FRAGRANCE REVIEW: Kenneth Cole For Her

Kenneth Cole for Her fragrance EDP

There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel good to be alive; the warmth of the sun on my skin, the bougainvillea in full bloom outside the back door, the trees in shades of green and masses of blossoms everywhere; that sounds a bit melodramatic for a Tuesday morning, but I’ve been booked off work for a couple of weeks as I landed up with pneumonia, so am taking it slow and trying to be more mindful – and catching up on blogposts I hadn’t gotten around to scheduling, like today’s post on Kenneth Cole for Her fragrance I’ve been wearing for the past couple of weeks; I’m a sucker for peonies and as they’re in the top notes was smitten already….

Kenneth Cole for Her fragrance EDP

Kenneth Cole wanted to create a perfume for the modern woman, who has the freedom to express her individuality. It’s described as a floral musk, a dynamic and sophisticated fragrance that blends invigorating citrus notes with vibrant florals. On first spritz one can smell a slight lemon note infused with florals (jasmine, violet and lily of the valley at the heart) settling down with warm notes of sandalwood, musk and heliotrope.

Kenneth Cole for Her fragrance EDP

Senior perfumer at Givaudan, Nicole Mancini says, ‘The signature is centred around musk providing this effortless, easy comfort that is extremely wearable and pumped throughout the fragrance in a non-traditional way. The edge comes from this unique duo of Carrot Seed and Ambrette, providing a touch of warmth to increase the mellow expression. Beautiful fluid florals envelop the musk in a stunning contrast. The finished composition has a cool factor that is very addictive.’

Kenneth Cole for Her fragrance EDP

Isn’t it amazing how certain scents bring back memories or feelings – I love that about fragrances and this one resonates with me, as the perfumer says, its comforting and wearable. I think this makes for a great daywear fragrance – the smell of a fresh gigantic bouquet of spring flowers you’ve just popped into a vase!

If you have a chance to try Kenneth Cole for Her fragrance EDP out, tell me what you think?

Goodness believe it or not I’m feeling weary so I’m off to make a cuppa tea and jump back into bed (decadent or what!)

Happy Tuesday!



jimmy choo floral edt

photo: courtesy JIMMY CHOO

JIMMY CHOO FLORAL EDT fragrance is a delightful fresh floral and fruity composition that appeals to my senses; here’s what I thought:

I’ve long been a fan of JIMMY CHOO fragrances and written reviews on JIMMY CHOO FEVER (read here and JIMMY CHOO L’EAU read here, so I was keen to try out his latest one which is a perfect day time perfume.

jimmy choo floral edt

Perfumer Louise Turner of Givaudan, has kept the fragrance light and translucent by gently combining fruity and floral notes representing beauty, confidence in all women and is described as a fresh radiant and refined scent. Top notes of tangerine, bergamot and nectarine combined with creamy magnolia, (chosen for its sophisticated beauty), sweet pea and apricot blossom with a dry-down of woody notes and musk.

jimmy choo floral edt

The bottle is an elongated version of the previous JIMMY CHOO L’EAU edition from 2016, inspired by Venetian Murano glass.

I love the bright notes that settle down into a warm fuzziness of deliciousness; my only gripe is needing to reapply throughout the day, as the smell disappears. We’re in the throws of rain and winter days, but spring day is marked clearly on my calendar as roughly one hundred days and counting, so each spritz is a gentle reminder of blossoms; enough to put a spring in my step!

Happy day all day!!

JIMMY CHOO FLORAL EDT is available from Edgars and Clicks

40ml ZAR795

60ml ZAR1095

90ml ZAR1395