BEAUTY REVIEW: Solal Hydration Serum and Solal Even Tone Serum

If you love beauty products that address ageing healthily with minimal effort then SOLAL multifunctional products will resonate with you. I was fortunate to be sent SOLAL Hydration Serum and SOLAL Even Tone Serum which both target my anti-ageing concerns of mature dehydrated skin; here’s what I thought.

SOLAL use multiple actives per formulation at optimal concentrations with no harmful ingredients. Promises? Highly effective active ingredients with long lasting moisture to the skin, repairing the skins barrier and helps with firmness.

SOLAL Hydration Serum for dry dehydrated sensitized skin:

Key ingredients include Jojoba seed oil to provide soothing benefits, omega 7 fatty acids to restore the skin barrier and promote intense moisturization. Niacinamide offers multiple benefits for blemish prone skin, improves enlarged pores, improves uneven skin tone and dullness and also has skin restoring properties to plump and hydrate skin.

Hepotapeptide-34 increases hydration and restores youthful vitality and one of my favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid for intense hydration!

I loved the non greasy silky texture for easy application and for extra TLC, I applied serum with my little jade roller to boost circulation and (hopefully), minimize fine lines. I use two pumps of serum that easily covered my face and neck area.

Solal Even Tone Serum & Solal Hydration Serum

Solal Even Tone Serum

Promises? Helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation and brighten and restore youthful vitality.

Ingredients include jojoba oil, cross-linked hyaluronic acid and Niacianamide (assists in a more even skin, helps with enlarged pores and general improvement in suppleness hydration and smoothness. Hepta peptides restore and protect against effects of UV exposure and pollution in the skin.

After cleansing skin I applied a generous amount (two pumps) of Even Skin Tone Serum, then a moisturiser (I am using another brand and it works well together).

I used the former serum combined with a moisturiser first and then moved onto the latter serum. Any preferences? I think they both are fantastic products and also get my stamp of approval as they are a local brand ( #supportlocal) and have excellent price points.

SOLAL products have no animal testing, are clinically and dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

SOLAL Hydration Serum for dry dehydrated sensitized skin and Solal Even Tone Serum ZAR439 each

Available online here also wellness warehouse

REVIEW: Dr Hauschka Regenerating Oil Serum, Regenerating Day Cream and Translucent Bronzing Tint

My days of waking up looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed are long over, so imagine my delight when products for mature skin from Dr Hauschka arrive at my door. Ingredients are selected that refine and renew skin, leaving you looking firmer, smoother and more radiant. I like that, as realistically there is no magic potion to eliminate wrinkles completely, so you might as well embrace ageing but look radiant while doing so.

As more customers opt for a straight-forward, no-nonsense beauty approach, German brands, known as G-Beauty, are highly sought-after. Dr Hauschka was one of the first international brands paying tribute to a more eco-conscious way of using organic and natural ingredients in beauty products, placing sustainability, quality and ingredient integrity at a greater

Dr Hauschka Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive

Dr Hauschka combines the concentrated skin care of an oil with the
power of a serum. Oils are for nourishing, hydrating and
strengthening the skin barrier and serums have the power to deeply
penetrate the skin, depositing powerful active ingredients for more
targeted results.
Ingredients in their Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive include a formulation of almond and olive oils alongside nurturing plants like blackthorn extracts to aid elasticity and firmness and protect against drying environmental influences. My skin loved this and felt hydrated and moisturised.

Dr Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream 

I spent an awful amount of time lying in the backyard soaking up the sun while trying out these products. Sun exposure is bad, I know, but this was back in stage 5 of lockdown so no judgement! I loved using the combination of both the oil serum and moisturiser as my skin felt soft and hydrated, in spite of all the sun I was getting.

I haven’t been out much during lockdown, except to work, Zoom meetings and a few coffee dates on the weekend so this little bottle has
lasted me five months and I still have a bit to go.

Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint

For the last couple of years, I’ve steered clear of foundations as they feel
too heavy on my skin, rather opting for tinted moisturisers. I can’t sing the praises of Bioderma and Heliocare enough as they give a dash of colour and contain a high SPF. So what’s with this Translucent Bronzing Tint? 
Admittedly I was a little apprehensive as I am perfectly happy with my
above-mentioned tinted moisturisers, however I was pleasantly
surprised. To use it you add a few drops of the Translucent Bronzing Tint to their Moisturiser, patting it in gently for a fresh sun-kissed complexion

Sadly my oil serum and moisturiser have come to an end but I’ve been
continuing with the tint, mixing it into another moisturiser. Would I
repurchase these? Yes to the oil serum and moisturiser as they were such
a treat for my skin and I have always loved Dr H. Their philosophy and ethics resonate with me and, man, their products smell heavenly. And have you ever experienced a Dr Hauschka facial? Sublime indeed!

That’s all for today but take care and chat soon!


REVIEW: AVON Anew Platinum Skincare Range for Mature Skin


AVON ANEW Platinum Skincare range is targeted at mature skin, so naturally I was excited to put them to the test,(anything to help this gal look a little chipper!) Admittedly I loathe the word ‘mature’, preferring ‘in full bloom’ or ‘in her prime’; having said that I googled some lovely characteristics on being mature (read here) and owning the ‘mature’ word (in a mature way!) I am digressing, so back to ANEW Platinum Skincare Range which I tell you, is sublime!


You know I love a serum which should go hand in hand with a moisturiser, so wondered about one not being included in the range; however on further investigation,there is onewhich contains all the same ingredients, but ANEW Platinum Day & Night Creams are infused with a serum so it’s not compulsory to add, (but the prices of the range are so damn good I’d throw it in to the mix anyway!)


ANEW Platinum Day SPF25 and ANEW Platinum Night cream are easily recognisable with the day cream tub in a lighter shade to the night cream; (sound like I’m being super literal, but seriously, too many times I’m reaching for my glasses to scrutinise writing on bottles and if you like me can never find a pair of readers when one needs…! So, I like things to be clean, simple and straight forward and the ANEW packaging looks uber stylish and expensive, with the unbelievably affordable price tags of R339 for the day cream and night cream and R229 for the Eye and Lip Cream!


ANEW Platinum Day Define and Contour Cream SPF25

Paxillium technology is designed to restore youthful cell shape, boost collagen to firm, lift and strengthen the skin. The cream is deliciously sensual, sinking into my skin without feeling oily or sticky. Besides the Paxillium Technology, Radiescent microspheres counteract dullness, restoring radiance; and yay for an SPF25 protection too! ZAR339


ANEW Platinum Night Define and Contour Cream

My skin can take gallons of moisturisers without breaking out so I love this super rich unscented night cream. As we age we lose collagen and elastin so just think, whilst drifting off to lalaland, the cream will work overnight at restoring some youthful definition! This doesn’t mean one wakes up wrinkle free, but I can feel and see a remarkable difference in the quality of my skin on my face and neck area. ZAR339


ANEW Platinum Eye And Lip Cream nourishes the sensitive eye area which shows the first signs of ageing. A nifty little applicator comes alongside the cream, but I prefer to use my finger to tap the unscented cream gently around the eye and lip area. A big heads up is the unscented cream doesn’t make my eyes feel sensitive and watery.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing out the range which can be found on AVON’s newly launched website; shop here

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REVIEW: Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler

Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler

Dry skin, age spots, uneven skin tone and firmness are four niggling skin concerns I share with many of my friends who are in the same age bracket, so when NIVEA’s premium advanced anti-age range landed on my desk, you can imagine my delight! The range includes NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Anti-spot Treatment Serum, Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir, Day Cream SPF15 and a Night Cream. Here’s what I thought…

The NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity range contains a powerful combination of Hyaluron, Collagen and Elastin to tackle tell-tale signs of ageing like loss of firmness, deep wrinkles and dark marks. The reality of growing older means skin deteriorates faster with a decline in three specific things:

1.Hyaluronic acid (needed to enhance moisture content, revitalise skin’s outer surface layers for smooth and radiantly hydrated skin)

2. Collagen production (an essential protein that provides elasticity, as one of its benefits is its ability to promote vibrant glowing skin)

3. Elastin (a protein found in connective tissue responsible for giving structure to skin and organs. It works together with collagen to keep connective tissues to hold their shape)

Scientific results show that after continued use of NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity, there was a 20% increase in collagen production, Hyaluron levels increased by almost 30% and skin’s elastin increased by a whopping 64%!

I loved all four, but the star of the show is NIVEA Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir, heaven indeed!

