CONVERSATIONS: with Amanda Kamhoot of Just Cruizin Clothing

Like a lot of local brands Just Cruizin Clothing has been affected by Covid-19, and sadly had to close two of their Cape Town stores. The silver lining, however, is that the brand has been able to use this as a push to create an online store. I caught up with owner Amanda Kamhoot to find out more about Just Cruizin.

What was your inspiration behind the name?

Just Cruizin started back in 1985 from an idea born out of a love of chilled, unconstructed cotton clothing. Hans, my husband, was influenced by the laid-back life he had experienced abroad, spending most of his 8 years searching for perfect waves and learning from many mentors who impacted his non-conventional way of doing things. Hans’s motto was and still is  ‘keep it simple’. I have always felt the name ‘Just Cruizin’ is a perfect reflection of the lifestyle he largely lives up to.

Just Cruizin Clothing
Just Cruizin Clothing

Tell us about your team

Having owned a hair salon and a real passion for making women feel beautiful, it was a natural progression for me to eventually join Hans in his business. After our daughter, Hana, was born, my back gave in and I knew I had to sell my salon. I grieved the loss for a year and still miss so many of my clients dearly, but so many of them are now loyal supporters of JC! I am not a designer but have always loved fashion; don’t we all?

As a family, we enjoy overseas travel and use these opportunities to find interesting samples which we then adapt to suit our fabric. I work with an amazing team of women, and we have lots of fun getting our ranges together. Our son Jordan has been involved in the business for nearly 10 years and it’s been wonderful seeing him mature and take the JC men’s brand to new heights.

Did lockdown give you the little push you needed to go online? 

I think we must have been one of the last clothing brands to go online! We knew it was something we had to do at some stage and Covid-19 definitely gave us the push we needed! Technology is not our strength at all, and I guess we feared to dip our toes into this uncharted water.

I have often mentioned, ‘treading lightly into our new normal’ in my posts on Insta. These words were written by Arundhati Roy at the beginning of the pandemic. They resonated hugely with me, and if I learn anything from this time, I hope it to be to ‘tread lightly with little baggage.’

What is a typical day for you?
My day starts with a delicious coffee in bed from Hans and an excited ‘Hello’ from our husky Marlie. I have now gotten used to the early morning walks during lockdown, so I think I’d like to continue with this as one of the new additions to my new normal. I generally get to work around 9.30am, check-in on stores, communicate with our CMT about production status and start answering emails.

I find that since going online, so much more of my time is spent communicating with customers or potential customers. I love interacting with people, so at the moment I don’t mind. I think anything new is exciting, so I am grateful that we have this platform to focus on right now, and give our staff some work to do.

What influences you?
I would like to think I am influenced by the many incredible people I’ve met throughout my life. Aren’t humans just the most extraordinary creation?  In a time like we are experiencing now, we realise more than ever how much we need, miss and rely on each other. I am instantly drawn to folk who have a story and are open and willing to share. I used to spend so much time chatting to the elderly at my late grandmother’s old age home… if ever you have the time, sit and chat to the elderly. They have something to say and stories to tell.

What do you do to relax?
I’m a Leo, so I guess that could be part of the reason why I just love the sun. When I get home from work, I’ll always find the sunniest spot whether inside or outside to have a cup of tea. I love music, especially all the ‘oldies’ and my best is when Hana and I have our own dance parties together at home! We find any excuse to turn the music up. Being around my friends and family is probably my happiest time, and when you’re happy you’re relaxed!

A life mantra
‘Be kind, always’.

Any exciting plans for the future?
So much has changed so suddenly in business and in all our lives, I feel I would like to relook at our business model and possibly bring it back to its core again, simplify, follow our dream of perfecting a fully sustainable range of clothing. Keeping things honest and real.

Check out Just Cruizin’s new online store here.


Q & A with Dr Alek Nikolic on SK.IN INGREDIENTS SERUMS


I’m constantly on the look out for beauty products that address skin tone, firmness and texture because let’s face it, growing old has it’s good points, but fabulous flawless skin ain’t one of them; enter beauty brand ingredients! Cape Town based medical aesthetic practitioner Alek Nikolic is the genius behind these potent and powerful serums targeting anti-ageing concerns. I caught up with Alek to find out more about his line ingredients:

Dr Alek Nikolic for ingredients

How long have you been working on these five products and what was your incentive in creating them?

I have been working on these serums for 3.5 years to get them to a point to fill bottles. The reason for this length of time was the formulation and the concentration of the ingredients is my own creation.

