skin creamery acmella flower aloe leaf

BEAUTY REVIEW: Skin Creamery Wildflower Water-Cream

skin creamery acmella flower aloe leaf
Skin creamery acmella flower aloe leaf Wildflower water-Cream

What do the words toothache, Pará cress, Buzz Buttons and Electric Daisy all have in common? They’re all alternative names for the Acmella flower, a key ingredient in Skin Creamery’s Wildflower Water-Cream. 

Skin Creamery’s Wildflower Water-Cream contains the Spilanthes Acmella, a powerful plant botanical known for its medicinal properties. Because of how it stimulates your skin’s fibroblasts, your skin feels immediately tighter and smoother. The hydrating elixir enhances collagen and elastin production while relaxing facial tension and is suitable for all skin types. 

Skin Creamery’s ethos is:  ‘Be kind to the earth, and kind to your skin’, meaning no synthetic fragrances, parabens or preservatives are used in their products; also suitable for strict vegetarians and vegans.

skin creamery acmella flower aloe leaf
Skin Creamery Acmella flower Aloe leaf Wildflower Water-Cream

 I have mature skin, so I used Skin Creamery Wildflower Water-Cream as a serum under a cream plus sunscreen in the daytime and night cream in the evenings – the double layering of products felt wintertime perfect! It’s a lightweight hydrating elixir with a 100% natural fragrance with restorative and regenerating properties.

Did you know that Skin Creamery aims to replace single-use packaging with functional, reusable or recyclable packaging? All their ingredients are naturally sourced, certified organic and cruelty-free. I’m not shy to admit that packaging is a big factor for me when buying beauty products, (I mean, they’re going to sit on my bathroom shelf so I want them to look good while making me look good, right?). I absolutely love their botanical-themed packaging and (recyclable!) frosted bottles. 

skin creamery acmella flower aloe leaf
Skin Creamery Acmella flower aloe leaf Wildflower Water-Cream

I’ve written about Skin Creamery before and continue to rave about this proudly South African skincare brand. Have you tried any of their products out? Another one you may enjoy is Skin Creamery Baobab Helichrysum Prickly Pear – read my review here

I’m going to enjoy the last rays of sunshine outside with a cuppa tea before I have to close up for the evening, (we have been blessed with superb winter sunshiny days of late!) I mean it’s June and winter is kindly keeping a low profile – you got it, I’m not a winter person!!) So I’ll sign off and see you later in the week!!!


REVIEW: Afari Skincare

I’ve tested out many cleansers over the years but Afari Skincare‘s Priming Cleanser is an outstanding one, made even more so as I know how much love, time and passion has gone into creating this luxe local brand. Margaux Knuppe  is the founder of Afari Skincare (you can read an interview I wrote earlier in the year here). I tried out their Priming Cleanser and Protecting Day Cream SPF30:

In a continent recognised for its rich heritage of traditional healers, and its wealth of naturally restorative elements and biodiversity, we embarked on a journey to find an indigenous botanical with regenerative skin benefits

I’m always looking for multi-purpose products to both save me time but also (and more importantly) address my skin concerns like collagen production, hydration, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. The key ingredient in all Afari Skincare products is an indigenous shrub that grows naturally in the Limpopo region. The sap contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for generations by traditional healers for skin ailments.

A great synthesis between female harvesters in rural Limpopo and ground-breaking scientific research led to the discovery of Bulbine frutescens, a small shrub indigenous to the dry valleys of Southern Africa

‘Decadently lush’ are words that spring to mind when using this cleanser. My skin feels pampered after using the gel formula that lathers up easily and smells pretty damn fine too!

The day cream sinks in easily, contains a protecting high SPF and is safe to use around the sensitive eye area.

My approach to applying products can be a bit heavy-handed, which means I go through my creams and serums way too quickly. We actually don’t need gallons of product on our faces, so I love Afari‘s airless pump bottles, which dispense just the right amount. An airless pump reduces the amount of oxygen entering the bottle which makes your product last longer, plus it means less preservatives are needed. And there’s no need to grab scissors to squeeze out your last drops!


Because the 100% recyclable, earth-friendly containers don’t need gravity to dispense the product, there is no chance of spillage from the nozzle. So one day when we’re allowed to travel again and/or head to the gym, they’re perfect for popping in your bag!

Afari Skincare products are available online here

PS I have a feeling Bulbine frutescens is going to be the next beauty must-have ingredient…watch this space!

Happy Thursday


YAY for OWAY organic hair products!

