If you love changing your bags up on a regular basis to suit your outfit or mood, then the deal at ZEMP NATURALS is worth checking out – and you’re giving back to a good cause!

ZEMP/JINGER JACK offers a 25% discount on your next bag purchase when returning your used bag. Not only is this encouraging slow fashion and recycling, but the chance to give back to less fortunate who get the opportunity to own a high-quality bag.

St Anne’s Home provides shelter and care while empowering destitute and abused women and this is where ZEMP NATURALS makes them feel special by gifting the women on their birthday with your used bag after it’s been given a new lease on life with a polish up.


From day one ZEMP NATURALS has worked hard in creating a sustainable fashion brand by recycling and repurposing waste in the office and home. ZEMP NATURALS have a wonderful collection of bags, wallets and more in leather and a new range using jute-cotton fabric. All products are made in environmentally friendly facilities in a safe and socially responsible workplace.

I so love this range I’ll be doing an in depth post super soon (and hope to chat to owner and founder Claire Zemp); watch this space…






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FAITHFUL TO NATURE launch plastic-free organic and natural own-brand:

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

If living as healthy as possible for you and the environment is your way of life, then Faithful to Nature would already be your number one online choice for buying organic and natural Products; and now they have just launched 100% plastic-free organic and natural own brand….

Transparency labelling and ethnicity is Faithful to Nature core priority and advising how to live a more sustainable and eco friendly existence. They currently have over 8000 products available that have been thoroughly scrutinised before being put online. Faithful to Nature has been championing the pureness of nature’s bounty for nearly thirteen years, providing South African families with natural and eco-friendly alternatives to all the daily-use products they may need.

Robyn Smith founder of Faithful to Nature

Robyn Smith, founder of Faithful to Nature

Robyn Smith, founder of Faithful to Nature says about her inspiration for conceptualising the brand. ‘I have been in a prime seat to watch consumer trends in the wellness and ethical retail industry for the past 13 years and in gathering these insights, it became very clear that the market was ready for affordable products that were produced and packaged with as very little waste as possible.’ The core focus for Faithful to Nature’s own-branded ranges is to provide an accessible collection of products that do absolutely no harm and are 100% plastic free. Robyn goes on to explain, ‘whether we are launching products for the pantry or the bathroom, fans of this iconic and much-loved brand can be sure that they are receiving true sustainable quality at the right price,’ she adds.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

Nature Knows Best

Faithful to Nature’s own brand means honest and ethical products that lead the global plastic-free and sustainability movements.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

100% biodegradable toothbrushes

With their strict ingredients policy and unwavering care, Faithful To Nature ensures every single product, meticulously meets a golden eco-standard. For instance, ‘Faithful To Nature’s pantry range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses is packed in bags made from plant cellulose, certified by TÜV Austria to be 100% home compostable and marine biodegradable,” explains Katrien Grobler, CEO of Faithful to Nature. ‘It might look like plastic but it is not’, adds Katrien. ‘You could literally throw it in your compost heap and it will be gone within a month!’ the boxes are printed with soya based inks and are made from bleach-free kraft certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

delish organic and natural soaps

These kinds of careful and thoroughly considered elements that translate to world-class products make for deeply encouraging, positive news stories within the South African retail sector. They also equate to the leading role Faith To Nature’s own brand is taking within the global organic product market.

‘South African consumers have been behind the rest of the world – particularly Europe – when it comes to mindset in relation to sustainability,’ reports Katrien. ‘So, it’s very encouraging to see how quickly locals are becoming passionate about saving our planet – like only South African’s can!’

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

The packaging inside looks like plastic, but it is 100% plant based cellulose which you can add to your soil as it is biodegradable

She believes that as consumer education and awareness grows, so too will the competitive nature of this market, as companies and brands try to answer consumer needs. ‘In 2018, 30 % of consumers were willing to pay a premium for waste-free products,’ she says. ‘Unfortunately, the reality is that many brands and products aren’t as waste-free as they claim – it’s a phenomenon called greenwashing, and, greenwashing is a real problem,’ Katrien goes on to say. ‘Consumers pay a premium as they are trying to support sustainability and the planet, but aren’t educated on the high-level details. This simply means by their good intentions, they believe brands who aren’t 100 % percent authentic in their efforts,’ she says.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

100% biodegradable Konjac sponge (cleans your face so amazingly BTW!)

