CONVERSATIONS with Fashion Designer Jenny le Roux of HABITS


I caught up with Fashion Designer Jenny le Roux of HABITS on her latest “Shop-in-a-bag” concept, her bucket list, favourite travel destination and more; read on….

Your latest shop in a box concept – absolutely love this-tell us a bit about it

You’ll never believe it but I started twenty years ago with a few pieces of what we now call The Travel Range. Something that rolls up in a ball, hardly creases and best of all styles that you make you look 5 kg’s lighter, in black of course. The Travel Range then grew over the years to about 50 pieces. Every time I decided not to redo it for a season, customers kept asking for it and it now remains our best-seller.

shop in a box habits fashion

We then identified what our best-sellers were, put the four pieces together and are now able to offer our customers these four key items in our Shop in a Box, at an incredibly reduced price

It has been a wonderful way of employing more staff.

What does a normal day involve?

I know it sounds corny but no two days are ever the same. One day I am on a shoot and the next day I’m planning next season’s range.

Jenny le Roux of HABITS

What’s your vice?

I have an obsession with notebooks and buy far too many.

How do you switch off?

Easily. I’m addicted to books and Netflix.

A mantra for life?

Constantly reinventing oneself and one’s business.

Beauty product you love?

When I can afford it, anything by Jo Malone, and of course my signature red lipstick. (I’ve just discovered by Pure Color Desire in ‘Shoutout ‘by Estee Lauder).

Pure Color Desire in 'Shoutout 'by Estee Lauder

Pure Color Desire in ‘Shoutout ‘by Estee Lauder

Which living person to you most admire?

It’s a toss-up between the Queen and Vivienne Westwood.

What is your greatest extravagance?

The delivery of the weekly issue of The Spectator.

Your greatest regret( if any)

Not seriously my greatest regret but I wish someone had told me you don’t speak to Royals first when I met Prince Charles (it’s not done).


What is your favourite travel destination?

I still like travelling around South Africa.

Anything on your bucket list?

A few nights at the George V Hotel in Paris (now owned by the Four Seasons).

What are you currently working on?

Actually at the minute we are busy packing The Travel Range for our overseas customers.

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CONVERSATIONS: You & Me: Jenny le Roux of HABITS

jenny le roux habits fashion

Jenny le Roux, owner and designer of HABITS is not just an outstanding fashion designer but has a brilliant sense of humour, tres stylish and very down to earth. I love popping into her Claremont shop, where one is always welcome! Read on to see what she never travels without, best advice someone gave her and more…

If not a fashion designer what career path would you have taken?

Oh lors, that’s a tough one.

Your greatest influence over the years has been

The young have always been a great inspiration for me – they take chances with fashion and I find that appealing.

jenny le roux habits fashion

How would you describe your style

Black black black, untilI I find a darker colour!

Your most treasured possessions

My Habits staff.

What do you never travel without

My Habits Travel Range obviously as you fit 30 pieces into an overnight bag.

Best advice someone gave you

To buy the Habits building.

jenny le roux habits fashion

What’s on your bedside table

5 books all half read, pills, iPad and a torch for load shedding.

Best beauty products

Jo Malone Red Roses makes me feel fabulous. I’ve just discovered Dermalogica’s “sponge cloth”, seriously soft on the skin and reusable.

jenny le roux of habits

Jenny at the #MBFWCT17 media launch at Shimmy Beach

Favourite movie/ book

Bookwise it obviously started with “The Catcher in the Rye” and has never stopped. Movies I can’t even begin! Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Withnail and I, Godfather x 3 and and and…

Is there a place that inspires

The colours of Kenya.

Would you change anything if you could do it all again?

Absolutely not.

jenny le roux habits fashion


Biggest extravagance

Not sitting in the back of the plane.

And lastly tell us about your signature red lippies & nails

I don’t know where the whole bright red glasses, lips and nails came from, but I don’t feel properly dressed without them. I love Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and OPI Big Apple red nail polish.

jenny le roux habits fashion

I love this photo I nabbed from Instagram of Jenny getting showered with confetti inside her shop – birthday celebrations -just lovely!

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FASHION : OMVLI Bags & Accessories


The name OMVLI means ‘source of life’, consistent to designer Somila Tshazibane’s aim to create bold and timeless pieces that echo the African heritage. His focus is on creating accessories and shoes that incorporate cultural influences of amalgamated African textiles and visuals.

” I draw my inspiration from the culture and diversity of Cape Town and I’m influenced by the experiences I have felt, rather than what I have seen,” says Tshazibane.

His latest bag collection is made from the dense woven fabric Hessian. “The products were inspired by the nomadic culture and the textile gave us the direction on what and how we designed the products for this collection”, says Tshazibane.

For more info follow the social media tabs below:

Prices: Shopper Bag R340

Sleeve Bags R275