Where did your inspiration come from?

After I used retinol on my own skin for the first time, I noticed visible changes. People are generally afraid of using retinol or vitamin A due to the skin reactions, which led me to investigate ingredients in more detail and in turn to formulate my own range with two main focus points: The first is that doctor prescribed cosmeceuticals are traditionally only available at doctors’ rooms (aesthetic medical practitioner, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, etc.) limiting availability to the general public. There is a good reason for this as the ingredients and their concentrations can produce unwanted side effects which if they develop, would need medical attention. I wanted to create a brand that contains high concentrations of doctor prescribed active ingredients but at the same time limit or reduce the ability for skin reactions. This would allow great skincare to be available to everyone. So, my focus was the ingredients used for the skin and this is how we derived on the name of the brand: = skin ingredients.

The second main reason is I felt a number of brands don’t offer a combined targeting ingredient and skin barrier repair ingredients in one serum or product. I am a firm believer that we all have to some degree or another a compromised skin barrier, even if we take diligent care of our skins. Exposure to pollution, smoking, unhealthy eating, laptop and computer screens, cell phones, visible light, etc. all contribute to the stress on the skin barrier.

We can apply the best ingredient on our skin but if our skin barrier is compromised, ingredients won’t reach its full potential. I wanted to create a range that not only had a targeting ingredient (such as vitamin A or vitamin C) but that it also ingredients to repair and maintain the skin barrier throughout the day and night.


I got to try out MARVEL, GLOSS & BOUNCE

Tell us a bit about the names

I know they are a bit quirky, but we wanted to go with a ‘superhero’ kind of theme but at the same time indicate what they will do for the skin:

FLASH is for the HPR (Hydroxipinalcalone retinoate) because of its ability to restore the skin to is more youthful state but in a ‘flash’.

BOUNCE is our combination HPR and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (AT) or vitamin C and it will bounce the skin back to its original form.

GLOSS is based on the skin brightening effect of the AT or vitamin C.

PURE is based on the cleansing action of the salicylic acid, the fruit enzymes and the Zinc PCA.

MARVEL is based on the hyaluronic acid plumping and moisturising effect and the skin barrier repair effect.

Retinol is a confusing ingredient to understand – can you explain what type to look for in products and what type you used in your products:

Retinoids is a word used to describe a group of different vitamin A derivatives of which retinol and HPR are some of them. I chose HPR over all of the different retinoids because of its ability to reduce skin reactions. All vitamin A (except HPR) needs to be converted to retinoic acid before it can start ‘working’ on the skin. We have retinoic acid receptors in the skin and only retinoic acid can bind to these receptors and only once bound to these receptors can the changes start taking place. HPR is a retinoic acid ester (derived from tretinoin the prescription strength vitamin A) so no conversion needed. Furthermore it is the conversion process that causes the reactions to take place. The more steps needed the greater the reaction.

“Potent enough to target the errors of the past, powerful enough to get your skin working at its best again, gives you superpowers”

What age do you suggest your clients start incorporating these ingredients into their routine and specifically, Retinol.

This is dependent on the real age of the skin. People in their twenties can have fine lines and wrinkles appearing, so it’s not really an age thing but rather how their ageing skin is changing. Another approach is to start using active ingredients as a preventative approach. So generally speaking we should consider actives such as low dose HPR (flash 1) and vitamin C (gloss) in our twenties with a good SPF 30 or higher that contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

Will you be adding to your range anytime soon?

Definitely yes. I am extremely excited about the new additions and do not want to give too much away except to say that the ingredient combinations and their concentrations are fairly unique and will be very effective.

I am also working on a professional treatment line that will allow satisfied serum users to have skin treatments to further enhance their skin at a professional therapist or doctors rooms. ingredients pure

Do you recommend PURE for everyone to cleanse their face or is this specific for oilier skin?

PURE is a solution applied after cleansing the skin and should not be used daily. We use medical strength salicylic acid and as such we recommend that it is only applied 2 to 3 times weekly depending on what the skin can handle. It has two main targeted effects:

  1. Acts as an at home chemical peel for hyperpigmentation, ageing prevention, treating existing ageing skin changes, smoothing skin texture.

  2. Works to diminish and prevent acne breakouts, reduces oil or sebum production and minimises pores.

I read somewhere your Hyaluronic Acid has a low molecular weight – what does that mean?

