Silk Scarves: Five Simple Ways To Wear

Liberty London

Credit: Liberty London

There’s something rather chic and fabulous about a simple silk square that can transform an outfit instantly into something special. Silk scarves have made a comeback in the last couple of months, sported on women of all ages and worn in various ways; here’s how to incorporate this versatile must-have accessory into your wardrobe:

cathi trevor

1.This is the easiest way of wearing one wound twice around your neck and loosely tied to the side

woolworths dress and bag

2. Add a silk scarf to your bag for added effect (I styled my model with this scarf from Woolworths); the floral dress + scarf look pretty and feminine

pinterest silk scarf

Inspiration from #Pinterest

3.Wear as a belt or if it’s not long enough to go around the waist, tie on a belt loop and let it hang for a casual accent


Inspiration from #Pinterest

4.Wound around the head looks tres chic!

cathi trevor silk scarf

5.Change up your bracelet for a silk version -wind twice around and knot

cathi trevor

I like to roll the scarf from both sides to meet up in the middle, and then folded over once more to create one thickish band – from here you can wind around the neck twice and tie

pinterest silk scarf

#Pinterest inspiration

Pair with a white shirt for super coolness

#Pinterest inspiration

Love the way she has folded the scarf in a triangle, before wrapping around the neck

pinterest Inspiration

pinterest Inspiration

The Backward Cowboy version

#Pinterest Inspiration

Uber Cool

#Pinterest inspiration

pinterest inspiration

#Pinterest Inspiration


#Pinterest Inspiration

#Pinterest Inspiration

#Pinterest Inspiration

Do you like to wear silk scarves? Please share your version with me!

Happy Friday!


DENIM DETAILS: Embroidered Denim

Despite doing a major overhaul with my clothing a few months ago there are still some pieces I hang on to for sentimental reasons, like these jeans below. They have no stretch to them,which gives their age away as nowadays most jeans have lycra or elastane added for comfort! I updated mine by snipping the bottoms ala Vetement style and am considering adding a few more patches but I’m not that practical (unlike my daughter who is a wizard with needlepoint and sewing!). She’ll probably be embarressed with the mention, but her pieces are gorgeous and worth a peek: andie reeves

cathi trevor embroidered denim

Above: My vintage jeans with embroidered detail

This season sees denim being updated by colourful threads and I’ve selected a few images I loved off Pinterest to inspire you to pimp your denim:

Simple detail on the cuff

How gorgeous is this!

Mixing beading with embroidery threads is worth trying.

I love the use of colourful, textured wool instead of threads.

Embroidering down the seam seems like a doable place to start.

Go bold or…

I love this!

Feeling inspired to add a new embroidered denim piece to your wardrobe? These are available online or instore now:

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Mango Denim shirt

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MRP embroidered jeans

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denim jacket ONLY @ Superbalist

Denim jacket by ONLY @ Superbalist

Sissy Boy embroidered jeans @ SPREE

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Mango embroidered jeans

Embroidered jeans R949 Mango

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Embroidered jeans Dahlia MANGO

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