Faithful to Nature’s backbone is true integrity; ‘we guarantee NO greenwashing whatsoever!’ assures Katrien. ‘On our own brand collection, we are religious in ensuring transparency and honesty in how we provide truly waste-free, sustainable products.

Take Faithful To Nature’s Konjac Sponges for example; they’re made using 100 percent plant-based fibres, and are completely biodegradable,’ explains Katrien. And they are also so kind to the environment. Why? ‘A year’s worth of discarded sponges from one household could take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years,’ says Katrien, who adds that oil-based sponges can’t be recycled. It’s for this very reason that Faithful to Nature is so thrilled to be able to bring consumers the Konjac (AKA Amorphophallus Konjac) alternative. ‘Konjac has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2000 years,’ Katrien goes on to say, and it’s most common use is to help soothe skin condition symptoms.

FAITHFUL TO NATURE organic and natural

Bamboo straws

Other world-leading products in the Faithful To Nature Own Brand collection include:


Faithful To Nature’s plant-based pantry essentials are all-natural food items and ideal as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Think breakfast, lunch and supper – as well as all snacks in between – the range is fully comprehensive! Faithful To Nature has sourced the finest gluten-free oats, GMO-free popcorn, whole-wheat couscous, sulphite-free dried fruits and raw nuts. All of these pantry necessities are free from artificial additives like flavouring, colouring and preservatives to keep you and your family as healthy as possible.


Faithful To Nature’s certified organic foods are held to the highest EU standards by CERES. They’re grown on farms that cultivate and harvest with consumers health as their top priority. Using strictly non-GMO seed, zero chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, foods are grown as responsibly as possible. All of these exacting requirements ensure that the final product – delicious food for you to enjoy – is truly Faithful To Nature.


Faithful To Nature’s superfoods is a special selection of the world’s most nutritionally dense, natural foods with unique benefits. Packed with plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, these superfoods are here to supercharge your body in a truly holistic way. From African botanicals like baobab to remarkable Peruvian maca, the Faithful To Nature superfoods selection has something for every health-conscious foodie.


Faithful To Nature’s all-natural body care collection includes essentials you need to show artificial and eco-toxic products the door! Most bathrooms are packed with plastic destined to litter the planet for Centuries. Faithful To Nature with its all-natural soaps, moisturising organic shea butter and bamboo toothbrushes made from 100% sustainable materials – yes, even the bristles – is the solution to the scourge of harmful plastic waste.


Make mundane purchases like toilet paper a grudge-buy no longer. With Faithful To Nature’s Sweet Sheets, know you’re doing your bit to save the plant – and supporting local business too! Sweet Sheets is totally sustainable toilet tissue and roller towel, says Katrien and is made from “the fibrous material that remains after the raw sugar has been extracted from sugar cane.” It’s proudly South African as it’s sourced from local suppliers in KwaZulu Natal. Also, it’s elemental chlorine-free and the inner roll is 100 percent recycled.

*content supplied by Bush Telegraph Publicity

It was glorious in the shade of the trees eating yummy food

Some of us beauty editors at the Faithful to Nature launch held in Mount Nelson Gardens

I hope that makes for an interesting read – I thought in my little way I was doing enough, but there is so much more we can do to live a more sustainable way of life – let me know if you have any tips to share?


Faithful to Nature website



Take care and happy Friday!!



Gifting from ZAR19,99 – 69,99

I’ve long been a fan Lou Harvey bags and accessories made in durable vibrant fabrics, so was delighted to spy her distinctive designs on scented candles and more when I popped into Mr Price Home; I caught up with local designer and entrepreneur Lou Harvey to find out what makes her tick and more about the collaboration:


Lou Harvey

How did the collaboration between you and Mr Price Home come about and is it for a limited time only?

I was really excited to collaborate with another homegrown Durban brand. It was really something different from what I normally create and was certainly an opportunity for me to have a creative outlet on items I wouldn’t normally manufacture. It’s so exhilarating to see my designs on functional items that now, through Mr Price Home will reach a wider audience.

I love that it’s a local brand and a focus on local production so it’s in line with our philosophy– all local production, from the fabrics to the employees and production process.


It was wonderful working with their creative and dynamic team who constantly think out of the box and identify new opportunities for their brand.

I also admire their strong appreciation for local designers and willing to give them a platform to showcase their designs on a mass scale.

It is for a limited time only or while stocks last.


duvet set ZAR559,99 – 759,99

Where does your inspiration come from

I take inspiration from a variety of sources; elements of nature, architecture, exotic destinations like Morocco and of course our beautiful local landscape. I love botanicals and motifs that pay homage to nature, as well as bold floral prints. I am also an obsessive ‘pinner’ and can get completely lost on Pinterest for hours on end.

lou harvey & mr price home collaboration

Ottoman ZAR999,99

What does a normal day involve

I go to gym really early so that is out of the way and not cutting into family time. Some mornings I love to walk along the promenade in Umhlanga. I then have breakfast with my Alec, (Izzy is a boarder) and then drop him at school. It’s then off to the factory to check production and designs; I’m always playing with new product ideas. We recently moved the factory to be closer to home, which means I can pop in and out, run errands on the way, which has honestly changed my life. I also have an amazing team who work closely with me and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Lou Harvey

I’m a real early bird and love to be in my pj’s by 6pm, not terribly glam but perfect for me and works for our little family. During the evening I catch up on mails and respond to all my FB queries and then enjoy getting caught up in a good book or the latest series or movie on Netflix!


A highlight in your career

So many amazing milestones that I am grateful for:

  • Opening my first store

  • Expanding our international footprint and creating an international brand with suppliers in Dubai, Australia, Singapore and the US – also recent pop ups in Dubai, New York and Brazil

  • Launching the online store

  • Opening a bigger factory space

  • Launching my wallpaper collection and now the Mr Price Home CreativeCollab


scented sachets ZAR59,99

How do you switch off

I don’t switch off! But going to gym does help me to switch off… a little. I also love a spoil at the Oyster Box Spa


four side plates ZAR159,99; tea towel ZAR29,99

Mantra for life

There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Do you have a favourite Lou Harvey bag, or change up regularly

The Pack Bag is my all-time favourite. No girl can do without at least one “carry-all” bag and the Pack Bag is top of the list for busy women. It’s perfect for any occasion, day-to-day and weekend trips away. Every family member should own one as they also fit perfectly into the boot of the car!


two mugs ZAR69,99

Which living person do you most admire

Russel Brand – he is very enlightened!


Lou Harvey Dobby Beach Blanket ZAR299.99

Your greatest extravagance

Zimmerman! The world’s best clothing brand in the world!

Greatest regret ( if any)

I recently met the man of my dreams and I certainly regret not meeting him sooner!


tissue paper ZAR19,99 each

What talent would you most like to have

I would love to be able to write; I have grandeurs of writing a novel one day!


Diffuser ZAR159,99

Your favourite journey/ travel destination

I love the Far East. I would also love to visit Buenos Aires for their colonial architecture and landmark buildings of this Argentine capital city and expect it to be vibrant and colourful….and who doesn’t love to tango the night away!


selection of scattered cushions

Anything on your bucket list

The Orient Express!

Any future exciting things to look out for

Always! Watch this space!


The collection is available through selected MRP home stores nationwide, as well as online.






That’s it for today – I hope it’s a damn fine Thursday for you all!


PESSO: Handcrafted Footwear & Bags


I’m not a huge lover of cold weather as I prefer sunshiny days with time spent swimming in the sea, however, there’s one huge yay factor when it comes to winter, layering up with coats, scarves and boots! I’m currently obsessing over my latest PESSO boots; here’s why I love this local brand now available online:


“A lot of what we design is based on successes from the previous season. As we are a brand focused on “slow, honest fashion” our range tries to always stay true to this ethos. So we will take what we see trending and “Pessonize” it – make it more relevant to the everyday women without losing the integrity and values of the brand” – Lou Holding, PESSO owner and buyer


My current two faves are these brown ankle boots with zip side detail and my latest black ankle boots

I’m on my feet for most of the day, dressing and styling models, so footwear is important to me, for comfort and of course to look good too. Shoes really make a huge difference in one’s ‘tired factor’ and for that reason I keep a pair of sneakers in the studio incase I’ve opted on wearing heels, which aren’t the most practical to run around in, (but who doesn’t love a pair of heels to make one feel fabulous?) I’ve been really spoilt being sent some lovelies from PESSO and experiencing no blisters or chafing, just a pleasure of wearing super comfortable fabulous shoes!