All our serums contain HA. PURE (solution not a serum) contains Hyalasome which is a cross linked HA. The cross linking prevents breakdown so it stays longer in the skin. The HA in our serums is a complex which is a mixture of low, medium and high molecular weight HA. Specifically, we have used 50 kDa, 320 kDa and 800 kDa molecular weights to make up the entire complex. The reason for these different molecular weights is to allow different absorption and penetration through all the layers of the skin: from epidermal to dermal. This maximises the benefits of the hyaluronic acid through the superficial to the deepest layers of the skin. The low weight penetrates deep into the skin and similarly the higher remains more superficially in the skin.

I love these serums as they can be incorporated into whatever other products in beauty routine- besides a moisturiser and an SPF would you recommend adding anything from within eg. collagen supplements or?

Collagen supplements are great but they need to be hydrolysed collagen and the concentration needs to be higher than 6000 mg. my recommendation to boost skin effects is to rather consider other treatments such as chemical peels and/or Dermapen/needling.

You’ve gone for biodegradable packaging and vegan ingredients- is it because it’s a Global’s trend or something you share on a personal level

We are very aware of the environment and specifically what we can do to help. We have also partnered up with Greenpop and are contributing a percentage of our sales to this organisation. We are busy working on allowing customers at checkout to add a small amount to their basket which will go directly to Greenpop as it is our mission to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you have a personal favourite

My personal favourites are GLOSS and FLASH 3 which I use every day as well as the new additions which will be coming soon.

Can you tell us a bit about the skin analysis machine you use to monitor skin treatments

The skin analysis machine we use is the latest 7th Generation VISIA Complexion Analysis System to monitor progress with all of our skin treatments. For online I have developed a short and a detailed skin assessment (we call it the test): which allows online customers to get recommendations for their skin types and concerns. We are also very glad to help customers through email and recommend them to email me or Sam with their high res photos of their face and from there we can also recommend.

In all of our studies we performed the Visia over 4, 8 and 12 weeks to monitor changes and improvements. ingredients Dr alek nikolic

I was super chuffed to try out three of Alek’s serums: GLOSS, BOUNCE and MARVEL and can see a remarkable improvement in my skin; I’m going for my final skin analysis in a week’s time so watch this space….

All ingredients products are vegan friendly, have never been tested on animals and are free of parabens, sulphates, gluten, soy and nuts. ingredients is available on and selected skin clinics (enquire online).

CREDITS: courtesy of ingredients and photographer: Ian Reeves

That is it for this Friday..happy weekend



kirsten goss jewellery designer

Not only is Kirsten Goss a fabulous jewellery designer winning awards both Internationally and locally, but stylishly chic, witty and inspirational. Her flagship store in the new Silo District at the V&A Waterfront affiliated with the Zeitz MOCCA Museum, is tres sophisticated with a futuristic edge and well worth a visit! Kirsten shares her favourite city, her personal style and latest Vay-Kay collection; spoiler alert she’s met the Queen, danced with a Prince and as it’s the Royal Wedding tomorrow, my guess is she’ll be glued to the telly, as will I! Read more on this remarkable lady:

Tell us a bit about your latest collection VAY-KAY and where the inspiration came from

VayKay – its all about the voyage – think sexy, charming, opulent hotels on the Côte d’Azur where glamour and relaxation connect. Old-school villas, dripping in the sensual and decadent on balmy nights – perfect for holding their own – wearing nothing else….as in the room-service earrings. Order in…..let the earrings do the rest. The eXXXtension series was in deference to continuing the holiday abandon. in an XXX kinda way.

kirsten goss vay-kay collection

What makes a great design and who do you design for?

When design and wearability meet in such harmony you could wear it every day but never get bored.

Your personal style?

I like irreverence; it appeals to my sense of humour, so taking classics and offsetting them with something unexpected, like vibrancy, originality, comfort and enjoyment are the names of the game. Dressing is a celebration of what speaks to me, from an outrageous shoe to a supremely comfortable handmade cashmere scarf, it’s all in the consideration where I don’t take any of it too seriously.

kirsten goss vay-kay collection

A highlight of your career so far

Meeting the Queen twice at Buckingham Palace, it was epic!

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

What are your travel essentials

Plenty of good moisturiser; I usually wear a mask whilst flying.

  • cool slimline trainers – I’m usually walking all the time

  • missibaba banana fanny-pack – a strap-on at its zenith ….

