KIRSTEN GOSS ABODE Collection is about to drop

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

The upcoming launch of Kirsten Goss ABODE collection is an extension of her jewellery brand, reflecting her fascinating and quirky shapes and phenomenal metalwork and the cutting edge pieces will become considered implements and objets for living.

More items being presented are two signature SOY candles, stationary, liquid hand soap and a decadently delish hand & body cream. Expect espresso/mustard spoons, condiment spoons, pickle forks, sugar/jam spoons and serving spoons/salad servers.

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

‘We are super excited to be launching this in our SWEET 16th year of trading’ – Kirsten Goss

The flagship Kirsten Goss store at the V&A Silo will be the main concept store for all jewellery and ABODE collections, with the other three stores carrying smaller quantities.

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection

Kirsten Goss ABODE Collection


ZAR1890 for a brass salad server

ZAR1390 for a sugar spoon or condiment spoon

ZAR1190 for a pickle fork

ZAR 690 for an espresso spoon

CREDITS: Lazy-Eye ceramics, Christo Giles, Klomp Ceramics, Vorster & Braye, Jacques Erasmus

PHOTOS: Kirsten Goss

Don’t you think the pieces are fantabulous?!

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kirsten goss jewellery designer

Not only is Kirsten Goss a fabulous jewellery designer winning awards both Internationally and locally, but stylishly chic, witty and inspirational. Her flagship store in the new Silo District at the V&A Waterfront affiliated with the Zeitz MOCCA Museum, is tres sophisticated with a futuristic edge and well worth a visit! Kirsten shares her favourite city, her personal style and latest Vay-Kay collection; spoiler alert she’s met the Queen, danced with a Prince and as it’s the Royal Wedding tomorrow, my guess is she’ll be glued to the telly, as will I! Read more on this remarkable lady:

Tell us a bit about your latest collection VAY-KAY and where the inspiration came from

VayKay – its all about the voyage – think sexy, charming, opulent hotels on the Côte d’Azur where glamour and relaxation connect. Old-school villas, dripping in the sensual and decadent on balmy nights – perfect for holding their own – wearing nothing else….as in the room-service earrings. Order in…..let the earrings do the rest. The eXXXtension series was in deference to continuing the holiday abandon. in an XXX kinda way.

kirsten goss vay-kay collection

What makes a great design and who do you design for?

When design and wearability meet in such harmony you could wear it every day but never get bored.

Your personal style?

I like irreverence; it appeals to my sense of humour, so taking classics and offsetting them with something unexpected, like vibrancy, originality, comfort and enjoyment are the names of the game. Dressing is a celebration of what speaks to me, from an outrageous shoe to a supremely comfortable handmade cashmere scarf, it’s all in the consideration where I don’t take any of it too seriously.

kirsten goss vay-kay collection

A highlight of your career so far

Meeting the Queen twice at Buckingham Palace, it was epic!

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

What are your travel essentials

Plenty of good moisturiser; I usually wear a mask whilst flying.

  • cool slimline trainers – I’m usually walking all the time

  • missibaba banana fanny-pack – a strap-on at its zenith ….

  • travel size shampoos and conditioner – cannot be hauling huge bottles

  • Alabaste cashmere scarf – blanket on the plane, great smartener-upper in winter, or my Age of Reason scarves – they add so much lush colour and vibe to a dull casual outfit without adding too much warmth

  • Muji carry-on nippy zippy case – so sexy you can drag it into dinner

  • diamond studs for my hole up top of ear. i wear 2 rings and that only when i travel – neat, cheeky, edge to the outfit – but lightweight

  • iPhone

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

Favourite city?


Dream lunchtime or dinner date?

Balthazar in New York for old school dining with the most crazy clientele to ogle with my deadly funny boyfriend, who would dissect the room so cleverly I would be choking on my food!

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

An inspiring quote or life rule?

“Never take a no from someone not authorised to say yes in the first place” (my grandmother).

“For believe me! – the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment is: to live dangerously!” – Frederick Nietzsche

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection

What superpower would you choose?

To fly. I always seem to be doing that in my dreams, mainly to escape it seems – go figure!

Something extraordinary that no-one knows about you?

I played the oboe for a year

I did flamenco dancing for many years

I qualified to be a fund manager in the UK

kirsten goss jewellery VAY-CAY collection