GIVEAWAY: Skin Creamery Wildflower Water-Cream

What do the words toothache, Pará cress, Buzz Buttons and Electric Daisy all have in common? They’re all alternative names for the Acmella flower, a key ingredient in Skin Creamery‘s Wildflower Water-Cream. And, since we could all use a bit of good news right now, I have a bottle to giveaway today!

Skin Creamery's Wildflower Water-Cream

Their Wildflower Water-Cream contains the Spilanthes Acmella, a powerful plant botanical that is known for its medicinal properties. Because of how it stimulates your skin’s fibroblasts, your skin feels immediately tighter and smoother. The hydrating elixir enhances collagen and elastin production while relaxing facial tension and is suitable for all skin types. Skin Creamery ethos is ‘Be kind to the earth, and kind to your skin’, meaning no synthetic fragrances, parabens or preservatives are used and their products are suitable for strict vegetarians and vegans.

Skin Creamery's Wildflower Water-Cream

Did you know that Skin Creamery aims to replace single-use packaging with packaging that is functional, reusable or recyclable? Plus all their ingredients are naturally sourced, certified organic and cruelty-free. I’m not shy to admit that packaging is a huge factor for me when buying products (I mean, they’re going to sit on my bathroom shelf so I want them to look good while making me look good, right?) and I absolutely love their botanical-themed packaging and (recyclable!) frosted bottles. If you’d like to get your hands on some Skin Creamery Wildflower Water-Cream here’s how:

Leave a comment on my Instagram and/or Facebook post about this amazing product, telling me why you’d like to win and/or tagging a friend to enter them too. Share the post on your Instastory (don’t forget to tag me, @cathi_trevor!) for an extra entry, and you can email me directly to enter too. I look forward to reading your entries! Winner will be announced on Monday 23rd of March. Entrants must live in South Africa.

Happy day, keep safe, and socialise responsibly!




If you love changing your bags up on a regular basis to suit your outfit or mood, then the deal at ZEMP NATURALS is worth checking out – and you’re giving back to a good cause!

ZEMP/JINGER JACK offers a 25% discount on your next bag purchase when returning your used bag. Not only is this encouraging slow fashion and recycling, but the chance to give back to less fortunate who get the opportunity to own a high-quality bag.

St Anne’s Home provides shelter and care while empowering destitute and abused women and this is where ZEMP NATURALS makes them feel special by gifting the women on their birthday with your used bag after it’s been given a new lease on life with a polish up.


From day one ZEMP NATURALS has worked hard in creating a sustainable fashion brand by recycling and repurposing waste in the office and home. ZEMP NATURALS have a wonderful collection of bags, wallets and more in leather and a new range using jute-cotton fabric. All products are made in environmentally friendly facilities in a safe and socially responsible workplace.

I so love this range I’ll be doing an in depth post super soon (and hope to chat to owner and founder Claire Zemp); watch this space…






That’s it for today…..happy day