  • travel size shampoos and conditioner – cannot be hauling huge bottles

  • Alabaste cashmere scarf – blanket on the plane, great smartener-upper in winter, or my Age of Reason scarves – they add so much lush colour and vibe to a dull casual outfit without adding too much warmth

  • Muji carry-on nippy zippy case – so sexy you can drag it into dinner

  • diamond studs for my hole up top of ear. i wear 2 rings and that only when i travel – neat, cheeky, edge to the outfit – but lightweight

  • iPhone

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

Favourite city?


Dream lunchtime or dinner date?

Balthazar in New York for old school dining with the most crazy clientele to ogle with my deadly funny boyfriend, who would dissect the room so cleverly I would be choking on my food!

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

An inspiring quote or life rule?

“Never take a no from someone not authorised to say yes in the first place” (my grandmother).

“For believe me! – the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment is: to live dangerously!” – Frederick Nietzsche

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

What superpower would you choose?

To fly. I always seem to be doing that in my dreams, mainly to escape it seems – go figure!

Something extraordinary that no-one knows about you?

I played the oboe for a year

I did flamenco dancing for many years

I qualified to be a fund manager in the UK

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection







I caught up with local artist Andie Reeves to find out more about her work, inspiration and her latest work, which is currently being exhibited as part of the group show Well Worn at Cavalli Estate.

How did your upbringing inspire your career as a creative?

I’m sure I get my creativity from my parents. I grew up with a photographer father and model/stylist mother so I was always surrounded by beautiful people and things and obviously absorbed some of their obsession with aesthetics. We had loads of ‘coffee table’ books around and the house was decorated with art they have collected from their travels over the years. They were also always redecorating some aspect of our house and did it all themselves. If they wanted a new TV cabinet my dad would do everything from buying the wood to designing it to making it. I work in the same way; I like to do absolutely every step of whatever I’m working on. I think I inherited this ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude: the reason I started sewing was because I didn’t like any of the clothes in the shops so decided to make my own.

I was also sent to a Montessori school, which really encourages independence in children. So if I wanted to spend weeks making an igloo out of cardboard boxes and decorate the inside and do all of my work from in there I was allowed and encouraged to.

How would you describe the style of your work?

I use fabric, wool and thread to make things that I think are cute, nice to look at and playful.

You work across a few mediums – do you have a favourite?

It’s hard to choose because each medium has it’s own unique pros for me. Sewing is my favourite because I get to wear the thing I make afterwards, embroidery is because it’s therapeutic to do and I can watch Rupual’s Drag Race while doing it, and weaving because it’s like painting (which I’m not that good at) but with wool (which I am good at). If I had to choose it would be embroidery because it’s the least abstract; you can make a clear image with it.

Who/what inspires you?

I would love to say nature and the great outdoors, but it’s mainly technology, the internet and nostalgia. Also going to the fabric shop ‘cos I always go with one idea and come out with fabric for four other ideas. In terms of other artists my favourite Instagrams to follow for inspiration are: Keiko Vogel for her insanely cute quilts, the brand Lazy Oaf’s clothing, Smitten by Pattern make amazing textiles, and this Barcelona-based weaving company called Chinchilla is so lovely.

Memes and internet culture are often present in your work. Does this play a major role in your thought pattern when deciding on a project or does it transpire while working? And what does it mean to you?

I think that’s the kind of imagery I’m drawn to and find interesting so that’s why it comes up in my work. It’s not too thought-out. I spend most of my time equally divided between making things and mindlessly scrolling the internet so it makes sense that the two come together I guess. I like to make things that I find a bit funny and/or nostalgic. To me there is something very satisfying about combining old things with new things.

I am wary of being what I would consider corny though. There are lots of people who do stuff like cross-stitch rap lyrics into twee floral hoops or just embroider a nostalgic cartoon character. I like to think the things I make are more witty and less embarrassing..!

You currently have a quilt and tapestry showing at the Well Worn exhibition at Cavalli Wine Estate – tell us how this came about and what thought process went into your two pieces.

I’ve been wanting to do a quilt for a while so when the invitation to participate in the exhibition came through I knew should make one for it. Because the kind of images I’m interested in are often nostalgic or childish it made sense to do my take on a classic children’s quilt. The panels are different scenes people from my generation will probably recognise from their childhood, like Richard Scarry drawings, The Simpsons, Enid Blyton’s stories, The Sims and E.H. Shepherd’s illustrations of Winnie the Pooh. Then I altered all the images slightly in Photoshop, printed the fabric and sewed up the quilt. Also the floral fabric used between the panels is a print I made using the Android version of flower emojis. It’s all one big combination of the internet and images from childhood.

