BEAUTY REVIEW: Empties for February

It’s way too late to say a Happy New Year, a season of joy and happiness tra la la la.. so I’ll just get right back into it with today’s post on mid-month empties which include MONDAY Haircare Volume Shampoo, Filorga NCEF-Shot Supreme Polyrevitalising Concentrate, Sorbet Get That Feeling BB cream and Maybelline Great Lash mascara, an iconic product- does it still pack a punch?

When MONDAY Volume Shampoo with Ginger extract first exploded on the market, bloggers and the like rushed off to buy and try it! There were a lot of positive and negative reviews on social platforms, so when my son’s girlfriend left an almost full bottle behind for me ( too big to travel), I thought ‘let’s see what all the hype was about’.

I tend to buy shampoo and conditioner from the same brand, but as I still have heaps of conditioners, ( why are most shampoo bottles smaller than conditioners where one finishes the former quicker than the latter?); I’m glad to see MONDAY carries the same size in both shampoo and conditioner!

I love the simplicity of the packaging and it looks good on my bathroom shelf! The scent is subtle, it lathers nicely and my hair feels light, clean and manageable. I had read about hair fallout in some reviews, but luckily I didn’t experience that. MONDAY Volume Shampoo ticks the boxes for being vegan, colour-safe, and SLS-free; the bottles are 100 per cent recycled and the shipping boxes are made from recycled content, eliminating all plastic packaging plus the packaging tape is printed with eco-friendly soy-based ink.

Would I buy MONDAY Volume Shampoo again? Absolutely! I see Superbalist has a sale on right now on both see here

I’ve been totally spoilt being sent Filorga products to try out and they’re absolutely fab and innovative. Filorga NCEF-SHOT is a potent serum formulated to improve skin firmness, radiance, and elasticity and wake up the skin cells to function properly with a highly complex dose of NCEF. You may wonder about the acronym? It stands for New Cellular Encapsulated Factors and is inspired by injection methods used in aesthetic medicine clinics for cosmetic effectiveness. It’s preferable to use in between seasons, so I decided to use it mid-January as to me it was the end of summer vay-cay and time to get into the groove of a new year, new mindsets, new beginnings and all that jazz… I saw a noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin from day four, with it feeling super nourished, and revitalised from a boost of goodness ( hyaluronic acid, vitamins, co-enzymes, proteins and vitamins). I followed with my moisturiser and was sad to see it come to an end. Would I re-use? Absolutely – a superb brand!

My makeup artist friend suggested I try Sorbet BB cream as I had just finished using a face tint by Bioderma, which they’ve since discontinued and replaced with a similar one but only in one shade; I shall try it to see if it lives up to its predecessor, but as I was in Clicks, I grabbed Sorbet BB Cream to first try out. The consistency is quite thick so one can use it sparingly and thanks to a botanical called Boerhava Diffusa Root Extract which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to remove redness.

Would I repurchase?
It contains SPF15, doubles as a primer, is hydrating and has a great price point, so yes, I would.

Maybelline mascara Blackest Black is not a new mascara, but one I keep returning to as it is waterproof, (and my golly, I’ve needed it the past few months with so many shed tears!), glides on to build a great black colour and has a decent brush too. Mascara is my number one go-to as I no longer have lushes lashes as they’ve diminished with age and as much as I’d like to have extensions again, it is time-consuming to get them filled every couple of weeks! I am vigilant about changing my mascara every four months so this one is going into the recycling bin tonight (I’ve already bought another brand to try out so wish me luck it is as good as this one, otherwise it’s back to the iconic Maybelline!

Drop me a line to let me know if you’ve tried any of the above and what are your thoughts?

Happy Monday!!

Bye now