NECK AND NECK: Doctor Duve Boosting Neck & Decollete Cream & Theravine Ice-Crystal Technolog

Spring means it’s time to swap my winter woolies for summer items and whilst trying on tops I could wear again or donate, I noticed how crappy and saggy my neck area has become. No more hiding under polo necks and sweaters as it is time to show some skin! Too often we neglect the neck and decollete, second only to eyes for showing one’s age! So it was a toss up of sitting with a mask of avocado and kiwi fruit on my face every day, (it’s been noted that applying this combo on your face can have beneficial collagen results), or looking for specific anti aging neck creams; These two Doctor Duve Boosting Neck & Decollete Cream and Theravine Ice -Crystal Technology Sculpting Neck Volumator are well worth a mention!

DOCTOR DUVE Medical Skin Care Boosting Neck & Decollete cream:

Renowned dermatologist and anti-aging expert Dr. Stefan Duve is the name behind Doctor Duve Medical Skin Care. He has won numerous awards for his breakthrough technology specifically on advanced anti aging research, regenerating stressed and mature skin. So what makes his brand so unique?

The key ingredient in his products is growth factors, which are plant based and mimic growth factors or growth hormones produced naturally in the human body. These growth factors help promote formation of collagen and elastin fibres, stimulate cell turnover renewal and help slow down the aging process. Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid to reconnect tissues and plump up skin, plant based stem cell extracts for stimulating new skin cell growth; Macadamia nut, jojoba, almond, avocado oils plus Vitamin A and E, to help improve overall texture and moisture imbalance.

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THERAVINE Ice-Crystal Technology Sculpting Neck Volumator:

Two key ingredients in Theravine’s Ice Crystal Technology range is snow algae powder and plant stem cells which make for an ultra effective product for optimizing skin’s capacity for accelerating cell renewal, increasing hydration and fortifying the skin. Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid to prevent further moisture loss and ensure skin remains supple, Uplevity Peptide to fortify and strengthen skin, and a highly specialised tetra-peptide to help improve skin’s density, strength and firmness.

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So besides slathering on these creams I am also upping my intake on foods that help boost collagen like essential fatty acids Omega 3-6-9, nuts, olive oil, salmon and avocado; red and orange fruits for added Vitamin A; Vitamin C from citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, Brussel sprouts, mango and kiwi; and for both Vitamin A & C those dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard.

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