The tapestry is a portrait of my housemate and best friend Sitaara. It took FOREVER to make. I didn’t anticipate that but I guess it makes the piece more special because it’s of her in Snapchat, where photos only last for 10 seconds before disappearing forever. I didn’t think of this when making it, Sitaara pointed it out afterwards and I was like ‘Oh yes, that sounds quite good and clever’. I just thought it looked funny.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

I am having my first solo exhibition at The Raptor Room from the 3rd of May for a month (the launch is on First Thursdays). I’ve already got a massive embroidery that’s always up at The Raptor Room, and am working on another permanent fixture for them. It’s going to be more of a sculpture and should be going up in June! Besides that I’m doing my day job (being a freelance writer), finishing my Montessori teacher training and also my second year of my BEd in Early Childhood Development.

For more information on Andie Reeves follow her on Instagram, Twitter and see more of her work here. Her next exhibition will be at The Raptor Room on Roeland Street on the 3rd of May.


Founded in 1945 the Danish brand GOSH Copenhagen continues as a successful family owned business, creating and developing an extensive selection of the highest quality products at affordable prices.

I was fortunate enough to interview three of the family members while they were in Cape Town last week to find out more.

From left to right: Bolette Tjellesen, Sales & Marketing, Bo Tjellesen, Owner & CEO and Hanne Zinsli, Vice President.

Why the name GOSH?

BO: My father, Elner, founder of the brand, was an avid crossword solver, where words were his passion. The word ‘GOSH’ has no literal meaning, a magical word that can express excitement or surprise. It resonated with Elmer so registered GOSH as the trademark. (The Copenhagen addition came at a later stage).

GOSH Copenhagen is available in over 90 countries worldwide; what contributes to its success?

We are proud of our Nordic heritage and as a 100% family business, our first concern is listening to what consumers want. We see a younger generation with strong values wanting brands to be environmentally friendly and ethical so it was a natural progression for the GOSH brand to offer vegan products. We say we’re almost 100% vegan, as there is a small amount of beeswax and lanolin used in our lipsticks, to perfume the otherwise unpleasant odour.

What were the first available products for consumers back then?

We had a tag line that was “GOSH make it with your eyes” where we offered 3 mascaras, 3 eyeliners and 3 eyeshadows; from there we expanded our range.

What are the best sellers nowadays?

Prime ‘n Set, the Bombastic mascara and the black eyeliners.

Do you advertise?

No, we go completely by word of mouth and because we are a private family business we can really listen to what consumers are wanting, for instance, South Africans are needing way more foundation shades to accommodate skin tones so this is where we will spend time creating more shades for consumers.

What is the shelf life for GOSH Copenhagen products?

For most cosmetic products the shelf life is 30 months from the day of production. GOSH Copenhagen products are all labelled with a PAO (Period After Opening) symbol. The symbol outlines the shelf life of the product once it is opened. The PAO symbol looks like an open cream jar with a given month.

*Their latest 2018 makeup range is currently available; watch this space for my review!

GOSH Copenhagen is now available to buy online at Foschini and also available in store from Edgars and Truworths.





CONVERSATIONS: You & Me: Josie Borain

Eighties supermodel Josie Borain, one of the first models to sign a million dollar contract, is down to earth, modest and unpretentious. She became known for her Calvin Klein Campaigns shot by photographer Bruce Weber.

Josie’s been up since 4 am watching the Mayweather vs McGregor fight down in the hood as she doesn’t own a TV and is washing up the remnants from yesterday’s farewell house party. I mixed up the dates so Ian and I arrive with breakfast goods and she rustle’s up a breakfast in between supervising the kids and their friends to move dining room chairs and furniture onto the balcony; Josie’s finally taken the plunge and moved house, not too far, as in next door. “Why be a single mom with three kids and own two houses? I don’t want the pool and the garden and major upkeep anymore, so we are downscaling.”

Black and white prints are already mounted on the walls and while Josie with Ian’s help are deciding where to move the couch and table, she answers my questions I’ve prepared for this post. There are books and interesting items everywhere so it’s hard to concentrate as her house is a treasure trove of collected items from her travels. Three coffees down and the lounge in semi order, she answers my questions in her inimitably candid and honest way:

josie borain model


I would have loved to have been a war photographer or a marine biologist!


