell and the price point is a goodie:

250ml R27,99 shop here

Lancôme Teint Idole Cushion Compact Foundation Refill N° 03

This is one of my all-time favourite foundations and kudos to buying refills which cuts down on the price considerably. (R390 for refill, vs R530 for original purchase). I’ve refilled it once already and despite my compact looking a little worse for wear, it still does the job. I’ve replaced the sponge and am using a Cala Blending sponge (R74,95) I bought at Dischem so I can wash it after a couple of uses. The reason I keep going back to this particular foundation is because the consistency is lightweight on my skin offering enough coverage. If I’m wanting it to last longer, then I use a primer before hand, but generally I blend it on in the morning and it lasts for most of the day and although I’m pale, I prefer N° 03, which adds a bit of colour to my otherwise pale complexion.

That ‘s it for my beauty empties – I’ll be doing one at the end of June again.

Happy Tuesday!



baocare radiance from ecoproducts

With growing concerns on what we put into our bodies, it was only a matter of time before superfoods filtered from the kitchen into our beauty routine. Besides algae, moringa and kale, Baobab is claimed as a superfood, containing more anti-oxidants than any other fruit on earth. Sounds good? I thought so too, so was excited to try out BaoCare’s RADIANCE Baobab oil; here’s what I thought:

baobab trees

A landscape broken up intermittently with huge baobabs is a fond memory of mine whilst travelling through Kenya’s East coast many moons ago. For a couple of days we journeyed on a train through broad plains and I remember staring out at the stark terrain and marvelling at the humungous trees, wondering at their mystery and survival in an intense African climate. There are countless legends and stories I’ve since read regarding the tree but have only recently stumbled across products containing Baobab oil.

Often referred to as the ‘upside-down tree’, or ‘tree of life’ due to it’s high nutritional content, baobab is rich in omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, vitamins A, D,E and K as well as malvalic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid. These ingredients help with soothing skin, a sensitive scalp, nourishing and healing damaged hair and skin and help reduce redness and inflammation. A high content of Vitamin C stimulates and promotes restoration of collagen in aging skin. This is especially great for 40+ with age-related concerns but can be used by all ages and skin types. Radiance is a luxurious blend of oils like Baobab oil for regenerating skin cells and moisture, Jojoba to increase elasticity and soften skin and Pomegranate extract to protect against harmful UV light and promote collagen synthesis and skin repair. The fragrance is a delicate fusion of essential oils.

baocare radiance from ecoproducts

I’ve been using BaoCare Radiance with baobab, Jojoba & Pomegranate on my face and neck mornings and evenings for the past fortnight, needing only two to three drops whilst patting into my face, (also fab for nourishing chapped dry lips). I find it’s enough to use on its own, but out of habit I like to layer, so follow with a night cream or in the mornings under an SPF cream. One of the big pluses is that the oil doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes, is non-greasy and free from parabens, synthetic chemical ingredients and mineral oils.

baocare radiance from ecoproducts & tsonga textiles

BaoCare has partnered with Tsonga Textiles, based in the Northern Limpopo, designing and printing a make-up bag using traditional methods of flatbed and panel screen printing. The bags are then hand-made by local people as a special gift to complement BaoCare Radiance. Pretty indeed!

BaoCare oils

Four other skin healing products are part of the BaoCare range currently available, including 100% Pure Baobab Oil, Tissue Oil, Eczema Skin Care and Acne Skin Care.

50ml R180 and 10ml R46

Available at Wellness Warehouse, independent health stores countrywide and online here

Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know your thoughts and on that note, happy Wednesday!