REVIEW: Sun Protection with Eau Thermale Avène

Eau Thermale Avene SPF50 Lotion

Swimming and spending time in the sun means lashings of sun cream, so am always on the lookout for broad spectrum protection, no white streaks, stickiness, eye irritation and harmful ingredients; Eau Thermale Avène Sun products tick those boxes while being mindful with their selection of ingredients for a better biodegradable formula which minimizes a harmful impact on the marine ecosystem.

So many suncreams carry a lot of non biodegradable ingredients that can be ingested by marine organisms and coral which has a detrimental effect on the marine ecosystems; with this in mind, Eau Thermal Avène has introduced a sun care range that not only offers optimal sun protection but also minimise the environmental impact with a project called ‘Skin protect, Ocean respect’ and a pledge of ‘good for you and good for the environment’.

Throughout November and December 2019, with every Eau Thermale Avene sun care product sold R10 was donated towards turtle conservation initiative in KwaZulu-Natal and Mozambique region with funds being used for monitoring, tagging, and conservation of nesting females and their hatchlings. R48 300 was raised within that time!

Did you know between November and February every year endangered loggerhead and leatherback turtles go and dig a nest to lay eggs and after a two month incubation period, the turtle hatchlings make their way into the ocean. Out of 1000 hatchlings, only 1 reaches maturity due to external factors like poaching, predators, pollution and human disturbance; how crazy!

Eau Thermale Avene SPF50 Lotion and Spray

I focused on using the lotion and spray Eau Thermal Avène Very High Protection SPF50as they havean antioxidant complex which gives cell protection, a photo stable filter system with a broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection and contains the iconic thermal spring water for soothing and softening properties which limits UV induced skin irritation.

I way prefer using a spray as lotions take more time to rub in; a weekend away with friends where I was the suncream provider and interesting to observe who grabs lotion vs spray. The guys won hands down on only using spray, while the girls opted for lotion or spray. This lotion is slightly thicker than a cream, but is nourishing at the same time. As you can see by the insert below, the spray has a easy turning so no spillage.

Eau Thermale Avene SPF50 Spray

I really enjoyed using these two the last few months as they not only work as a great broad spectrum, but the size is fab with a good price point.

Eau Thermal Avène Very High Protection SPF50 Lotion ZAR299,95 for 250ml and

Eau Thermal Avène Very High Protection SPF50 Spray ZAR295,95 for 200ml

I’ll be chatting about Eau Thermale Avène face Suncream in a different post but more in the Eau Thermale Avène sun care range include Eau Thermale Avène Face Fragrance free cream, Eau Thermale Avène Face Fragrance free fluid, Eau Thermale Avène Anti ageing Sun Care and Eau Thermale Avène Clearance Sunscreen for face all ranging between R239,95 – 299,95

sea turtles

Skin Protect – Ocean Respect
These gentle, effective, eco-friendly formulas and textures with an imperceptible finish carry a promise to protect the skin and respect the ocean. –

  • Minimal, highly tolerated filters

  • No silicones

  • No water-soluble filters

  • Free of controversial filters like octocrylene, octinoxate(cinnamate), oxybenzone and homosalate.

Available at Clicks, Dischem and

PS: I see today is the last day you can buy any three AVENE products at Clicks and get the cheapest for free.

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