These boots are made for walking!!

PESSO leather boots, shoes and bags are now available online shop here and in Step Ahead and Shoe Connection countrywide. I was sent a voucher to shop online where the entire shopping experience was effortless, (the hardest part was deciding which pair of boots to choose!) which arrived within two days!


Ankle boots are huge this season and can be worn with just about everything including dresses, skirts, jeans, jumpsuits and pants; pop on a pair of stockings (fishnet on trend) or socks (colourful or glittery) to finish off your look.





Happy Wednesday



bungalow living lifestyle

“My mission is to feed my creative passion, to make peoples homes a happier and more beautiful place, while hopefully enhancing the quality of life for the people who have become part of my Bungalow Living team” – Owner Kathy Latsky Burns

I fell in love with Bungalow Living when I first spied their hexagonal shelves at Saint Siena in Kalk Bay and thought they would work well in our home especially as you can add more as you go along! I asked owner Kathy Latsky Burns to share a bit about her brand. Here goes:

bungalow living lifestyle

“Bungalow Living is a natural outlet for me to combine my two passions, homeware and photography, says Kathy. “I grew up on an Indian Ocean beach and now live on the Atlantic coast and am obsessed with the beautiful and vastly diverse shorelines of our oceans, from which I derive my photographic inspiration.”

bungalow living lifestyle

“The idea to combine the things I love has all fallen wonderfully into place and I’ve met so many amazing humans on my new journey.”

bungalow living lifestyle

“Bungalow Living scatter cushions are made in Masiphumelele by a wonderful organisation that offer free skills training for unemployed and unskilled members of their community and an opportunity to earn money by working in their CMT (Cut Make Trim) business.”

bungalow living lifestyle

“The carved wooden planters and shelves are also made by a group of men from disadvantaged communities, who have taught themselves wood-working skills.”

bungalow living lifestyle

bungalow living lifestyle

“Everything in the Bungalow Living range is made made in Cape Town and it’s been so rewarding to tap into the skills and amazing creative talent that we have here, and to work with people from all walks of life.”

bungalow living lifestyle

My mission is to feed my creative passion, to make peoples homes a happier and more beautiful place, while hopefully enhancing the quality of life for the people who have become part of my Bungalow Living team!

bungalow living lifestyle



African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Range ⎨REVIEW⎬



“Using green Rooibos extract was found to be effective in limiting cell damage caused by environmental factors, even in precancerous skin cells.”
-Dr Tandeka Mgcwebeba, Researcher Stellenbosch University

The basis of African Extracts products is Bio-active Rooibos from fresh green rooibos plants harvested in the Cedarburg district. Rooibos is high in antioxidants, zinc and ascorbic acid and renowned for anti-inflammatory skin soothing and protective properties. I tend to try out oodles of products mixing and matching as I go along so this was actually an interesting trial for me to use three from one beauty brand at one time. I tried the range during winter when my skin was feeling somewhat dry and dehydrated (heaters and air conditioners aggravate this); besides loving it as a local brand, the price point is also good! Here’s what I thought:


AFRICAN EXTRACTS ROOIBOS Intensive Day Cream Advantage with SPF15

Active ingredients include advanced anti-aging complexes, Pronalen EAP™ with lady’s thistle, horse chestnut, green tea, germinated wheat which all help with puffiness, firming and tightening and fighting free radicals in the skin. Pronalen BioProtect™, (as the name suggests) protects skin from harmful effects of pollutants and UV radiation thanks to ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley! It has a gentle fragrance, is lightweight and easily absorbed.


AFRICAN EXTRACTS ROOIBOS Firming Night Cream Advantage

This contains active ingredients like its day cream partner with added Vitamin A, E and C for boosting moisture, firming and tightening properties. It’s a little richer and I found it perfect for winter evenings when one needs an extra boost of moisture and nourishment!



Besides the standard Bio-Active ingredients found throughout the range, added apricot seed, grape seed oil, jojoba, and aloe leaf extracts gives a gentle creamy granular rub-a-dub-scrub! I mixed it with a little water for a creamy scrub and it left my skin feeling super smooth and clean, perfect for dry and mature skins.


African Extracts is available from Dischem, Clicks and selected Pick n Pays and Spars countrywide.