NIVEA Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir

NIVEA Bi-Phase Nourishing Oil Elixir

Before use, one gives the glass bottle a gentle shake so that the elixir enriched with a Triple Oil Complex and a water phase combines before applying one or two drops to your face and neck area. It’s non-greasy, sinks in easily and leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated, smooth and firm. I Absolutely love the Elixir and would buy it again and again and hello, the price point is great too! (R325)

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Anti-Spot Treatment Serum

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Anti-Spot Treatment Serum

At first, I thought ‘anti-spot’ meant helping with problematic skin as in pimples but the treatment serum addresses age spots specifically. With the help of the three-star ingredients to stimulate skin cells to produce their own Hyaluron, Collagen and Elastin plus a highly effective melanin inhibitor developed to slow down the production of melanin which reduces the appearance of existing age spots and dark marks. I have been using two pumps both morning and night before applying the day/night creams and have already seen great results with the age spots on my hands! Results say with regular use, after three months they’ll be even more visibly reduced, so watch this space! (R289,99)

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Day Cream SPF15

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Day Cream SPF15 helps prevent photo ageing, dark spots, cell damage and boosts firming; (thanks to the cell-activating formula of Hyaluron, collagen and elastin booster that stimulates the skins synthesis process), it is super nourishing and hydrating and the slight iridescent sheen adds a radiant glow. The SPF15+ protects against UVA and UVB rays; I find day creams that automatically include an SPF is a bonus as you’re halfway there (it is recommended to pop an added SPF over your day cream if spending time outdoors). (R269,99)

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Night Cream

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity Night Cream tackles the tell-tale signs of ageing in mature skin while encouraging skin renewal throughout the night (thanks to the cell-activating formula) plus shea butter which is high in fatty acids and vitamins, great for firming and soothing. (R269,99)

Would I recommend NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity range and use again? Absolutely! They are all currently available at Clicks. Shop here

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NECK AND NECK: Doctor Duve Boosting Neck & Decollete Cream & Theravine Ice-Crystal Technolog

Spring means it’s time to swap my winter woolies for summer items and whilst trying on tops I could wear again or donate, I noticed how crappy and saggy my neck area has become. No more hiding under polo necks and sweaters as it is time to show some skin! Too often we neglect the neck and decollete, second only to eyes for showing one’s age! So it was a toss up of sitting with a mask of avocado and kiwi fruit on my face every day, (it’s been noted that applying this combo on your face can have beneficial collagen results), or looking for specific anti aging neck creams; These two Doctor Duve Boosting Neck & Decollete Cream and Theravine Ice -Crystal Technology Sculpting Neck Volumator are well worth a mention!

DOCTOR DUVE Medical Skin Care Boosting Neck & Decollete cream:

Renowned dermatologist and anti-aging expert Dr. Stefan Duve is the name behind Doctor Duve Medical Skin Care. He has won numerous awards for his breakthrough technology specifically on advanced anti aging research, regenerating stressed and mature skin. So what makes his brand so unique?

The key ingredient in his products is growth factors, which are plant based and mimic growth factors or growth hormones produced naturally in the human body. These growth factors help promote formation of collagen and elastin fibres, stimulate cell turnover renewal and help slow down the aging process. Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid to reconnect tissues and plump up skin, plant based stem cell extracts for stimulating new skin cell growth; Macadamia nut, jojoba, almond, avocado oils plus Vitamin A and E, to help improve overall texture and moisture imbalance.

For more info go to: Skin Renewal Spas

THERAVINE Ice-Crystal Technology Sculpting Neck Volumator:

Two key ingredients in Theravine’s Ice Crystal Technology range is snow algae powder and plant stem cells which make for an ultra effective product for optimizing skin’s capacity for accelerating cell renewal, increasing hydration and fortifying the skin. Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid to prevent further moisture loss and ensure skin remains supple, Uplevity Peptide to fortify and strengthen skin, and a highly specialised tetra-peptide to help improve skin’s density, strength and firmness.

For more info go to:

So besides slathering on these creams I am also upping my intake on foods that help boost collagen like essential fatty acids Omega 3-6-9, nuts, olive oil, salmon and avocado; red and orange fruits for added Vitamin A; Vitamin C from citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, Brussel sprouts, mango and kiwi; and for both Vitamin A & C those dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard.

If you have any questions please write in the comments below or email me directly and I’ll gladly get back to you!

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