There’s plenty I would have changed in decisions I made, but what’s past is in the past


Sitting on the Spanish steps in the evening light watching birds fly in unison with the light catching their wings – sheer beauty!


Not charging people for the work I have done for them as a photographer

josie borain model


Besides my kids, my photographs and books


Tees, jeans and cashmere sweaters

josie borain model




I’ve been using COMPLEX15 Daily Face Cream for over twenty years as it’s oil-free, unscented and hypo-allergenic; in fact I have about five tubes I keep in my fridge so that I never run out! (She does, I checked!)

Josie Borain Model


Time travel


Listening to live music especially local bands


Just Jinger’s lead singer Ard Matthews; Jack Mantis from Jack Mantis Band; Pat from Two minute Puzzle and This is Tailor

josie borain model shot by Ian Reeves Photographer


I have a Richard Avedon self-portrait




Mohammed Ali


An old movie called Brazil


I’m dyslexic

To follow Josie :





David Gillson Of Carlton Hair

You can understand why hair stylist extraordinaire David Gillson has a huge client following, as his knowledge of colour, cut and style reigns supreme! Frequenting Carlton Hair salon is always a treat – from the delicious cappuccinos and catching up on the latest magazine news to the sublime head massages and hair treatments. There’s no doubt, a visit to the salon makes for a relaxing experience.

So how does David himself like to relax and spend time? I caught up with him just before he jetted off to London today to find out what inspires this hair guru.


I started my career as an apprentice with Carlton Hair and then went on to work in London and Los Angeles to further my education and career.


Fashion forward, fair, fun, sensitive and creative


I would have loved to have done Linda Evangelista’s hair in the 90’s




Eccentric, edgy and unexpected


Comfort Zone Sublime Skin line Serum and moisturiser, Chanel Sublimage eye cream, Lush Ocean salt face scrub and Santa Maria Novella shaving foam.


Shoes!!!! Saint Laurent clothes!! Basically anything at 2A in Hyde Park!!!


Chanel Misia and Chanel 1932


Summer, but love a change in the season.


I’d love to have lunch with Alessandro Michele the new designer at Gucci.


I loved The Night Porter with Charlotte Rampling, my favorite actress.


It will have to be something by Louise Hay her work really inspire me.

‘Every thought we think is creating our future’


I meditate regularly and can’t miss my weekly Reiki season.

David Gillson

Follow David here:




CONVERSATIONS: You & Me: Liezel van der Westhuizen

Liezel van der Westhuizen

Media celebrity Liezel van der Westhuizen has an enormous number of sports accolades to her name, she is a fierce supporter of animal rights, an adrenaline junkie and she is up for just about any challenge. Liezel now also has her own 5-6 am slot on KFM94.5. I’ve always admired her upbeat personality, fearless attitude and huge love of life. Did you know Liezel was the first female announcer at a Comrades Marathon and also the first woman in South Africa to model at Mercedes-Benz Menswear fashion!

Read my interview to discover more about this dynamic lady:

Liezel van der Westhuizen


Active, Energetic, Go-Getter, Caring and Friendly


Cape Town


Fun and daring. I like to be creative with my looks. I love incorporating my sporty lifestyle with my daily fashion, making sporty look more glamourous. I also like to play with androgynous looks. At the moment I am going through a stage where I change my hair colour to match my outfits, so for the SunMet, I will be sporting purple hair with a 60’s inspired dress designed by local designer Romanda De Bastos. At the moment I am loving the Athleisure wear designed by Langa designers, Misunderstood.


Believe it or not, I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY HEELS. I’m a fan of local shoe designer Aretha Bauwens


Tinted Sunscreen, eye cream, waterproof mascara, Nimue Multi Rejuvenating Serum, System Professional Solar Hair protection

Liezel van der Westhuizen


A silver Armani dress


This is a struggle for me as I am still trying to find that perfect scent that suits me! Would love suggestions from your readers 🙂

Liezel van der Westhuizen


Summer. I am an outdoorsy girl who loves spending time on the beach


Early dinner for Beach Sunset picnic

Liezel van der Westhuizen


The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington

Liezel van der Westhuizen




When I started in the entertainment industry, my dad said he was only giving me one piece of advice: “You are the girl from Pretoria who is energetic, quirky and active, don’t lose the energy by trying to be someone else, just be yourself! ”

Liezel van der Westhuizen


I love afternoon naps. (Thanks to Arianna Huffington for speaking out about why naps are important!)



Twitter: @liezelv

Instagram: @liezelonline