OWAY frequent shampoo use hair & scalp shampoo and conditioner

I really love the philosophy and recyclable packaging behind OWAY Organic range which inspires an authentic and transparent lifestyle with respect for the environment and attention to detail; I was given OWAY Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath and Frequent Use Conditioner to try out and this is what I thought:

OWAY frequent shampoo use hair & scalp shampoo and conditioner

Organic Way (OWAY) uses plant-derived active ingredients from botanicals sourced from South America, Africa, Indonesia, Indochina and Australia and is the first hair and scalp treatment line to use essential oils and pure micronized plants from biodynamic farming, which means superb care for the consumer. Biodynamic farming has a holistic, egological and ethical approach to harvesting ingredients which results in zero chemical use, maintains soil fertility and focuses on a harmonic relationship between plants, people and animals.

OWAY is also the first professional haircare line to focus on unnecessary packaging, by only using glass or aluminium which are protective and recyclable materials and is based on a 0-mile biodynamic extracts. This means using only the necessary tools exclusively in eco-sustainable paper, metal, cotton, wood natural materials that convey authentic sensations.



‘For our bottles, we only use glass. Why?

*Glass is the best packaging for foods, medicinal products and cosmetics because it protects in a pure, hygienic and safeway

*Glass bottles and jars are 100% inert: this means that, unlike plastic, they do not release substances into the product contained in them


Glass is composed of raw materials found in nature and is completely recyclable and reusable.


For our tubes, we use only aluminium, a very special material that offers many advantages:

*Aluminium is ideal for packaging because it is lightweight, malleable, impact- and corrosion-resistant

*It guarantees a barrier effect that protects the product against light, air, humidity and bacteria. It is perfect for both cosmetics and food products.

*Like glass, it is 100% recyclable and infinitely usable. Owing to the constant increase in the quantity of recycled goods in Italy, the availability of recovered raw material replaces new raw material more and more.


image courtesy OWAY

The biodynamic method is the purest and most effective way of cultivation which is free from synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, respect the environment and plant life and, of course, hasn’t been tested on animals.

OWAY Frequent use hair hair & scalp

So now I’ve given you a bit of backgorund on the brand, what do I think of these lovelies?

OWAY Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath smells lemony and is gentle enough to use frequently. It doesn’t lather as much as prior shampoos I’ve used which takes time to get used to, but my hair felt super clean and smelt deliciously lemony. Organic white tea is good for anti ageing properties, with Chestnut to strengthen and moisturise, whilst Anisata offers antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

ZAR360 for 240ml


OWAY Frequent Use Conditioner contains biodynamic lemon to revitalise dull hair, organic white tea and Vitamin C for anti ageing and Anisata for soothing and antibacterial properties.

I was thrilled to see my normal frizz take flight! The conditioner didn’t weigh my hair down and my hair actually feels softer!

I am trying to live a cleaner and more holistic way of life so am super excited to use and know more about this brand that is currently available in Sorbet Drybars and Sorbet Man Stores aswell as Lighthouse Wellness Brands 011 262 2451.

Yay for OWAY!

Hope you get to try OWAY out – they are my number one go to from here!

Happy Tuesday!!


(REVIEW): ALOE UNIQUE Age-Defying Day & Night Cream

With over twenty years experience in the aloe business, ALOE UNIQUE is a family run local brand whose core values include honesty and integrity, producing sustainable products of the highest quality at affordable prices. I just finished using ALOE UNIQUE Age-Defying Day and Night Cream and loved them; here’s why:

aloe unique age-defying day and night cream

“We combine the best of ancient and modern technology, blending vitamins with ecologically-harvested Aloe Ferox plant ingredients, preserving with a paraben-free formula and packing our high-quality range in recyclable containers”.


“By insisting on sustainable harvesting methods we preserve the plant’s natural occurrence, now and for future generations.”

Every now and then I go on a bit of a clean the mind and body trip, where I try to be a bit more mindful about what goes into and onto my skin (without becoming too self- righteous, I mean who can live without coffee and still enjoy life?!) So I was super chuffed to try out ALOE UNIQUE‘s paraben-free and environmentally friendly products. Indigenous to South Africa the wildly grown plant contains healing properties and double the amino acids to Aloe Vera, penetrating skin to its deeper level, thereby increasing hydration dramatically. Aloe Ferox has a dilating effect on capillaries, meaning an increase in nutrients can be transported into the skin. Aloe Ferox decreases skin sensitivity, soothes irritation and reduces inflammation. Rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, all necessary for skin elasticity and increasing the production of collagen for nourished hydrated skin.


“Known for its incredible regenerative properties, Aloe Ferox has been a vital source of health and healing for centuries.”

The consistency of both products was lovely and rich, sinking into skin quickly and are non-greasy. I really love this range especially as it is home grown and the family business focuses on working with the community. “Their passion means that all aspects of the Aloe Unique brand is injected with innovation, whether it’s in the recyclable packaging, the natural ingredients or its collaboration with skincare technologists as far as Japan.” LOVE!


Follow ALOE UNIQUE here: